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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Queen...In All Her Glory

As entire post on the Queen Bee.


is the self-proclaimed Queen of our home...Dolly.

She is a 6-7 lb...depending on the day...Maltese.
She is demanding and she drives me crazy.

I swear the dog feels that she is entitled to her every whim and hearts desire. 

During the day...she naps on my pillow. 
Not in her doggy bed just for her...but MY pillow. 


She can't just sit on your lap or lay beside you on the couch...
she has to be RIGHT on TOP of you!

(this is my PaPa Bear(dad)& Dolly takin a snooze)

I used to keep her hair a little longer and brush it every day...because you have to with a Maltese...and put it up in little bows. got to be a bit much and I felt sorry for her when she got tangles.  Now we keep it short.  But she was SO cute with the bows!

This was just a couple of months before I became a people grower.

She's rotten I tell you...she even has her own stocking!

Find the doggy...where is the doggy?

She's spoiled rotten to the core,
she thinks she's the Queen of Sheba,
she barks like a ninny, 
she drives us all crazy...but we love her. 

What can I say?


  1. Sounds much like my mutt. She was supposed to have been a Bichon, but she's so not!! I've come to the conclusion that there's some Shih Tzu in there somewhere, but other than that we're not sure. The one thing we are sure of is that she has us so very well trained!!!! She pretty much rules the roost.

  2. Don't I know how that goes!! Dolly is the type that if you give her an inch she will take a mile! And Ohhh the months it takes to get that mile back! She is a MESS!! :-)