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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PMS is Hell

I'm going against all my own rules and talking about it.  Because it's real...and it's hell.  

Sorry PaPa Bear! (assuming at this point he is the only male reader I have)  It's kind of a girly subject today. 

PMS people.  P-M-S. 

I can't keep myself from talking about it today.  It sucked me in to its miserable darkness yesterday, still there today...and Lord help me probably will be tomorrow.

It overshadows everything when it plagues me.  I try to continue looking on the bright side and counting my blessings, and doing my daily chores, and tending to my Q-Tip.  But it haunts me with every step.

It steals my humor. 

It steals my words.


It makes me feel inadequate.

It makes me feel sad.

It makes me feel lonely.

It makes me CRAZY!

And I am S & T of it!

And when it seems like a mountain of other things happen that make me feel worse.  You know...the way you feel when you say...if one more things happens (you fill in the blank).

Q-Tip has been acting like a little goblin for the past three days.  I'm sure it's some kind of phase set out to make me bang my head against a wall a minimum of 25 times a day.

We have had a death in the family this week.  Farm Boy's dear sweet uncle.  Logistically it isn't going to work for Q-Tip and me to go.  It is going to be a quick trip and it would really be hard on her.  So I am staying.  But cringing at the thought of not getting to see family.  But mostly...hating that I won't be with Farm Boy while he deals with this loss.'s just been a rough couple of days.

And PMS is hell.

Just needed to say that.

Cause it is.

It's hell!  Did you hear me?



  1. PMS...gladly I don't have that anymore! I used to describe it as being in a plexi-glass box, walled off from the world but still a part of it. The Hubby used to ask me if I was in my box when I was in that way. My girls get hit pretty hard with it too. I'm so glad I'm done with that but occassionally I still have the hormone swings but a little weirder. Good luck.

  2. AMEN!

  3. HOney, if you think PMS is bad... just you wait until you hit menopause... PMS only lasts for a couple of days each month. Hot flashes on the other hand can go on for years. YEARS! Women got the short end of the stick when God was handing out hormones.