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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A List A Mile Long...and My Quest for One Coke a Day

So do you remember when I said I felt like dookie that one day back in February? 

I feel like dookie again today. 

The problem is...I have a list a mile long of things to do!

Yes I know this is normal...but I really have to do them today.  Cause if I feel better tomorrow...we are getting out of this house!  Mainly because I have a list a mile long of things to do outside of this house as well.

I know you already know this but my mom is here.  And we have places to go (the mall, DC, etc) and time is wastin!

I'd really like to take a nap today but apparently the coke I had at lunch is giving the laundry pile and writing this post a head start against the nap that I so desperately need.

Time out...

By coke you know I mean Diet Dr Pepper right?  Cause yea...I mean Diet Dr Pepper. 

 And speaking of Diet Dr Pepper...can I just tell you how much I love it.  Cause I do.  I love it.  A lot.  And I try...I try so hard to only have one a day but I succumb to it's callings at least twice a day.  And Lord help me on occasion three times a day.  But only in REALLY desperate situations.

And of course going out to a restaurant doesn't count as my one...or two for that matter.

And now I must spare you further agony from my random ramblings and put myself to bed.  I fear the over the counter meds are taking over my fingers and God knows what will come out if I continue on in this condition!

Ta Ta

P.S. I guess it is a plus that I at least know what freakin day it is…unlike yesterday!  You would die if you knew why I thought it was April 29th yesterday!

Well hell I guess I’ll tell you…the milk carton…I looked at the freakin milk carton yesterday morning and it said it expired on April 29th. Can you believe that crap?

GOOD GRIEF…what is happening to me?


  1. Ahhh... just had to come here as I've renamed my blog, Red Dirt in My Soul... had to see if we could relate! Looks like we can... I'm a one Pepsi a day kind of girl myself... come see me.

  2. Oho, I know, I have a nasty coke habit, too...

  3. I realized today that the yogurt I was feeding my kids expired two weeks ago. Whoops.

    And, Diet Dr Pepper is my vice. Especially the cherry one. Yum.

  4. Carol...I found you! Love the pics on your site...absolutely beautiful! Farm Boy may start packing us up if he sees them. :-)

    Empress...its the worst isn't it?! It's such a guilty pleasure for me. :-)

    Scary Mommy...Haven't done that one yet but give me time...give me time. lol.... I just finished my last Diet CHERRY DP this morning...on my way to Rollie Pollies. I needed it...I needed it BAD! :-) BTW...LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    Thanks for visiting y'all!