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Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Flip Flops and a Vat of P-Dub Sangria are Calling My Name

I've got a bag with a few clothes...some diapers...some wipes...and a giganto bottle of sun block and I'm ready to go to the beach.

Ha...if that were only true. 

Now you know from my post a couple days ago that I have a significantly significant amount of baggage and what-not packed and ready for our little trip.  We are ready for almost any scenario imaginable.

The Yukon is going to earn its keep tomorrow I'll tell ya that.  Poor thing might end up squatting a little before it's all over with.  But she'll make it...she will...she's tough.

We are headed to the Outer Banks people and we are a tiny bit excited about it.  There is only one drawback....I'm not going to have a computer with me.  The hard-drive on our laptop decided to check out a couple months back.  I have no idea what we did wrong.  We took care of it.  Gave it a good home.  We didn't over stimulate it and give it to much information.  The pansy ass.

Anyway, so it's dead now and there is nothing to do but move on and buy a new one.  Which ain't cheap.  So...I will have no computer on my trip.  I will however have my handy dandy backflip and it should be a good girl and let me post a word or two each day.  Hopefully a pic of Q-Tip sportin her new swimsuit.  I've seen a preview and she's a showstopper in it...yes-sir-re-bob. 

If the backflip decides to be a thorn in my side and resist these won't be hearing from me here for a few days.  I will be tweeting look for me there.

Ta Ta my friends!  I will raise a glass of Sangria in your honor while I'm away.

Miss me.

Goodbye forever but only a day...hopefully...


Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Newest Endeavor

I am on a quest...a quest for more happiness.

I will be chronicling my quest in the hopes that others may find it helpful.  And let's just be honest that I follow through with it until the bitter end. 

It's a 52 week thing and honestly...I'm more of a short term goal person.  But I'm going to give it a go. And cross your fingers y'all...stick with it.

You can read all about my quest on the new page I have added to my blog.  Just click on the "My 52 Week Happiness Project" button near the top and it will tell you more about me and why I am doing it.  As well as give you a link to follow along.

I'm thinkin...maybe this little endeavor will keep me from spending so much time in Crazyville. 

I's a long shot but hey...there's always hope.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In My Former Life...

Back in the summer of '69...just kidding...2007 I took a little trip to Nashville Tennessee Music City USA with my friend Pam-tastic and her my friend...Anna.  We were going to Fan Fair and it was gonna be a 'large weekend'...if you know what I mean. 

If you don't I'll have to explain it at another time.

So I'm packin, getting ready...making decisions about what was necessary and what was not. 

Necessary items being...

A poncho.

A cool camo backpack purse.

Cute clothes.

Toilet seat covers.

Say what? 

Yes my friends...I felt it absolutely necessary to take...toilet seat covers.  I mean you never know if you might have to use a port-a-potty some time and we all know those things ain't sanitary!

That little scenario right there is why I believe...

I may have been a Girl Scout in my former life. 

Having never been a Girl Scout in my present...there must be some reason I feel the need to...Be Prepared. 

Now I don't mean for obvious types of situations...I mean for any situation you can possibly think of.

Personally...I don't think there is anything entirely wrong with this.  However, it does make packing for travel somewhat stressful.  I always seem to forget that where we are going has stores that I can buy things in that...wait for it...we might desperately need. 

Stores...what stores...I must Be Prepared.  I mean really...what if Q-Tip gets a hang nail and needs it clipped off with a pair of clippers.  What if it rains and our feet get wet...I may need my rain boots.  Maybe I should buy rain boots for Q-Tip.  Do we need sunscreen lotion or spray?  I'll get both.  Finger nail polish remover? Cotton balls?


And can I just say that this little "characteristic" has gotten worse...much worse since Q-Tip's arrival.  Which is the primary reason we bought a GMC Yukon before she was born.  We needed for stuff...stuff we might need.

Once again my dear friends my former Girl Scoutness...I love making up shining through.  We are taking a little vacation to the Outer Banks next week and I have begun the packing process.

Farm Boy is already rolling his eyes yet loving me in spite of myself.  Thank heavens

I most certainly don't think there is a thing wrong with what I plan on taking so far. 

I marked off the finger nail polish for pity's sake.  I'd feel completely naked without my jewelry cleaner!   

Just kidding on the jewelry cleaner but I'm definitely not leaving my toilet seat covers!

Cause heaven help us...those things ain't sanitary!

P.S.  I don't know what the crap we're gonna do when/if we have another baby.  We're gonna have to get a Suburban.  Or else buy some kind of Duggar mobile. 

I'm so glad that Farm Boy loves me. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That Ever So Elusive Sun-Kissed Look

I was once a LOVER...and I do mean LOVER of the tanning bed.

There were so many things that made our love affair so breathtakingly wonderful.

The beautiful sun-kissed look it provides.

That...'I am the hottest bitch in here' feeling when you don't have any tan lines.

Nice clear make-up needed.

I could go on and on and on.

Well one fine day...I was watching Oprah.  And...I'm sure you could never guess...they were talking about the signs and symptoms of skin cancer.

And then I said...

Hells bells.

And then I made an appointment with a dermatologist.  And then I waited 2 months for my appointment date to FINALLY arrive.

And dear friends were one heck of a LONG two months.

Turns little freckle of suspicion was in fact not just a freckle.  After he gouged out a piece of flesh and sent it off...they found that it wasn't cancer...thank God...but it did have some "abnormal" cells or something of that nature in it. 

And that is when the good doctor informed me that if I continued on with this affair...there was a very high probability that skin cancer would be in my future.  And with that news came the saddening revelation that my love affair with the tanning bed was over.

I mourned for a little while.  And then I went through the stages of grief like any normal tan loving woman would.  Denial...anger...

And then I love affair wasn't giving me anything I couldn't live without and I certainly could live without cancer.  I mean really...who wants that creepin in and ruining your day...NOT ME!

So...I broke it off.  And I've never seen it since.  The tanning bed that is.

Oh I've had my moments of...oh a couple times won't hurt...just for a little while...a couple times a week can't give me cancer.

And then I look at my scar.  The one I got when the doctor got confused and started mining for gold.  And I remember that I could do without anymore of THAT!

I will admit that I still long for that sun-kissed look. 

I've tried the spray on tan stuff at the tanning salon and it was okay.  I only went twice so I probably can't really give it a fair assessment.  I've also tried a few of the self tanner lotions and sprays.  They are okay as well.  A word of warning need a good system when applying or you're going to have streaks and dark spots and they are NOT attractive.  And...use it sparingly...too much and you'll look like a dried up orange peel.

My latest purchase is the Jergens brand Natural Glow lotion.  I like it okay and have used it for awhile.  Well...not in awhile but have used it in the past for awhile.  I just bought my first bottle for this season the other day.  I've used one application so far and can definitely see a difference. 

Although I've also realized I totally forgot what my system was.  SO...if you see pics of me in the coming weeks...please spare me the agony and don't look too may see some evidence of trial and error while re-discovering my self-tanner application system.

So I ask you dear friends...

What is your method of achieving that ever so elusive sun-kissed look? 

Or do you just say to hell with it?  Which is what I said last year. 

Please do tell!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Day P-Dub Met Me!

You heard me correctly...I got to meet P-Dub, I mean P-Dub got to meet me!

Now...if you don't know who P-Dub is...let me enlighten you folks.  She's a gem.  A diamond on the Oklahoma Prairie to be exact.  She is Ree Drummond...otherwise known as...The Pioneer Woman.  Click here to go visit her blog and you may never want to leave.

At least not until you've read everything in the history of P-Dub.  Believe don't want to miss a thing!

Before I begin the telling of this need to read about...The 25 Hour Tour here.  Because...the 25 Hour Tour ended the day BEFORE I met P-Dub.  I was a little...foggy to say the least.  As well as emotional, tired, already missing Farm Boy...I wasn't in good shape.  But...if I wanted to meet had to be that day.

I worked through my tiredness and got myself as spiffed up as possible and headed to the bookstore with my mom and Q-Tip.  I was beside myself with excitement. 

However, not only had I been feeling...all of the above...I was also in a place of complete weirdness inside.  Q-Tip was about 14 months old.  It had been about 7 months since we had moved a thousand miles plus away from our family.  So I was deep in the throws of the Moving Funk. And possibly going through some sort of identity crisis as well.  I'll get back to you on that one as soon as I figure it out. 

But reading P-Dub's blog and seeing her finish the cookbook inspired me.  It inspired me to believe that just because I had just turned...25 + 5...there was still plenty of time in my life to accomplish incredible things! 

So...I absolutely had to meet her.  It was as if my sanity depended on it! 

I waited in line...and waited in line...then I realized I had no camera and I was a loser...then I remembered I did have my phone but knew it was gonna take a crappy picture so I was still a loser...then finally, it was my turn! 

Of course I planned every word out in my mind.  I didn't want to sound like a complete IDIOT but I really felt I needed to tell her what an inspiration she was. 

So I get up there...shaking like a freakin leaf...I have no idea why...she's just a person like everyone else.  Although a really great person...just a person.  A huge inspiration...but still a person.

She looked at me and smiled that warm smile and I say...hi...I'm Megan...this is Q-Tip...can we take a picture with you?  The sweet thing she is says...of course! 

And then my cell phone took this...
nice job I thought...for a cell phone!

I proceed I ugh...

I start getting a little lump in my throat...tears start welling up a little....

Then at that moment I sense someone has walked around behind me and is standing a little behind but only about a foot away and to my right.  So I look over...MARLBORO MAN...right there...3 o'clock!  I ever so calmly tell him hi...thinking....


YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKIN KIDDING ME...I AM A TOTAL LOSER! mind goes totally blank.  Now I have to hurry cause there are people in line behind me.  So I try again....

So ugh...I just need to tell you that seeing the success you have had on your blog and with your book has really inspired me....and then the unimaginable happens.  People...I...ME...I...the non-crier...start breaking into...THE UGLY CRY.


Not only am I starting the ugly cry but I'm starting the ugly cry in front of Marlboro Man!

So I say to myself...GET IT TOGETHER YOU PANSY ASS!!

*Deep breath*

You have really inspired me and have helped me remember that I can be a good mom AND do great things.  Because sometimes I feel like my greatest accomplishment in life is to wipe her nose without a meltdown.  Thank you Ree.

And she says...

Ohhh thank you!  You have a beautiful daughter.  And one day the clouds will lift and the sun will start shining and you will be ready to have another one!  You have a lot to be happy about!

And I do.  Oh how I know I do.

But I was so happy to get to meet the woman that makes me laugh my hiney off everyday and aspire to accomplish more than just cleaning house and changing diapers.  And for THAT I am truly grateful!

P.S.  I went straight back to my mom's house and wrote P-Dub an email to explain the almost ugly cry.  I felt compelled to let her know that I wasn't this weirdo public crier that I was SURE she thought I was.  After I explained the 25 hour tour and the emotions of so many things I felt better. 

But I'm certain she still thinks I'm a weirdo public crier despite all my very valid reasons. 

Although...she did respond to one of my tweets yesterday!  Therefore I am renewed with hope that she will one day invite me to the lodge...where I'm certain I we can lounge around with Charlie eating cinnamon rolls and drinking Diet Dr Pepper. 

And adult beverages.

Ta Ta

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Time on the Gintner

My rock star status from yesterday faded away a little today.
I was stressed.
Stressed about dogs, weather, demanding name it.
If I could drop something I dropped it, if Q-Tip could spill it she did...ya know, one of THOSE days.
HOWEVER...around 9 PM Eastern Standard Time the wind changed direction.
Through the stress and the worry...I started laughing.
My dear friend Pam-tastic sent me an instant message and it went up-hill from there.
Now there was some significant weather in Oklahoma today...where she lives...and she was relaying to me via instant messenger the goings on.
We were discussing the various terms that the weathermen in Oklahoma use when there is such weather. We heard a few old ones. Such as....
"Hook Echo" and "Supercell".
And we learned a few news ones. Such as...
"Gintner"...which we didn't know what the heck meant until I sent out a distress signal on Facebook...apparently it is a communication line used to radio in to the station. Or so I'm told.
And apparently...annnnyone who is annnyone is on the "Gintner". Which is where we now want to be. Because dad-gummit we're important! And we need a "Gintner".
So I think we're gonna make up our own "Gintner". Cause we're cool like that.
We also heard another new one that we are going to use until hell freezes over I'm sure of it. It is…
"Significantly Significant"
Now...before I go on I need to tell you that when the "conditions are favorable" for "tornadic activity" the weathermen in Oklahoma get ALL kinds of excited.
We sometimes call this condition of excitement....the weatherman woody.
Now see they get the weatherman woody and then they start talking fast and they're clicking from one screen to the next and they are flashing colors and tracking movement and blurting out all sorts of meteorological terms and sometimes they start yelling and not finishing sentences and telling people they need to get under their houses.....
It can cause anxiety in an otherwise calm, cool, and collected individual and I ain't kiddin!
So...during a moment of the aforementioned condition one of the more well known meteorologists said...and I quote..."the storm that is moving to the northeast is "significantly significant". Or something like that…you get the picture.

Significantly significant...let's just ponder that for a moment shall we.....

And then we are going to steal it...cause we love it. And a phrase such as that is just what we were missing in our lives! Because what can be more explanatory than...significantly significant?! friends...shall be used in everyday language from this day forth and shall be used only under significantly significant conditions! Which possibly may be...all the freakin time!

P.S. I'm starting a memoir tomorrow...entitled..."Our Time on the Gintner". I'll be looking for publishers by tomorrow afternoon. Any takers? It's gonna make a gazillion dollars I just know it!

P.P.S.  I really love the weathermen in Oklahoma.  There is nothing like them anywhere in this country.  Believe me...I know.  They are GRRReat! 

~*UPDATE*~  I have since learned from a very reliable source that the gentner...spelled a phone system storm trackers call into so they can get their voices on the air.  But apparently they don't really use it anymore but still use the term.  Which I can understand why...I mean really...who doesn't want to be on the Gentner?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Midnight in Moscow...Fightin The Mom Blob

My friend RH called me Friday night and asked me if I wanted to go shopping the next day. 

My calm, cool, and collected reply...


So we did.  And it did a body good! 

I bought some long sought after valances for the living room and a new shirt and some new pants and some hair product called...Deva Curls....which was just what I was missing in my life I'm sure of it.

But the most important purchases I made were two bottles of nail polish. 

I have recently decided that I like dark nail polish...REALLY dark nail polish.  I used to strictly be a hot pink kind of girl...summer or winter.  But I'm exploring the wild side these days and going with the darker stuff...and I like it. 

My two new favorites...both OPI brand...Midnight in Moscow and Lincoln Park After Midnight.

Saturday night after my little shopping extravaganza I decided while Farm Boy and I watched our nightly television that I would paint my nails and toes.  Something I have not done in QUITE some time. 

Now I have to ask myself...why?  Why don't I do this for myself on a regular basis?

Is it because I've been a borderline "mom blob" for the past...I don't even want to admit.

You know what a mom blob is right?

Getting up everyday...doing what needs to be done...

not fixing your make-up...

haven't shaved your legs in a week...I have shaved my legs...I can't sleep with myself if I don't.

But you get the point right...just going through the motions doing what needs to be done day in and day out...and not feeling real good and especially not feeling very pretty.

I've sort of been feeling like that off and on for awhile.

Well...I painted my nails Saturday night dad gummit! 

A lovely shade of Midnight in Moscow I might add...and I'm feelin pretty darn good about it!

AND...I wore a new outfit to church Sunday morning...WITH freshly painted nails and toes! 

Farm Boy said I looked nice that morning!  He even said I looked HOT that night!

And me...I'm feeling like a freakin rock star! 

Sittin here in my yoga pants and up in a mess...

with Midnight in Moscow on my fingers and toes!

Monday, May 17, 2010

We Love Strawberries

If you live in the state of North Carolina and you've never been to Smith's Nursery and eaten their luscious need to STOP...stop what you are doing and go there now! 

Because the strawberry days are numbered folks...and you do NOT know what you are missing!

You absolutely haven't lived until you've eaten their sweet juicy goodness. 

Before I tell you about our visit I need to tell you how mad I am at myself for not taking more pictures.  I just can't figure out how to chase a toddler and take cute pictures at the same time. It's difficult for me y'all.  BUT...luckily...they have a photo gallery on their website so you can see some of them there

You really need to go there anyway and read about all the things there are to do at Smith's Nursery.  They have a fishing pond that is LOADED with fish. They have strawberry picking in the spring, pumpkin picking in the fall, and great field trips for kids.  But don't take my word for it...check it out for yourself! 

Above all...I really must tell you that the Smith's are just good people.  Good people to the core and we love them! 

Q-Tip picked her first strawberry at Smith's and there is no where else on earth I would have wanted it to be.

Here she is toting her buckets around. 
She insisted upon carrying both herself. 

We made a stop by the chicken coop to visit the chickens.
And then Q-Tip broke out in song...
it sounded something like this.
chick, chick...E-I-E-I-O...chick, chick....E-I-E-I-O
Watch our Taylor've got some competition!

Then we made a pit stop to look at
some pretty flowers on the way to the goat pen. pictures of the goat pen.
I know...I'm mad at me too.
But here she is on the way.
When we got there she was overcome with excitement. 
She squealed and danced a little jig followed by...HI GOATS! 
And then we hit rewind and saw it again
when she saw the donkey...HI DONKEY!

Then we headed to the berries.  The sweet, wonderful berries.
Q-Tip loved every minute of it.
And we tried not to eat any in the field but...
there were a few casualties along the way.
This behavior is not encouraged...
but we are weak, very weak y'all.

After a little picking...we decided to call it a day and go buy a flat of strawberries that had already been picked. 

The truth is...through my sunglasses Q-Tip was starting to look a little bit like a strawberry.  I was a little worried she was getting sunburned.  I had dipped her in sunblock like a chocolate dip cone at Dairy Queen before we got there but the anxiety was getting to be too much.  So we headed in from the field.

And then we were united with this little piece of heaven...

And we bought pound cake there...cause we could.  Cause the Smith's are cool like that!  They've got everything you could need people.  And I hate to break this to you but your life isn't complete until you've had pound cake from there.  Ohhh the heaven that it is!

They have added a few things to their list of retail items since we lived there.  They have organic milk in glass bottles, ice cream and cheese all made at the same dairy.  They also have fresh vegetables that come from the farmers market in Raleigh.  As well as a few other things that are all just a bunch of wonderful!

We went back to visit the next day...bought 4 more flats of strawberries...and got a few pictures on the pretty red tractor.  Q-Tip thought she was hot stuff sittin up on that tractor...that alone made her trip worth it!  Not counting all the berries we've eaten since then of course.

It was a great trip and I'm so thankful we had the chance to go back and visit our friends!

There is nothing in the world like having wonderful friends...

and scrumptious strawberries of course!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Swing

This is one of my mom's favorite poems.
She used to say it to me.

Now she says it to Q-Tip.
And I love watching and listening.

The Swing

How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!

Up in the air and over the wall,
Till I can see so wide,
River and trees and cattle and all
Over the countryside--

Till I look down on the garden green,
Down on the roof so brown--
Up in the air I go flying again,
Up in the air and down!

~Robert Louis Stevenson~

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yes...I'm That Crazy

This is the part where I confess just how crazy I really am. 

Or at least Farm Boy thinks I'm crazy.  Well...he thinks this part of me is crazy.

I am a matcher people. 

I like things to match.

I NEED things to match.

Like...light switch plates for example.

When we moved to Maryland last year we bought a townhouse that was built in 1977.  It has been updated over time here and there with things like carpet, paint, tile, etc.  It is in very good condition and I really can't complain. 

But this tiny little flaw along with a few others...makes me freakin CRAZY!!

There are SEVERAL, and I mean SEVERAL different types of light switch plates in this house. 

For example...
We have the lovely beige ceramic...
The lovely gold with the flat switches...
The lovely gold with the regular switches...
Brushed nickel...
White ceramic...
White plastic with flat switches...
White metal...
And my personal favorite...white plastic with regular switches...

It's too much...too much people!  I can't stand it!!  Uniformity...I need uniformity in my light switches!!

Luckily...Farm Boy heard my pleas and saw the anxiety that so violently plagued me.  So while on a trip to Lowe's he bought all of this....

And thank the good Lord above he did! 

We are keeping some of the flat switches since they are white...much to my dismay...but I had to choose my battles y'all.  He did however agree to change out all the old beige plugs and switches and put in new white ones and get white switch and plug plates for everything. 

My mental health thanks him!

If you follow me on Twitter you may remember the day that Farm Boy started this project.  I was quite concerned for his safety when he started changing the switches and plugs out.

It made me a tiny bit nervous.
I didn't think anything of it until he started giving me the...
if I get shocked tackle me, don't push me...speech.
After that I felt I might need an adult beverage
to continue on.
One day soon...we will have uniformity in
all the switches, plugs, and plates.
The uniformity that my mental health so
desperately needs!
*Cue the orchestra...start Hallelujah Chorus*


Until then...I'll be hanging out in Crazyville.  Feel free to come by and visit!!

Ta Ta

P.S.  You think this was bad...wait until you see the 1,000 different kinds of door knobs we have.  Oh...and the HIDEOUS...I mean beautiful chandelier we had in the dining room...until a couple of days ago. gave me the willies just lookin at it. 

Bye now...really.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hamburger Anyone?

This wasn't really part of the plan.

I was going to write all about our North Caroline trip. 

However...I felt it extremely necessary to show you what 170 lbs of hamburger meat looks like and it had to be done today.

That's right folks...170 lbs. 

Awhile back a friend of ours...also from Oklahoma and used to having family raised beef...asked us if we wanted to go in on the purchase of a freezer beef package.  And because we are sick of having to buy it at the store...we said...heck yea!  So...we bought a half a beef from Needwood Farms in Burkittsville, Maryland. 

No...we probably didn't need to buy a whole half but we did and therefore we shouldn't have to go to the store for meat for at least a week.

Or a year.

We will probably start handing out hamburgers to the neighbors instead of cookies before it's all over with but hey...I can't complain. is important for me to tell you how much I wish my pictures were a little more descriptive.  But, Farm Boy was a little cranky and he didn't really feel it was necessary to lay it all out and take 1,000 pictures before putting it in the freezer.  And I have learned from experience that when you have butchered your own meat and it is put in the little red and white bags those bags get tears and holes in them.  And when the meat is anywhere but in the in the car for an hour and a half...blood gets all over everything so time was of the essence as well as sanitary methods.  And Q-Tip was outside the back door swinging in her toddler swing getting pushes in between pictures. 

Oh and one more thing...the deep freeze we have it in is 14.8 cubic feet.  Not huge but serves as a nice folding table for laundry...not that I ever use it for that purpose.  Sometimes we just pull from the basket as needed...but that's another post.

I believe that is all I need to say.

Here ya go...170 lbs of hamburger meat...

some steaks...

Check out the size of those babies...
(that's the big can of Spray N' Wash by the way)

and um, liver.... 

*gag*, *spit*, *gag*, *puke*....YUCK!

I have never been able to handle liver. 

Now our freezer looks like this...

 And I feel blessed!

But can I just say...the steaks are nothing but pure awesomeness for the taste buds!  SO tender and yummy.  Of course Farm Boy's special seasoning and most perfect grilling skills also attribute to the awesomeness that it is's some good meat y'all.

Now I must go and do some more catching up on my blog reading before nap time is over. 

Ta Ta

P.S.  Needwood Farms has no idea who I am or that I have a blog.  It's just good meat and I felt I needed to share the news for the greater good of all mankind. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ya Missed Me Didn't Ya?

Hi y'all!!  Did ya miss me? 

You did didn't you? 

It's don't have to admit it out loud.  I can tell by the earnestness of your little mouse clicks on my blog that you did!  That's so sweet!  I love y'all too!   

I've been riding the crazy train back and forth to Crazyville for awhile sorry for my lack of semi-decent reading material the past few days. 

This house has been frocked with illness, visitors, traveling, electricians, and pure-d-ol craziness. 

But here is a brief synopsis of the recent events...

My mom was here for almost three weeks visiting.  It was nice having her here.  We went shopping; we played with Q-Tip, went on walks, toured museums in DC...and spent a week of her wonderful stay...sick on the couch.  That's right...sick and feeling like dookie.  Q-Tip got it first, then me, then Mom, then Farm Boy.  It was a nasty cold, sinus, fever, coughing, horrible sickness that stuck around for quite some time.  Matter of fact I'm STILL blowing my nose.  But we are mostly all back to our normal selves.  And praise be for that!

Farm Boy, Q-Tip and I went to North Caroline for a few days while mom was here.  We had already planned the trip when she decided to come but she came anyway.  And it worked out really well.  Mom stayed home and took care of the Queen and therefore she wasn't bothered with leaving her comfortable surroundings and having to scold us for leaving her in the car when we made a pit stop.  We  She was never so grateful.  Our trip was awesome and therefore needs it's very own post.  Look for it in the next few days!

We have been doing a few home improvement projects here and there the past few days as well.  I will also be posting all about it and divulging a rather embarrassing fact about me and my OCD as well.  Here's a teaser for ya....light switch plates...chandeliers....ceiling fans. 

I know you are absolutely chewing your freshly manicured fingernails off with the suspense aren't you? 

And I will leave you with that for the day.  I have TONS...I mean TONS...of blog reading to do myself and nap time is almost over. 

I tell you I've been busy y'all! 

Just so you will get the picture...I haven't even had the chance to read P-Dub's blog!! 


It's a tragedy...pure and simple.  No one person should be to busy to read P-Dub's blog. 

So goodbye my friends and I'll be back tomorrow! 

Cue...orchestra...breaking out into song...NOW...

I love ya tomorrow...
It's only a day away...


Okay I'll quite now.

Ta Ta