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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Stirred Memory

After my post yesterday...a lot of my childhood memories were stirred.  But the one that came to mind first was about my PaPa Bear.

My PaPa Bear is my dear sweet daddy. 

He has been a huge example in my life.  An example of the kind of husband I wanted, the kind of father I wanted for my children, the kind of work ethic to strive for, and the kind of person I wanted to be. 

My dad works in the oilfield.  He has all of my life and most of his.  He started at 18 I believe working as a ruff neck on the rig platform and is now the Engineer Manager at his company. 

I can remember all the ups and downs he has experienced alongside the ups and downs of the industry.  I remember the joy of him getting hired, the sadness of him being let go, the excitement of him starting his own company, and the low points when it wasn't doing so well.  And I remember the complete elation after he was asked to join the company is with today. 

But what I remember most...are the times when he took me and my brother out to the field with him.  My dad's job was to drive around...all over the Oklahoma/Texas (mostly Oklahoma) countryside checking the mud on the rigs.   It was a long day but oh what fun it was!

We would go up to the "doghouse" and watch the ruff necks work on the rig floor.  And sometimes get sprayed with mud when they would add a piece of pipe.  We would run around the rig site looking for horned toads and we would pee behind the bushes.  We saw the Oklahoma countryside and had loads of fun doing it.  But most of all...we were going to the field and spending time with dad...and that was a special treat.

Things aren't like they used to be.  When I was little driving down most any Oklahoma highway...especially at could see rigs sticking up out of the prairie here and there all around.  You don't see that as much anymore.  But the pump jacks are still there and you can still hear their endless hissing and popping.  And they serve as a reminder of what was.

But when we go back to Oklahoma and I see an oil rig I get a little pang in my chest.  And I remember those days with my brother and my PaPa Bear.  And I feel blessed to have such wonderful memories.  So very blessed.


  1. How is it that I grew up in the woods and never got the "hang" of peeing behind a bush???? LOL.

  2. It takes skill. LOL!

    J/K...I sucked at it too. I did learn in my "partying in the field" days that if you bring along a 44 oz cup...say from makes things A LOT easier.


  3. I love your blog!

    I always have to be wearing a long skirt, then i can just squat and it looks like im sitting down! no one will ever know!! lol

    Sounds like your childhood memories are to be cherished.

  4. Peeing behind a bush??? problem at all....

    pam-tastic :-)

  5. Thanks Sena!! The skirt thing is a good idea. Although I'm more of a jeans girl. :-) I do cherish my childhood memories and have realized this week I don't think about them near enough! Maybe I'll dig around and post a few more in the future. Thanks for visiting!