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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bright Shiny Spots

Have you ever thought of yourself as a bright shiny spot? 

I hadn't until one day my dear friend Pam called me a bright shiny spot.  And coming from her...the brightest shiniest spot I've ever met...I was...well let's just say it made my day.  And I'll leave it at that for the sake of not gettin mushy and all.

Pam is one of those people that never has a frown on her face.  Well...hardly, hardly, ever.  You really never know when her life is all crazy and she's on the train to...well...Crazyville.  She's just to busy being happy to remember to say she's losin it.

She's always there to cheer you up but most of make you laugh, laugh, laugh. 

And that is what being a bright shiny spot is all about. 

It's about being bright and shiny and chasing away the dull and dreary.

Now I know we all have days when we feel a little dull.  Heck I have lots of them.  And when that happens...I have friends like Pam and a few others that are my go to spots when I need a little polishing. 

Sometimes I wonder if they get tired of it.  Lord I hope not.'s important to be a bright shiny spot.  It's important to your family, and to your friends.  But above's important to this world people! 

It needs more brightness...more shininess! time you are passing someone in the Wal-Marts or the people!  Smile big!

Compliment someone.  Tell them they did a good job.  They look nice.  They are an awesome waiter/waitress, checker, or bank teller.

Make someone feel good about themselves.

Do a good deed for, friend or stranger.  EVERY day.

Make someone laugh!  EVEN if it means making a total fool of yourself.  Cause we all know...laughter is the best medicine of all!

If not for the sole purpose of being bright and it because I promise will feel good after you see that person smile back at you.

Now go forth good people...go forth and be bright shiny spots!

Then come back here and tell me.  Or send me an email... reddirtandcrazy@yahoo.comI'd love to hear about it.

Better about it!!  Then tell me about it.  So I can blog about you blogging about it. 

So take the Bright Shiny Spot Challenge and the world will be a better place for all mankind!

Ta Ta


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