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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Few Important Announcements

I have things to tell you that are important! 

But due to my lack of brain power tonight I must number them so I don't leave anything out.

1. My sinuses are still full of the funk and it really sucks!  This is the main cause for not writing yesterday.  I was sleeping.  It was nice.  I didn't think you'd mind. 

2. I'm going to be away from my computer for a few days.  Not sure I'll be able to do much writing while I'm gone.  However...I am a bit concerned that my creative flow will get all backed up and the doom of internal combustion may arise.  If I am faced with this tragedy I MAY momentarily seize my hostesses computer.  I assure will be the first to know.

3.  My time away involves picking strawberries and you can bet that I will have LOTS of pictures of my little strawberry picking strawberries.  And I just know they're gonna be deliciously adorable! 

That is all.

I love you all and I will miss you.  Miss you dreadfully. 

Now go on you...and have a nice weekend. 

GO ON...I can't say goodbye.

I'll be back I swear!

Ta Ta

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A List A Mile Long...and My Quest for One Coke a Day

So do you remember when I said I felt like dookie that one day back in February? 

I feel like dookie again today. 

The problem is...I have a list a mile long of things to do!

Yes I know this is normal...but I really have to do them today.  Cause if I feel better tomorrow...we are getting out of this house!  Mainly because I have a list a mile long of things to do outside of this house as well.

I know you already know this but my mom is here.  And we have places to go (the mall, DC, etc) and time is wastin!

I'd really like to take a nap today but apparently the coke I had at lunch is giving the laundry pile and writing this post a head start against the nap that I so desperately need.

Time out...

By coke you know I mean Diet Dr Pepper right?  Cause yea...I mean Diet Dr Pepper. 

 And speaking of Diet Dr Pepper...can I just tell you how much I love it.  Cause I do.  I love it.  A lot.  And I try...I try so hard to only have one a day but I succumb to it's callings at least twice a day.  And Lord help me on occasion three times a day.  But only in REALLY desperate situations.

And of course going out to a restaurant doesn't count as my one...or two for that matter.

And now I must spare you further agony from my random ramblings and put myself to bed.  I fear the over the counter meds are taking over my fingers and God knows what will come out if I continue on in this condition!

Ta Ta

P.S. I guess it is a plus that I at least know what freakin day it is…unlike yesterday!  You would die if you knew why I thought it was April 29th yesterday!

Well hell I guess I’ll tell you…the milk carton…I looked at the freakin milk carton yesterday morning and it said it expired on April 29th. Can you believe that crap?

GOOD GRIEF…what is happening to me?

Monday, April 26, 2010

How Can It Be?

And now I just realized that I am a complete idiot and it is not April 29th yet.  I'm losin it!


Today is April 29th.  Not a big deal right? 

Except that little Q-Tip is 18 months old.

How can it be?

How did this happen?

How did we get from this...

To This...

So ridiculously fast?! 

I swear I just put her down for a nap and she looked like this...

So how did we get HERE?

Someone...anyone...are you there??


And don't give me the...she'll be driving and dating before you know it crap either!  I can't take it!  It may drive me to Crazyville never to return. 


Ta Ta

P.S.  Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hells Bells

Hells bells...

Yea your heard me...HELLS BELLS!

So we had this trip to the mall all planned out.  I was going to do some MUCH needed summer shopping.  For ME.

So I get up...get my hair all washed...start putting on my make-up and Q-Tip wakes up.  So I go in to her room...she says good morning.  I pick her up and she felt warm.


Okay so you know that feeling you get when you THINK something might be wrong but you're like no, can't be.  That little sinking feeling inside. fight if off and say no...everything is fine.  There is don't want to even say the word...fever.

Yea...that's what happened to me at 8 AM this morning.


So I un-zip her jammies and her tummy felt warm too.

That's when I said...well I thought...hells bells. mall for me today.  It is what it is...although it sucks.  But there is no way I could drag her around the mall knowing she didn't feel good.  I would be 9 kinds of pissed off if someone did that to me.  So I won't.

However, I am rather excited because I think...pending no serious illness for Q-Tip...that Farm Boy and I are going to go to a friend's house in Virginia and stay all night!  With no Q-Tip. 

It's never been done.  I've never been away from her all night. 

Yes I'm a teeny bit nervous but really...I'm excited.  As you can tell...I'm not really the type of mom that can't be away from her child.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  No it's not the easiest thing in the world.  And I'm not sure I could be away from her for very long at this point.

But can you miss someone if you never leave?

P.S.  Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Can't I Be Like That?

I don't know about y'all...but I have a serious problem accepting me the way I am.  I can't just's okay...I'm me and its okay.

I am all the time hitting myself over the head with things like...

Why can't I be one of those mom's that pops the kid out and is back in their size 4's?  Even after their 3rd kid!  I'm gonna have to work my ass get into my fat jeans from BEFORE I got pregnant.  Not even my normal jeans that I love and miss so dearly.

Why can't I be one of those mom's that pops the kid out and goes shopping at the mall the next week?  Let's just say the first SIX...count em...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 weeks of being a mommy are a total fog in my mind.  I had breastfeeding issues and all but still...I could barely hold my head up!

Why can't I be one of those mom's that has 3 kids and even a semi-clean house?  Even after 17 months...I can hardly keep the laundry pile from becoming Mt. Everest much less get it all put away.  And we won't even mention the dust that is so devilishly piling up on my furniture.

And how bout the mom's that do all of that...clean, take care of kids, go shopping at the mall regularly...looking like a million bucks?!  People...the only time I don't have a ball cap on and only half my make-up done is when we are going to church.  Well that is almost the only time.  Sometimes I get fixed up to go to places like MOPS but that is only once a month.  Farm Boy says he doesn't care.  He's not really into the details.  But ya know...sometimes I care.  I wish I had the energy and unlimited hours in the day to fix myself up and look 100%...all the time.

But above all...I wish I could find the balance of wife, mommy, and me.  I'm such an all or nothing type girl.  I've always given my all to whatever I am doing but for some reason...when I added mommy into the mix...I just can't get it together!  I can't for the life of me keep holding on to ME when I'm being wife and mommy as well. 

But ya really just pisses me off that I can't just be okay with it and say...this is who I am. 

I'm not completely organized.  I run late...sometimes...okay a lot these days.  I'm tired...A LOT.  I didn't feel like shopping or traveling or doing anything for quite a long time after I had Q-Tip.  My body is all sorts of crazy right now.  My house isn't spotless...ever.  And I'm STILL figuring out the whole mommyhood thing.

I know it's probably that perfectionist b-word inside me that makes me feel like I'm never gonna figure it all out much less do it well.  I really hate her! 

She's such a...b-word. 

P.S.  I'm participating in Mama Kat's Writers Workshop today and I chose the prompt...What are you mad at yourself about?  This was #1 on the LIST. 

Mama's Losin' It

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Time Has Come...For Dental Hygiene

The time has come.

I have been in denial long enough.  My baby is growing up.  And she has teeth...lots of teeth.

And when teeth arrive...there's only one thing to do. 


We have successfully added yet one more step to our nighttime routine. Q-Tip is now brushing her teeth. Every night.

She has taken quite well to the tooth brushing that will become a serious part of her daily life.

Whether she likes it or not I might add.

She can't help it that she was born to a mother with a semi-fanatical dental hygiene obsession. However...the tooth brushing must be done. It MUST.

First we put a little dab of training toothpaste on her teeny tiny little toothbrush...

Then we brush for awhile...

Then we brush a little more...

Just a tiny bit longer...

Then Q-Tip gets to brush her own teeth for awhile.

And then Q-Tip takes a bath and sleeps like an angel all night!  With clean teeth!

And then mama sleeps like an angel and doesn't have nightmares about the horror of her baby getting a cavity.

Except for when Q-Tip doesn't sleep like an angel. 

Sometimes she wakes up in the night for whatever STINKIN reason and it makes her usually happy mama a CRAZY mama.

Cause I get a little cranky when I've been woke up 14 FREAKIN TIMES in the night!! 

But just a tiny bit.  It's barely noticeable really.

Ta Ta

And happy tooth brushing to all!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Near Fatal Heart Attack

Today has been kinda crazy. 

It started off with a near fatal heart attack before I even had both eyes open. 

I woke to the sound of Q-Tip's voice...getting closer, and closer, and closer... 

And I thought to myself... could Q-Tip be in the same room with you?  This would be impossible unless...UNLESS SHE CLIMBED OUT OF HER FREAKIN BED!!  OH MY HEAVENS IS SHE BLEEDING?  BROKEN BONES?

Both eyes popped open and I see Farm Boy...following Q-Tip. 

And I thought to myself...


Then I said all that out loud!

And then Farm Boy laughed...and I got a forehead to the face.  By my darling Q-Tip crawling up onto the bed with me.  He laughed again.  I did not.

He explained why he was home and then I was glad he was here.  Even though I was still having heart palpitations. 

Since he is home today unexpectedly...Farm Boy has decided to do some things around the house that have been driving me to Crazyville since we moved here.  Thank heavens he is wanting to do them.  But...he enlisted my help...which took up nap time.  Which is also referred to as "my time".  Which is also referred to as my "blog time" most days. parents are coming in to town today.  Which I am totally ecstatic about.  Considering I haven't seen my mom since Christmas and I've only seen my dad once and it was just for one evening. 

SO...I'm a little short on time to get real in depth about our little home improvement project we are doing.  But I did take pictures.  Look for them in the next few days. 

I'll give you a involves electricity...and I was nervous...VERY nervous. 

And parents are here. 

So I gotta go give them hugs and re-introduce Q-Tip to her Mi-Mi and Pa-Pa.

Ta Ta

Monday, April 19, 2010


I apologize in advance for not bringing pictures with me.  I forgot my stinkin camera last week. 
I hate it when that happens!

And I apologize in advance for any guys that may be reading today!  This post has bra talk in it.  If your delicate eyes can't handle such a think go read this.  It's a little sappy but it's about my dad...and he's a guy.'s kinda guyish I guess.

Today's post is about something very important.  Very, very important.  Today's post is about mother's retaining their sanity.  At all cost.  Oh yes and bras.

Really...what good is a mother who has TOTALLY lost it?  I mean effective can you be? 

I find that in order to keep my sanity as a mother I need short breaks away from the house.  For things such as shopping trips, pedicures, time with friends...and MOPS.

Now...before I go on I must tell you.  My friend RH had to drag me to MOPS in the beginning.  I was reluctant.  I was a newly moved mother of a 6 month old deep in the throws of a nasty case of a Moving Funk double with a shot of Post Partum Blues (or so my doc called it) on the side.  RH made me go...and I'm so glad she did.  She knew I needed it.

MOPS or Mothers of PreSchoolers is a group for...mothers of preschoolers. 

Our MOPS group meets once a month in the evening.  I think some meet in the day and have childcare.  You can check out their website here

This month we had a lady that owns a bra boutique come and talk about bras and finding the right fit.  Now I don't know about y'all...but I have had bra problems my entire life!  The riding up in the back...the falling down straps...the gapping on the cup.  Oh the bra problems I have had!  So...I have never been so grateful for MOPS than I was last Thursday.  I was fitted...and given a 10% discount card.  Can't beat that with a Kitchen Aid!

Oh discount card to A La Mode...where have you been all my bra wearing life? 

Check out A La Mode's website here.

We also had a Pilates instructor show us a few moves.  She is a member of our MOPS group but I had no idea she was also a Pilates instructor...for 6 years I might add! 

No wonder she's so skinny and stands up straight! 

Anyway...she showed us a few moves and let me just tell soreness for the next two days felt freakin fabulous!  Not really...but I was proud of myself for trying.  It was hard y' very hard!  And oh the painful that it was!  But, I wanted to keep doing it.  I want to go again!  Can you believe it?!  I WANT TO EXERCISE! 

Crazy I know. 

I may be in Crazyville...hold on let me check...

No I'm here...I seriously am wanting to do Pilates. 

Lord help us all.  What is happening to me?

It may or may not be stemming from a fear of pregnancy and the pain it caused me the first go round.  I'll ponder that and get back with you.

So back to MOPS.  We also have snacks and we get to chit chat and we usually do a craft of some sort.  Which are usually always easy and fun. 

I have found it's a great way to meet people and socialize with other moms who are going through or recently have been through the same things you are going through.  Since it's for moms of little ones.  I have really enjoyed it and thought I would share that with you today.

Go check it out...if you have a preschooler. 

If you don't...sorry...take some bra advice and go to a bra boutique.  They aren't as expensive as you might think!  AND...apparently...80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size. 

And ladies...we have to wear the stinkin thing everyday...lets get one that at least feels good! 

Ta Ta

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bright Shiny Spots

Have you ever thought of yourself as a bright shiny spot? 

I hadn't until one day my dear friend Pam called me a bright shiny spot.  And coming from her...the brightest shiniest spot I've ever met...I was...well let's just say it made my day.  And I'll leave it at that for the sake of not gettin mushy and all.

Pam is one of those people that never has a frown on her face.  Well...hardly, hardly, ever.  You really never know when her life is all crazy and she's on the train to...well...Crazyville.  She's just to busy being happy to remember to say she's losin it.

She's always there to cheer you up but most of make you laugh, laugh, laugh. 

And that is what being a bright shiny spot is all about. 

It's about being bright and shiny and chasing away the dull and dreary.

Now I know we all have days when we feel a little dull.  Heck I have lots of them.  And when that happens...I have friends like Pam and a few others that are my go to spots when I need a little polishing. 

Sometimes I wonder if they get tired of it.  Lord I hope not.'s important to be a bright shiny spot.  It's important to your family, and to your friends.  But above's important to this world people! 

It needs more brightness...more shininess! time you are passing someone in the Wal-Marts or the people!  Smile big!

Compliment someone.  Tell them they did a good job.  They look nice.  They are an awesome waiter/waitress, checker, or bank teller.

Make someone feel good about themselves.

Do a good deed for, friend or stranger.  EVERY day.

Make someone laugh!  EVEN if it means making a total fool of yourself.  Cause we all know...laughter is the best medicine of all!

If not for the sole purpose of being bright and it because I promise will feel good after you see that person smile back at you.

Now go forth good people...go forth and be bright shiny spots!

Then come back here and tell me.  Or send me an email... reddirtandcrazy@yahoo.comI'd love to hear about it.

Better about it!!  Then tell me about it.  So I can blog about you blogging about it. 

So take the Bright Shiny Spot Challenge and the world will be a better place for all mankind!

Ta Ta


Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog!!

I have ARRIVED!! 

Well...Red Dirt & Crazy has ARRIVED!


How awesome is that?! 

So this really nice blogger named The Empress...don't ya love it...came by and gave me a visit the other day.  Her blog is called Good Day, Regular People.  Go check it out! she came by and visited Red Dirt & Crazy and she liked my blog so much that she gave me an award!  The Sunshine Award to be exact.

 Ain't it perty?? 

Cause I'm a bright shiny spot of sunshine. 

I knew it!  I always knew it!

I'm off to polish my award.  And continue being a bright shiny spot! 

And in the near future I will tell you what being a bright shiny spot is all about.

Cause it's good to be a bright shiny spot...even if your feelin a little dull. 

Ta Ta

Oh yes and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Crap!

Before telling you the events over supper a couple nights ago I must first mention that Farm Boy and I have discussed the need to put P.O. Priscilla in the brig and banish his little mouthy goblin to the underworld...if you know what I mean.  I talked about all of that here and we've been doing better...we've been working on it. 

However...instead of just completely wiping any sort of negative language from our vocabulary we have apparently substituted some words for other words.  Not really purposely.  But hey...when you need to say the s-h-i word you need to say it right?  So you say...crap for instance.

A couple of nights ago Farm Boy, Q-Tip and myself were eating supper.  Farm Boy and I were discussing the day's events and somewhere in the conversation Farm Boy lets out an Oh Crap.  We continued the conversation and all of a sudden...Farm Boy gets this look on his face.  This look of...I'm no longer hearing a word you are saying because I'm hearing something else...look.  So I stop and listen. 

And much to my horror I start hearing...oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap....over and over and over again.

Farm Boy and stare at each other for about a minute.  Halfway horrified halfway fighting back a giggle.

But all I can think about...over the shock of my 17 mo old saying oh crap is...Thank God it wasn't me!!  WHEW!! 

It's not my fault...I can't be blamed...he would NEVER let me hear the end of it if it had been me!

Now I realize that crap isn't an appalling word.  Nothing like the s-h-i word that I once used so freely.  But I'm not really sure it's something I want to hear my 17 mo old saying.  Ya know?  It's just not. 

So...looks like Farm Boy and I are going to have to work a little harder at banishing the dirty words around here.  Even the craps, darns, and dang its. 

And do you wanna know what I say to that? 

Hells bells.

Mama's Losin' It

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What The Heck To Do I Wear NOW?

I'm in a serious predicament.  I need help...serious help.

What the hell do you wear when you are 25 + 5 and have a post baby body in bad shape?

I have no freakin idea!

I am a FIRM believer in...just because it is in the store...and it comes in your should NOT wear it.

They have all these cutsie t's at this one store.  And they are sort of a popular type fit...but they have butterflies and dragon flies and crap like that on them. 
(kinda fuzzy but you get the picture)

Somehow I just don't feel that is age appropriate.  Or something. 

And how about these new shirts with the gathering around the bottom? 

(again with the fuzziness...but you see what I mean)

I must admit...I have yet to try one on.  They may be loads of cuteness.  But somehow I just don't think that is going to help the size of MY bottom look any smaller.  They are adorable...for some people.  But I'm just not sure they are for me.

I need a fashion consultant. 

I need help! 

I need Jillian Michaels to move in with me and yell at me until I can MAKE time to exercise my ass off...literally. 

On another note...I'm in the market for a bicycle.  I've decided to get one and start a biking club.  I'm going to call it Fat Bottomed Girls.  And our theme song will be...Bicycle by Queen.  Cause it says...Fat bottomed girls they'll be riding today so look out for those beauties oh yeah. 

We're gonna kick all kinds of bicycling ass. 

(not sure who the "we" is but it's gonna happen...mark my words)

P.S.  Steal my idea and I'll have to kill ya! 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Stirred Memory

After my post yesterday...a lot of my childhood memories were stirred.  But the one that came to mind first was about my PaPa Bear.

My PaPa Bear is my dear sweet daddy. 

He has been a huge example in my life.  An example of the kind of husband I wanted, the kind of father I wanted for my children, the kind of work ethic to strive for, and the kind of person I wanted to be. 

My dad works in the oilfield.  He has all of my life and most of his.  He started at 18 I believe working as a ruff neck on the rig platform and is now the Engineer Manager at his company. 

I can remember all the ups and downs he has experienced alongside the ups and downs of the industry.  I remember the joy of him getting hired, the sadness of him being let go, the excitement of him starting his own company, and the low points when it wasn't doing so well.  And I remember the complete elation after he was asked to join the company is with today. 

But what I remember most...are the times when he took me and my brother out to the field with him.  My dad's job was to drive around...all over the Oklahoma/Texas (mostly Oklahoma) countryside checking the mud on the rigs.   It was a long day but oh what fun it was!

We would go up to the "doghouse" and watch the ruff necks work on the rig floor.  And sometimes get sprayed with mud when they would add a piece of pipe.  We would run around the rig site looking for horned toads and we would pee behind the bushes.  We saw the Oklahoma countryside and had loads of fun doing it.  But most of all...we were going to the field and spending time with dad...and that was a special treat.

Things aren't like they used to be.  When I was little driving down most any Oklahoma highway...especially at could see rigs sticking up out of the prairie here and there all around.  You don't see that as much anymore.  But the pump jacks are still there and you can still hear their endless hissing and popping.  And they serve as a reminder of what was.

But when we go back to Oklahoma and I see an oil rig I get a little pang in my chest.  And I remember those days with my brother and my PaPa Bear.  And I feel blessed to have such wonderful memories.  So very blessed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Where Do I Come From?

I was born in a northwestern Oklahoma town called Enid.  But where I come from is the question...and I say...a few places. 

I was born and grew up most of my life in Enid.  Enid isn't a small town exactly.  Not exactly big but not exactly small.  If you didn't is in the middle of wheat country.  You would quickly learn this if you were there in June...every summer.  Around the first of June...depending on the crops and the weather the custom cutters come rolling into town with their big combines and combine headers on big semi trucks.  Every year when I saw them pulling in to town my heart would burst with pride and fill with hope and I would pray that it was going to be a good harvest.  It was a kind of excitement that I can't explain. 

Enid is in my blood.

My G-G and Pa-Pa lived in a town about 25 miles away called Hillsdale.  I spent a lot of time in Hillsdale.  It has a two-way stop sign and a post office.  Oh yes...and a community center where you can get doughnuts for breakfast every Saturday this day.  Pa-Pa would take my brother and me every time we were there.

My grandparent's house was in town but the farm was a couple miles out of town.  It had a creek that ran through it and Pa-Pa would take us and let us wade the creek.  From one edge of the farm to the next.  We would dig up snapping my mother's horror...and bring them back to the house and play with them for awhile.  Then my Pa-Pa would let them go...actually I think he shot them but told me otherwise.  I'll stick with let them go.  We were chased by several angry mama cows on that farm as well as a bull or two.  The windmill house served as a really great "higher ground" to escape to.

Pa-Pa would let us ride to the farm sitting on the edge of the tailgate.  My brother and I thought we were such outlaws.  Sometimes he would let us drive out to the farm but mostly saved the driving for after we got there.  My Pa-Pa's truck was the first vehicle I ever drove.  I think I was 11 or 12. 

We spent every Fourth of July in Hillsdale.  We popped firecrackers all day long.  And as long as it wasn't too dry or windy we could pop some big ones.  And after dark...when all the surrounding towns set off their big firework show...we would sit just off the porch and watch all of them from afar.  That being just one of the benefits of the flat Oklahoma countryside.

My G-G taught me to do embroidery when I was about 10 or 11.  I loved it.  I still have the first piece she used to teach me.  She played jacks and pick up sticks with us.  She let me play with my Great Grandma's jewelry.  And she cleaned out a drawer for me in the guest room where I kept all my crayons, coloring books and paper dolls.  I had Barbie, Princess Diana, and a few other paper dolls that I still have today.  She had me clean out the drawer last time I was there...I cried.

Hillsdale is in my blood.

My mom's sister...most affectionately referred to as Aunt Bobbie, her husband, and my two boy cousins lived in a town called Marshall.  Also about 25 miles away from Enid.  My brother and I spent a lot of time there too.  My little cousin and I...much more like a little brother...rode our bikes from one edge of that town to the next.  Barefooted I might add and oh the joys of it.  We would leave the house as soon as we woke up and we would ride all day. 

Every summer my uncle would go get us a stock tank out of one of his fields somewhere.  He would bring it back to the house for us and my cousin and I would clean it up and we would swim in it.  All summer long.  We dug in the dirt...our brothers chased us around popping our bare backs with dish towels...we went to town dances at the old school...we snuck a wine cooler out of the fridge once (or twice) and shared it...and we lived.  We lived like no other. 

Marshall is in my blood.

So I guess to answer the question I could say...I'm from Northwestern Oklahoma.  It is in my blood.  All of it.  The riding on tractors, and combines.  The summer wheat harvest.  The huge grain elevators.  The wading in the creek.  The riding our bikes barefoot all day and swimming in stock tanks.  It's all in my blood...and I'm ever so thankful that it is.

P.S.  I am participating in the MckLinky Monday at The Real Housewifes of Oklahoma.  Go check em out!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Favorite For Today...

I'm on a Charlie Robison kick.  I LOVE his new CD.  It's called Beautiful Day.  You can check it out here.

So if you didn't know...Charlie Robison was married to Emily Erwin.  As in the Dixie Chick Emily Erwin.  They are now divorced and this CD is full of songs about her and the break-up.  There are 10 songs on the CD and he wrote 6 of them.  Kind of suprises me that he didn't write all of them but you would never know it really.  This song...Down written by Keith Gattis.  I don't really know anything about Keith but I do know...he must have been channeling Charlie when he wrote it.

So here ya go...Down Again.

Down Again
Written by Keith Gattis

Well here I go back down again
The vicious circle never ends
I'm up I'm down I'm up and then
Well here I go back down again

Seems like all I do is wrong
But you stood by me for so long
Nothing's changed except you're gone
Well seems like all I do is wrong

Well here I go back down again
The vicious circle never ends
I'm up I'm down I'm up and then
Well here I go back down again

Well some folks say I drink too much
I guess I could lay off the stuff
But when I'm low it picks me up
But could be I just think too much

Well here I go back down again
The vicious circle never ends
I'm up I'm down I'm up and then
Well here I go back down again

Well you show up in all my songs
I guess your memory is just that strong
Just when I think you're finally gone
Well you show up in all my songs

Well here I go back down again
The vicious circle never ends
I'm up I'm down I'm up and then
Well here I go back down again

I'm up I'm down I'm up and then
Well here I go back down again
Well here I go back down again

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Do you see these beautiful trees...

They line the main road in our housing addition.

I just had to take these pictures while we were driving
down the road the other day.

So you could see how beautiful they are.

So I could share my excitement that Spring has sprung!

And so I could tell you that...


their leavin THIS crap everywhere!

The stinkin pollen was so thick on my windshield
I had to use my wiper fluid to clean it off.


But I'm trying not to least to much.
Cause they are beautiful.

And Spring has sprung!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sometimes...I Wish I Were Amish

Last I was so happily typing away on my blog post for the day...we lost power.

It had started raining a tiny bit...and the wind blew a little...but there was absolutely NO reason we should have lost power.  At least in my opinion.

I used this little power outage to get some much needed reading done.  Which I am grateful for.  But during this loss of light...I started thinking.

Lord help us...I know.

I started thinking about the day that I drove my parents up to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see Amish country.  I must admit...I am completely fascinated by the Amish and Mennonite people. 

I met an Amish woman about my age working in a store and she was kind enough to let me pick her brain a little. is important for me to say that I LOVE asking questions.  I really just LOVE talking to people but I REALLY love talking to people who live differently than I do.  Whether they are from another country...or just another way of life...I love hearing about it.

I went easy on the poor woman, I did.  I asked if I could ask her questions and she ever so politely said I could.  And I only asked about 3 or 4...well maybe about 10.  But that was it!  I swear.

Anyway...after talking with her I realized she was probably one of the most peaceful and humble souls I had ever met.  I could have stayed right there all day...and probably the next. 

But during the drive home I really got to thinking. 

Brace yourself....

Wouldn't it be awesome to be Amish? 

Now, now....I KNOW it would totally suck not having electricity.  And I know it would TOTALLY suck having to wear dresses all the time.  And I know that it would TOTALLY suck not to be able to say that it TOTALLY sucked. 

And yes, yes I know P.O. Priscilla would have us kicked out in NO time.   Although I have to wonder...would there be a P.O. Priscilla if I were Amish?

And would I miss those things if I had never had them to begin with?

I know you are thinking I have finally lost it and gone to Crazyville never to return.  Right?  You can admit it...its okay.  I'm okay with it...seriously.

But really people...I can't help myself.  I can't help but think that life would be a lot less stressful being Amish.

Think about it for just a minute.

Oh come on...just for a minute...try to put the house payment, car payment, gas bill, grocery bill, and utility bill to the side for a sec. 




So what do you think?

I'm not TOTALLY crazy for just thinking I?

If so...don't worry...I'm not moving to Pennsylvania. 

Although I MAY have contemplated it for about a half a second when all the lights came on at 1:30 this morning. 

Because I had so stupidly forgotten to turn off all the switches before the power went out.  How silly of me?!

Yea...I was a little pissed off.  And it scared me just a tiny bit.  And P.O. Priscilla may have said a few choice words. 

Thanks heavens I'm not Amish!  I would have been in big trouble!

Now if you'll excuse me...I have some internet surfing to do on my high-speed internet connection, send a few tweets, and update my Facebook status.

Then I may watch Steel Magnolia's on the TV in my bedroom.  Cause Farm Boy isn't here to whine about it and make me watch The Replacements...for the one millionth time this year.

Ta Ta

P.S.  I'd rather him be here...even if I have to watch The Replacements AGAIN.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PMS is Hell

I'm going against all my own rules and talking about it.  Because it's real...and it's hell.  

Sorry PaPa Bear! (assuming at this point he is the only male reader I have)  It's kind of a girly subject today. 

PMS people.  P-M-S. 

I can't keep myself from talking about it today.  It sucked me in to its miserable darkness yesterday, still there today...and Lord help me probably will be tomorrow.

It overshadows everything when it plagues me.  I try to continue looking on the bright side and counting my blessings, and doing my daily chores, and tending to my Q-Tip.  But it haunts me with every step.

It steals my humor. 

It steals my words.


It makes me feel inadequate.

It makes me feel sad.

It makes me feel lonely.

It makes me CRAZY!

And I am S & T of it!

And when it seems like a mountain of other things happen that make me feel worse.  You know...the way you feel when you say...if one more things happens (you fill in the blank).

Q-Tip has been acting like a little goblin for the past three days.  I'm sure it's some kind of phase set out to make me bang my head against a wall a minimum of 25 times a day.

We have had a death in the family this week.  Farm Boy's dear sweet uncle.  Logistically it isn't going to work for Q-Tip and me to go.  It is going to be a quick trip and it would really be hard on her.  So I am staying.  But cringing at the thought of not getting to see family.  But mostly...hating that I won't be with Farm Boy while he deals with this loss.'s just been a rough couple of days.

And PMS is hell.

Just needed to say that.

Cause it is.

It's hell!  Did you hear me?


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Baskets and Non-Compliant Q-Tips

I pray you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  We did.

Well mostly.  Except for the whole...trying to get a decent picture of Q-Tip thing.  I swear the child deliberately acts like a little goblin on special occasions.  You know...when you would like to get a really good picture to look back on the wonderful memory that the day was.  HA.

I'm left wondering if she does this just to see where my breaking point is.  But...that is another post for another day! 

Today my we do pictures!

I fear all I really have to show you are...yet again...shining examples of non-compliance.

Isn't this lovely?

And how bout this one? still my heart. 

We did manage this one...not to bad.

I captured this on film.

And for that I will be forever grateful!


But especially Q-Tip curls! 

And now for the Easter basket.

We opted for the non-candy approach and went with a two-pack Veggie Tales DVD set, a Baby Einstein movie, a new book...WITH FLAPS, and some farm animal Easter eggs.

Q-Tip loves her Baby Einstein. 
It is our after breakfast ritual.
Unless we have places to go and people to see.

Q-Tip hasn't really gotten in to the Veggie Tales yet.  She will watch for a little while but hasn't finished a whole movie.  But I love the Veggie Tales.  They have great stories from the Bible and wonderful lessons about friendship, sharing, courage, etc.  And I love that Sam's Club had two-pack Veggie Tales movies for $12.96. 

We got An Easter Carol...

And the story of Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen.

But if you asked Q-Tip what her favorite thing was...
even over the Baby Einstein movie she would say...

Q-Tip LOVES...I mean LOVES...
L-O-V-E-S books!

But what she REALLY loves...
are FLAPS in books!
This is PURE HEAVEN for her!

And we've been reading this book and watching Baby Einstein Baby's First Moves every morning since. 

Personally...I can't wait to watch Esther. 

I really buy Veggie Tales for me...shhh don't tell. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Q-Tip the Collector

My child is a collector.  Of what you say...ANYTHING I tell you!  Anything! 

Anything she can pick up and hold in her hand...she collects...and keeps as her very own. Forever and ever.  Or at least until I pry it out of her fat little fingers and get rid of it. 

Case in point...

A few days ago we went out onto the balcony to blow some bubbles.  It was a sunny day but still rather chilly.  It was one of the first days we had really spent much time out there. 

We were just hangin out...blowin bubbles...and Q-Tip spotted some leaves that had blown off the trees in the fall. 

Well that was all it took.  She started collecting them.  Poor little thing couldn't hold all the leaves in just two hands..and I could tell it troubled her.

So...I got her a little bowl to put them in.  And then the heavens opened up and the angels cried out!  The child was in pure bliss! 

And there was no stopping her!  She was on a mission...a very, very important mission!

There was no stopping her until every last leaf was picked up.  Even the ones stuck down in the cracks.  Every single one people!

Me: Would you like some milk or a snack Q-Tip?

This is a critical situation!  We aren't playing games. 
There is no time for such nonsense!

Me: Okay, okay!  Whew... 

Only when all the leaves were picked up could we continue on with our bubble blowing.  And that was only after she dumped her bowl out and picked them back up a few times. 

I'm praying this will last her entire life and she will clean her room on her own.  Wouldn't that awesome?!

Don't worry...I'm not betting the farm on it.

But...I'm not above resorting to torture. 

Just kidding...but not really.

Ta Ta

P.S.  I will be taking this lovely Easter weekend off.  But...I'm sure I will have many, many things to tell you when I come back!  Easter blessings to everyone!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

K is for Kite

This past weekend in our Nation's capital...I love saying that...our Nation's Capital.  It sounds so...important.  Our Nation's Capital.  Sorry...

This past weekend in our Nation's capital there were two events going on at the same time.  I have already told you all about the beautiful Cherry Blossoms.  But we also saw some really cool kites at the Smithsonian Kite Festival. 

Q-Tip with her love for all things nature REALLY liked these two.

A frog, reebit, frog, frog, reebit.

And a bu-fly...bu-fly...bu-fly.

She loved it!  Running here and there...
looking at all the colorful kites flying everywhere.

There were kites from the Capital to
the Washington Monument and beyond.
And this was before noon. 
There were many more that afternoon.

I really liked this one.

For some reason it really made me think about a few things.  Like the freedoms we have in this country and how we sometimes take them for granted.  Or how sometimes they are abused.

We really had a great time and we all loved seeing the kites!

And now I feel I have found my destiny.  My purpose in this world. 

I am going to be the worlds best kite flyer! 

What do you think? 

I think I could be great at it.  And do all the crazy tricks and win trophies.  Do they give out trophies for kite flying?  Surely they do!  They must!  I want one! 

I want a kite!

Ta Ta

Jenny Matlock