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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sucky Day

Let's just will not go down in the history books as the greatest day ever.  

My dad came for a quick visit Monday night.  He planned on staying Monday night, Tuesday night and then leaving Wednesday.  That is...IF he didn't get called back to Pennsylvania.  He is currently working a two week in Pennsylvania and two weeks in Oklahoma thing right now.  He works in the oilfield and has my entire life so I know the drill...haha...kinda funny.  I know the drill...get it?  Anyway, I was completely ecstatic that he was coming.  He got here Monday...later than anticipated due to oilfield reasons...around 7:30.  He got to visit with Q-Tip for about 45 minutes or so...until she couldn't handle being up past her bedtime a minute longer.  We stayed up and chatted until around 11:30 or so and then hit the hay....looking forward to a full day of playing with Q-Tip and just hanging out.  

This morning he greeted me upstairs after Q-Tip woke up and told me he had to go.  BOOOO!!  Another oilfield thing had popped up and away he went.  Reason #1 that today SUCKED!

I had to take our dog...Dolly...(I promise I will write an entire post devoted to Dolly another day, Lord knows she feels she deserves nothing less) to the groomer this morning.  I had intended upon letting my dad watch Q-Tip for me while I ran her over I didn't rush to wake Q-Tip Q-Tip didn't get to eat her breakfast before we went.  But, like the trooper she is she took it in stride and went along for the ride.  So we pull in the parking lot...fuel light pops on.  Great.  So now I have to delay Q-Tip's breakfast even longer to stop and get gas.  Lovely.

So we get home and I realize that Q-Tip is starting to snot up...bad.  I noticed that she was a little more snotty than normal last night but on our way home from the groomer it was totally apparent that there may be an oncoming problem.  Freakin great! 

Enough of the play by sucked for several reasons!  

I broke stuff, I dropped stuff, I spilled stuff, Q-Tip doesn't feel good and I'm worried it's another ear infection.....I feel like I've been run over by a truck.......and I'm gonna spare you the details.

Except I get online to write my blog...and immediately get zapped by a virus.  Now when in the world are horrible awful people that create these damn viruses gonna give it up?!  Go out and earn a living the good ol' fashioned way and quit trying to steal money from ME by way of computer virus!  

I'm doing a temporary thing so I can write this and then I've got to run a 14 hour scan to get rid of the dang thing.  Hells bells.

So I'm start the 14 hour scan and to take a long hot bath and pretend that I didn't have a sucky freakin day!  

Ta Ta....

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