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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Most Random Post Ever

This is going to be the most random post the history of me.  But I have several things I feel I need to address.

1.  The Pioneer Woman and my friend Leslie prompted my post yesterday.  If you would like to read The Pioneer Woman's post you can here.  The pictures she included gave me a little tinge of homesickness and then my friend Leslie said she was going to a bullriding event at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma with her husband which threw me over the edge into full on homesickness.  It seems like it's been happening at least every other hour lately.  Not sure what's up with that.

2. The author of the poem I posted is Joe Kreger.  He is a cowboy poet and has a few books and things.  I may post more poetry in the future.  I really enjoyed finding pictures to go with it.  Farm Boy has found a few reading the High Plains Journal and forwards them to me on occasion.  If you would like to read more you will find them here.

3.  We went to Sam's yesterday and stocked up on everything under the sun.  It was nice being out with Farm Boy and Q-Tip.  While we were there I saw a guy shopping with his little boy.  He looked like he was the exact age as Q-Tip and he could have totally been Q-Tip's long lost twin.  Although I know she doesn't have a twin cause I birthed her...but he was completely white-headed.  I noticed he had downs syndrome and I wanted nothing more than to go up and tell that man what a beautiful little boy he had.  He was so happy and enjoying riding up in the cart as much as Q-Tip was.  I was really hoping that our paths would cross closer so Q-Tip would start making a fuss to say hi just so that I could say how gorgeous he was.  But it didn't happen.  We left and I didn't get to tell him.  And I can't help but wonder...should I have walked straight up and said it...or would that have been weird?  I sort of regret not getting to tell him what a cutie his little man was. 

4. My best good friend LP and her dad are coming to visit in T-51 hours and 35 minutes.  Not that I am excited or anything.  We are going to have SO much fun and I may talk her ever lovin head off and we may go get pedi's and we may drink much adult beverages one night after Q-Tip and the men go to sleep.  But I'm not confirming anything at this point except that I am SO excited to see my dear, dear friend.

5. I've been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning today.  I'm not done yet but I am pleasantly tired this evening.  I'm tired because I've been at it all day but I got quite a lot done and am happy with my progress.  It's been a deep clean that has needed to happen for quite some time.  Although not as bad as the last time.  However I didn't scrub the floors last time and I did today.  They were DIRRRRTY.  Now you could eat Oatmeal Crispies off of them...if you wanted to. 

6. I am completely and utterly addicted to Oatmeal Crispies.  I made another batch y'all.  And one batch makes 24 cookies.  Well 22 or so after I get done eating some of the dough.  I had the intention of mixing up the dough and freezing all of it to bake while LP is here.  So I split the batch in half...and ate one whole half.  Just kidding.  Not the whole half.  It's THAT bad y'all...I don't even bake the dang things anymore...I just eat the freakin dough!  I may need to do the 12 step program for this one!

That is all.

Ta Ta

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