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Monday, March 22, 2010

Preventative Measures

It's official.  P.O. Priscilla is goin to the brig.  Strictly as a preventative measure.

Q-Tip and I were driving along in the car today letting Sacagawea...our handy dandy GPS...lead the way.  She was telling us to turn right and then left and right again.  On this street and that highway. 

Q-Tip joins in and starts saying, highway...left...right...highway. 

And I cute.  *smile*

So a little while later we're driving along and I find myself stuck behind a guy going 35 a 45 mph zone I might add.  Needless to say...I became a titch...hmmm...agitated.  BUT...I kept my cool...most of it anyway...and said...C'MON MAN LET'S GO! 

And then my sweet white headed little angel...sent straight to me from the heavens above says...COME ON...*sigh*!


She has repeated things I have said to the dog in passing...such as...HUSH DOLLY.  She has repeated things I have said to her...bless you, thank you, love you, good morning...etc.  But she has NEVER repeated something I have said like this. 

And never...have I ever been more thankful that P.O. Priscilla didn't rise up out of me therefore causing my child to utter her first...not nice...word. 

I'm sure it will happen one day.  It is bound to.  I know this.  I'm not in complete denial. 

But Lord I hope it's a LONG, LONG, LONG time from now! 

I fear it may send me to Crazyville never to return.


  1. If you send P.O. Priscilla to the brig, then my Guido will have to go with her. He's a Jersey longshoreman, my alter-ego of choice.

  2. Lordy...I bet the two of them could really do some damage!! HAHAHAHAAAA! (that was a wickedly evil laugh)


  3. Thank God she wasn't doing this the week dad and I were there. OMG there is no telling what that little child would be saying!!

  4. She would have been saying...NEENER!! LOL!! :-)

    Neener, neener, neener...