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Monday, April 19, 2010


I apologize in advance for not bringing pictures with me.  I forgot my stinkin camera last week. 
I hate it when that happens!

And I apologize in advance for any guys that may be reading today!  This post has bra talk in it.  If your delicate eyes can't handle such a think go read this.  It's a little sappy but it's about my dad...and he's a guy.'s kinda guyish I guess.

Today's post is about something very important.  Very, very important.  Today's post is about mother's retaining their sanity.  At all cost.  Oh yes and bras.

Really...what good is a mother who has TOTALLY lost it?  I mean effective can you be? 

I find that in order to keep my sanity as a mother I need short breaks away from the house.  For things such as shopping trips, pedicures, time with friends...and MOPS.

Now...before I go on I must tell you.  My friend RH had to drag me to MOPS in the beginning.  I was reluctant.  I was a newly moved mother of a 6 month old deep in the throws of a nasty case of a Moving Funk double with a shot of Post Partum Blues (or so my doc called it) on the side.  RH made me go...and I'm so glad she did.  She knew I needed it.

MOPS or Mothers of PreSchoolers is a group for...mothers of preschoolers. 

Our MOPS group meets once a month in the evening.  I think some meet in the day and have childcare.  You can check out their website here

This month we had a lady that owns a bra boutique come and talk about bras and finding the right fit.  Now I don't know about y'all...but I have had bra problems my entire life!  The riding up in the back...the falling down straps...the gapping on the cup.  Oh the bra problems I have had!  So...I have never been so grateful for MOPS than I was last Thursday.  I was fitted...and given a 10% discount card.  Can't beat that with a Kitchen Aid!

Oh discount card to A La Mode...where have you been all my bra wearing life? 

Check out A La Mode's website here.

We also had a Pilates instructor show us a few moves.  She is a member of our MOPS group but I had no idea she was also a Pilates instructor...for 6 years I might add! 

No wonder she's so skinny and stands up straight! 

Anyway...she showed us a few moves and let me just tell soreness for the next two days felt freakin fabulous!  Not really...but I was proud of myself for trying.  It was hard y' very hard!  And oh the painful that it was!  But, I wanted to keep doing it.  I want to go again!  Can you believe it?!  I WANT TO EXERCISE! 

Crazy I know. 

I may be in Crazyville...hold on let me check...

No I'm here...I seriously am wanting to do Pilates. 

Lord help us all.  What is happening to me?

It may or may not be stemming from a fear of pregnancy and the pain it caused me the first go round.  I'll ponder that and get back with you.

So back to MOPS.  We also have snacks and we get to chit chat and we usually do a craft of some sort.  Which are usually always easy and fun. 

I have found it's a great way to meet people and socialize with other moms who are going through or recently have been through the same things you are going through.  Since it's for moms of little ones.  I have really enjoyed it and thought I would share that with you today.

Go check it out...if you have a preschooler. 

If you don't...sorry...take some bra advice and go to a bra boutique.  They aren't as expensive as you might think!  AND...apparently...80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size. 

And ladies...we have to wear the stinkin thing everyday...lets get one that at least feels good! 

Ta Ta


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower and have some serious Pilates envy. Every time I get down on my floor to try some yoga or ab work or Pilates, I and up under a pile of kids and dogs. Maybe someday...

  2. Hi IASoupMama! Glad to have you!!

    I SO know what you mean! I would never try it while Q-Tip was awake. And...I would end up banishing Dolly to her bed I'm sure. Because if it's not Q-Tip crawling all over me it's Dolly.

    Which is why I need short breaks away...a LOT of them!


    Thanks for following!


  3. Just purchased bra's myself last weekend, and there's nothing like a fresh spit of lace to make a lady feel controlled!

    LOL on the Pilates, I own two DVD's and put them by the computer to do...not do... but feel guilt about... ALL the time...

    So, if you do it, blog the process, I want to know if I should slip them in and actually accomplish what glorious stretching and body controlling their supposed to do! :)


  4. I only WISH I had bra problems. My biggest problem is finding stores that sell them SMALL enough. I could go without if it weren't for the fear of sudden hospitalization and being stripped of my clothing before being placed in a hospital gown.

  5. Mops is awesome. I met the greatest women, and loved the bible study we did. I knew my kids were well cared for, and I looked forward to those meetings.

    It makes for a happier mama.

    Good work!