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Friday, March 5, 2010

Homesick For Oklahoma

Homesick for Oklahoma,
I'm wonderin' how that fate
has carried this ol' Okie boy (& Girl)
far from his native state.

The other side looked greener,
and I ventured forth to roam,
but now the green is fadin',
and I want to go back home.

I'm growing weary of this place
and the grub that these folks make.
I'm thinkin' biscuits, gravy and a bait of panfried steak.

I miss that muddy river
just a flowin' around the bend
and the sight of windmills spinnin'
in that never-ending wind.

I long for the smell of horses
and the sound of cows a bawlin'
and alfalfa blooms of purple
with the bees out spreadin' pollen.

And the wavin' wheat and prairie grass
and a little country town
and a thunderstorm in April
with a torrent beatin' down.

I can hear the one-lung engines,
that far off driftin' sound,
and the way they pop and falter,
pullin' oil up from the ground.

And I think of those wild sunsets,
splattered clear across the sky.
No other place can match 'em,
though I've often wondered why.

Those evenin's in the front yard,
out beneath a million stars,
we could see clear to the highway,
and we'd count the passin' cars.

Good Lord, I miss the homefolks,
the best I ever knew.
I wonder how many still are left.
There's bound to be a few.

I shouldn't sit here thinkin',
just making myself sad,
but those days in Oklahoma
were the best I ever had.

From my land of birth and childhood,
I've moved away so far,
and folks should be contented
just right where they are.

But, I'm battlin' with homesickness,
and it's shore a terrible fight,
'cause back in Oklahoma's
where I wish I was tonight.

~ Joe Kreger

Joe Kreger writes from his home in Tonkawa, Oklahoma.  His books and CDs are available from the High Plains Journal by calling 1-800-954-5263. For personal appearance information, call 1-816-452-3513.


  1. Did I set you off earlier to do this as your blog tonight? I hope I didnt "TRIGGER" you! Les

  2. Thanks Farmers Wife! I took every one of them aside from a couple that a friend took. They are all in Oklahoma except the last one of Farm Boy and I...which is in front of our house in MD.

    YES! You and The Pioneer Woman have me a little homesick. She did a similar post with pics from her ranch that got me going first. Hope y'all had fun last night!

  3. I feel the same way about Colorado....