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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Time Has Come...For Dental Hygiene

The time has come.

I have been in denial long enough.  My baby is growing up.  And she has teeth...lots of teeth.

And when teeth arrive...there's only one thing to do. 


We have successfully added yet one more step to our nighttime routine. Q-Tip is now brushing her teeth. Every night.

She has taken quite well to the tooth brushing that will become a serious part of her daily life.

Whether she likes it or not I might add.

She can't help it that she was born to a mother with a semi-fanatical dental hygiene obsession. However...the tooth brushing must be done. It MUST.

First we put a little dab of training toothpaste on her teeny tiny little toothbrush...

Then we brush for awhile...

Then we brush a little more...

Just a tiny bit longer...

Then Q-Tip gets to brush her own teeth for awhile.

And then Q-Tip takes a bath and sleeps like an angel all night!  With clean teeth!

And then mama sleeps like an angel and doesn't have nightmares about the horror of her baby getting a cavity.

Except for when Q-Tip doesn't sleep like an angel. 

Sometimes she wakes up in the night for whatever STINKIN reason and it makes her usually happy mama a CRAZY mama.

Cause I get a little cranky when I've been woke up 14 FREAKIN TIMES in the night!! 

But just a tiny bit.  It's barely noticeable really.

Ta Ta

And happy tooth brushing to all!


  1. Oh, she is just so little and cute. How I love the miniature.

    Good job teaching her the importance of oral hygiene! Go, mama!

  2. Thanks and happy tooth brushing.
    I got the tomato plants planted. Am waiting for the ground to dry enough to check to find where I need to fill in. The weaherman is telling us that we are about to get more rain. Keep up the good work.
    -----Father Eugene