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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Hybrid

I have decided that I want to be MADE.  You know...on that MTV show...MADE. 

If you don't's where these teenage kids say they want to be made into something different than the person they are.  Like a cheerleader, or a skateboarder, you know...something of that nature. 

So I want to be MADE y'all.  And here's what I'm thinking...a hybrid cross no particular order of course...

  • The Pioneer Woman
  • Jillian Michaels
  • Martha Stewart...only Martha and I don't really see eye to eye but I can't think of someone crafty right off the top of my head so she'll have to do.  Cause you know, I love crafts and all.
  • June Cleaver
  • Maybe a tiny bit of me. 
  • Oh and Jesus.  Cause you know...He is Jesus.  And perfect.  And He could perform miracles.  Like healing sick people.  I would totally love healing sick people!  Especially babies and kids.  That would be great!  And I would make someone super duper smart and totally rid the world of cancer as well as a few other diseases that are just stupid.  And I would put an end to all this war crap cause it really sucks.  And I would make people love another and stop seeing all of our differences and instead see the beauty that is in everyone of us. And I would...RAMBLING....sorry bout that!
So MTV...get to work on that will ya? 

Call me!

I'll be ready.

P.S.  I'm participating in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.  She brought up this very interesting point...Who or what would you want to be MADE into? being the OCD perfectionist weirdo that I am couldn't think of any one thing or person so here ya go. 

P.P.S Thank you for loving me in spite of my craziness! 


  1. you are very funny! i think you summed
    it up as your last wish. . . to made in His

    one day!

    but 'til then, i choose dionne warwick!

  2. Jillian Michaels - would be my choice. I'd love to be in shape like her.

  3. Hi myletterstoemily! Yea...I figured since Jesus was perfect and all that one was a no-brainer. :-)

    Hi Pammie! Thanks for visiting! I'd love to be in shape like Jillian too. Maybe someday! Until then...pass me an Oatmeal Crispie and I'll forget my non-Jillian like body! :-)

  4. I dunno. You seem pretty cool to me just the way you are. Anyone that nicknames their child Q-tip is amazing in my eyes.