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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Day P-Dub Met Me!

You heard me correctly...I got to meet P-Dub, I mean P-Dub got to meet me!

Now...if you don't know who P-Dub is...let me enlighten you folks.  She's a gem.  A diamond on the Oklahoma Prairie to be exact.  She is Ree Drummond...otherwise known as...The Pioneer Woman.  Click here to go visit her blog and you may never want to leave.

At least not until you've read everything in the history of P-Dub.  Believe don't want to miss a thing!

Before I begin the telling of this need to read about...The 25 Hour Tour here.  Because...the 25 Hour Tour ended the day BEFORE I met P-Dub.  I was a little...foggy to say the least.  As well as emotional, tired, already missing Farm Boy...I wasn't in good shape.  But...if I wanted to meet had to be that day.

I worked through my tiredness and got myself as spiffed up as possible and headed to the bookstore with my mom and Q-Tip.  I was beside myself with excitement. 

However, not only had I been feeling...all of the above...I was also in a place of complete weirdness inside.  Q-Tip was about 14 months old.  It had been about 7 months since we had moved a thousand miles plus away from our family.  So I was deep in the throws of the Moving Funk. And possibly going through some sort of identity crisis as well.  I'll get back to you on that one as soon as I figure it out. 

But reading P-Dub's blog and seeing her finish the cookbook inspired me.  It inspired me to believe that just because I had just turned...25 + 5...there was still plenty of time in my life to accomplish incredible things! 

So...I absolutely had to meet her.  It was as if my sanity depended on it! 

I waited in line...and waited in line...then I realized I had no camera and I was a loser...then I remembered I did have my phone but knew it was gonna take a crappy picture so I was still a loser...then finally, it was my turn! 

Of course I planned every word out in my mind.  I didn't want to sound like a complete IDIOT but I really felt I needed to tell her what an inspiration she was. 

So I get up there...shaking like a freakin leaf...I have no idea why...she's just a person like everyone else.  Although a really great person...just a person.  A huge inspiration...but still a person.

She looked at me and smiled that warm smile and I say...hi...I'm Megan...this is Q-Tip...can we take a picture with you?  The sweet thing she is says...of course! 

And then my cell phone took this...
nice job I thought...for a cell phone!

I proceed I ugh...

I start getting a little lump in my throat...tears start welling up a little....

Then at that moment I sense someone has walked around behind me and is standing a little behind but only about a foot away and to my right.  So I look over...MARLBORO MAN...right there...3 o'clock!  I ever so calmly tell him hi...thinking....


YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKIN KIDDING ME...I AM A TOTAL LOSER! mind goes totally blank.  Now I have to hurry cause there are people in line behind me.  So I try again....

So ugh...I just need to tell you that seeing the success you have had on your blog and with your book has really inspired me....and then the unimaginable happens.  People...I...ME...I...the non-crier...start breaking into...THE UGLY CRY.


Not only am I starting the ugly cry but I'm starting the ugly cry in front of Marlboro Man!

So I say to myself...GET IT TOGETHER YOU PANSY ASS!!

*Deep breath*

You have really inspired me and have helped me remember that I can be a good mom AND do great things.  Because sometimes I feel like my greatest accomplishment in life is to wipe her nose without a meltdown.  Thank you Ree.

And she says...

Ohhh thank you!  You have a beautiful daughter.  And one day the clouds will lift and the sun will start shining and you will be ready to have another one!  You have a lot to be happy about!

And I do.  Oh how I know I do.

But I was so happy to get to meet the woman that makes me laugh my hiney off everyday and aspire to accomplish more than just cleaning house and changing diapers.  And for THAT I am truly grateful!

P.S.  I went straight back to my mom's house and wrote P-Dub an email to explain the almost ugly cry.  I felt compelled to let her know that I wasn't this weirdo public crier that I was SURE she thought I was.  After I explained the 25 hour tour and the emotions of so many things I felt better. 

But I'm certain she still thinks I'm a weirdo public crier despite all my very valid reasons. 

Although...she did respond to one of my tweets yesterday!  Therefore I am renewed with hope that she will one day invite me to the lodge...where I'm certain I we can lounge around with Charlie eating cinnamon rolls and drinking Diet Dr Pepper. 

And adult beverages.

Ta Ta


  1. I completely sympathize - I have broken out the ugly cry myself a time or two, and it's always in the worst place possible! And it sounds like Ree didn't think you were strange at all!


    Cannot believe you met the P-dub!
    Hey, I gots you another one of them A-wards up again at my house.

    This time, for having your blog be the sweetest piece of eye candy.

    Pop on over...and this is great about Ree responding to your tweets.

    Why don't you do a post on how to twitter for us cavepeople still roaming the earth over here. I'm afraid to even try, in case I make a fool of myself!