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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Technology...It's a Pain In the You Know What...Sometimes

Technology is the most awesome thing ever!  When it works.

I had all these grand ideas in my mind about showing y'all my lovely pictures from the beautiful cherry blossoms in D.C.  However, my camera is having a moment of worthlessness and won't load them onto the computer.

So...I will tell you about another new love in my life.  My new Motorola Backflip.

Ain't it a bute?
Farm Boy and I both got one yesterday and I must admit...our lives will never be the same.

Now I should explain that I have had iPhone envy for quite some time now and I had every intention of purchasing myself one at the earliest possible moment.  Continue on...

Farm Boy went in to the cell phone store yesterday to browse while I looked in another store.  I caught up to him and the salesman was showing him the backflip.  He then tried to show me the backflip and I ever so politely said sir...I want an iPhone now dang it and there ain't nothin you can say to change my mind. 

Except can have Facebook, Twitter, and email all live stream on your home page.  That made me do the little head cock and listen more closely.  All the while clutching my dream of my very own iPhone.

And it has a mouse pad on the back of the screen.  Nifty....

And then he said you can open it and prop it up to watch a movie.  Reeallly....

I'm kinda startin to dig it a little.

He explained a few more things.  I'm still pondering the iPhone. 

And then he said....BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.

And then I said...SOLD! WHERE DO I SIGN?

So Farm Boy and I are in heaven seeing all the nifty things it can do.  We found an app tonight called Our Groceries.  Farm Boy and I can sync together and both add things to our grocery list from our phones and see the same list.  That alone is worth $100 bucks in my opinion.  Think of all the gas it's going to save us going back to the freakin grocery store for the one thing we forgot!!  

I mean really people...think of the time it will save! 

Not to has already gotten me out of a tiny bind this morning.  Q-Tip and I had a playdate at a friends house and I forgot to bring the address with me that she had EMAILED!  I got out to the car and got us all loaded and then got out and started to run back in...UPSTAIRS...and remember...I can look on my new handy dandy phone!  KICK ASS!! slipped out.

Anyway, I love it.  Farm Boy loves it.  It's totally awesome.  How did we live without it and we've just had them 24 hours.  I'm certain in one way or another it's going to brighten our days from here on out. 

Just kidding...but not really.

P.S.  Motorola doesn't even know I exist and could care less about my ramblings of craziness on this here blog.  Nor my phone company.  Just thought I should say that...although I'm not sure why.

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