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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Favorite Thing

I have a new favorite thing y'all! 

It's black
it's nice and quiet
it does its job well
you can put a lot of stuff in it
and I love it.

It's WAY better than my old one.

And when I old one...I mean OLD one. 

But here is the new bright and shiny one!

With some lovely little fingerprints on it
that I...OF COURSE...didn't notice
before I took the picture.

Cause you know me.

I would have totally obsessed over it
gone down to the basement
got my cleaning supplies
and cleaned the dang thing off.

As a matter of fact my eye is starting to twitch
knowing there are finger prints on it.

At this very moment...I'm beginning
to re-think my decision to publish this post.

I'm fighting the urge to go down and take another picture.

After it is cleaned of course.

HELP...send help NOW!

I'm LOSING IT because there are
fingerprints on my dishwasher!

Too late...


  1. Girl don't sweat the small stuff! ;)

  2. I have a pretty hot love affair with my own dishwasher. (And my washing machine).

    I'm sure it's still beautiful even with a few fingerprints.

  3. Wait? What??? Those fingerprints are on the picture? Not on my computer screen? I've spent 3 minutes trying to clean my screen and now you tell me it's the picture?!? Geez...some friend you are.....

    pam-tastic :)

  4. me Pam. So ME! :-) your name by the is beautiful...I just can't handle the fingerprints on it. Or anything for that matter! Cause I'm CRAZY!! :-)

    I try Lyn, I try. It's just so hard sometimes.

  5. I'd have to let the fingerprints go. Between 3 kids and hubby, it's the only way to tell who has stolen the (my) last cookie, who left the refrigerator door open, who was thoughtful and unloaded the dishwasher - oh yeah, that was a no brainer (me of coarse)... love your post.

  6. Thanks Pammie! I get crazy about stupid little things like fingerprints. They drive me nuts until I break down and clean it. Which in turn drives me nuts cause it's one thing after another around here. Good way of looking at things though...when Q-Tip is old enough to be blamed for things I'll definitely keep that in mind! :-)

  7. Walk away from the fingerprints! When Q-tip is grown and gone you can be spotless.

    For right now just love every second you have with a little one around...fingerprints or not!