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Friday, March 19, 2010

I Will Survive

I learned a lesson this past week.

One that I have needed to learn for awhile.

The lesson is....

Do not let the fear of meltdowns keep you from trying new things!

Anyone else have this problem?

I do...I mean did.  I mean...I hope I can remember this next time I want to try something new.

I was so bad.  I kept from trying lots of things in the past because the logistics of it scared the crap out of me.

See...Q-Tip is a pretty laid back baby.  She is pretty happy as long as she eats when she is hungry...sleeps when she is tired...and gets her diaper changed when it needs it.  New things don't really freak her out much. is the hungry, sleepy, and diaper change part that I'm talking about. 

When she is hungry...she was hungry 10 minutes ago.  But she didn't say anything therefore she needs to eat 10 minutes ago.  No one can have food ready 10 minutes ago.  Have you tried?  It's impossible!  Therefore she goes into a crying, flailing mess of a meltdown if she doesn't get to eat 10 minutes ago.

When she is sleepy...same drill.

When she needs her diaper changed it isn't quite as much a fuss but if she is hungry or sleepy and you try to change the diaper...LOOK OUT!

I feel I do a pretty darn good job of reading the EXTREMELY subtle cues of these needs.  But most of the time...we just stick to a routine and we have zero problems. 

BUT...if you want to do something have to be prepared for these things because the routine and doing something different don't really jive.  After all...routine and different are totally opposite of one another. 

So this week it was all something new and different. 

1. We rode the Metro in to DC with Q-Tip twice so we could go to museums.  I was worried about riding the Metro with her.  But, she did great. 

2. We went to museums.  Again, not sure how this was going to go.  They are somewhat quiet places and all.  We started out at the National Museum of the American Indian.  We ended up having to stop in the middle of it and go eat lunch because the minute I heard...


I said...


Not really...but kinda.

We went downstairs and had lunch.  Then contemplated going back up but decided to move on. 

3.  I let Q-Tip out of the stroller to walk down the side walk in DC.  I was a titch apprehensive about it.  She is coming into the stage of not wanting to hold your hand anymore.  It causes me anxiety because I picture her darting out into the DC street.  BUT, I broke out the baby leash that I got at one of my baby showers.  She LOVED it.  However, she got a glimpse of the seahorse in the bottom of the stroller...remind me to tell you about the seahorse someday...and she said...

Night night....

Then she stopped in the middle of the side walk and started saying...

night night, night night, night night, night night...


Meanwhile I'm scrambling trying to get the leash off and get her blanket, paci, and her into the stroller...arms and legs flailing...and let the child go to sleep.  And she did in 3.2 seconds.

Crisis averted.

4. We were out a titch past bedtime one night.  She was sleepy on the way home and a little fussy during supper but we made it home and all was okay.

All in all...the week went really smoothly.  We did some new things.  We didn't have any major meltdowns.  It was fun and now I'm not so nervous about doing some of these things I had anxiety about before. 

And another thing I learned...that even if she does have a meltdown...I will survive it.  Sure...I might slip into a Crazyville coma when it's over but we will all survive it.  Sure it might be embarrassing...but we will live through it and come out on the other side victorious. 

Well...victorious might be a stretch. 

How about...we will still be living and breathing...embarrassed but living and breathing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

I can't keep living life trying to avoid a meltdown.  It's bound to happen and when it does...we'll all live.  I've just got to put on my big girl panties and tackle the mountain of anxiety.

Even if it causes me to slip into a Crazyville coma...I WILL SURVIVE!

Oh no not I, I will survive

Oh as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live
And I've got all my love to give
I'll survive
I will survive
Hey hey....


Got a little carried away!

Ta Ta


  1. OH MY YES! You WILL survive a will. BUT...lemme tell ya. I have a 16 yr old that can STILL drive me to Crazyville over a crisis that turns out not to be a crisis at all. In the moment, to hear D1 (daughter number one) speak of the crisis, you and everyone around you are certain that the world is about to end - you (the mommmy) LEAP into action - and solve everything for her but end up making soooo much work for yourself that it's just not worth it. ESPECIALLY when you find out it was not a crisis at all.

    Exhibit A: last night at 9pm I was advised that we HAD to go to the store to get supplies for a soccer player at school and leave near his locker prior to today's game as D1 signed up to be a Soccer Sweetheart. Soccer Sweetheart I asked? I do not remember any discussion RE this gig nor granting permission (that's another story all on it's own)...sooooo...we are off to walmart to get supplies. NOW...of course, this unexpected and unplanned trip to the store puts a kink in the rest of the evening plans for not only me, but the other 4 people that live in this house. But...long story short...I get sucked in, off to the store we go and then come to find out, she only has to provide goodies on "HOME" games and not "AWAY" to guess where today's game is located??? Well of course it was an AWAY game...geez louise... will survive! My advice to you is always, always, always take a brief 1 or 2 second pause and really think about the situation before you drive that car right to Crazyville as you are try to help the poor child...because if you pause - there's a good chance you can save yourself a lot of mileage.

    pam-tastic :)

  2. Lord help me! Sometimes I question my ability to survive the teen year. Oh the dread that tries to creap in!!