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Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog!!

I have ARRIVED!! 

Well...Red Dirt & Crazy has ARRIVED!


How awesome is that?! 

So this really nice blogger named The Empress...don't ya love it...came by and gave me a visit the other day.  Her blog is called Good Day, Regular People.  Go check it out! she came by and visited Red Dirt & Crazy and she liked my blog so much that she gave me an award!  The Sunshine Award to be exact.

 Ain't it perty?? 

Cause I'm a bright shiny spot of sunshine. 

I knew it!  I always knew it!

I'm off to polish my award.  And continue being a bright shiny spot! 

And in the near future I will tell you what being a bright shiny spot is all about.

Cause it's good to be a bright shiny spot...even if your feelin a little dull. 

Ta Ta

Oh yes and HAPPY FRIDAY!!


  1. Congrats Lady..Im going to follow you..!

  2. Happy Award Day!!!!! Saaaweet!!!!!

    I found you through SITS! I have a FREE giveaway on my blog. Come by and check it out. Your gonna LOVE it!!!!!

  3. Happy Friday Little Miss Sunshine! Congratulations on the award.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  4. just happened upon your blog, congratulations! must feel nice to get recognition for the work!

  5. Congrats, sweet honey. You are doing so awesomely, that I suggest you put it and label it "My first award" cuz many more are to come.

    You're a natural at this. You'll be unstoppable!

  6. Thanks Y'all! You guys are so nice!!

    Thanks you Empress for all the wonderful compliments! It is really nice to hear! I have almost ZERO writing experience so it is nice to hear someone thinks I'm doing a good job.

    Y'all have a great weekend!