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Monday, March 1, 2010

Here Pig, Pig, Pig, Pig, Pig....Come Pig

Before I begin...I must apologize.  I apologize for not capturing this moment on film.  I will try my best to re-tell it without...although with would have been better. 

I have GOT to figure out a way to make my camera a fifth appendage.  Any suggestions?

Q-Tip decided to take a morning nap today...shocking I know.  But hey...who I am to argue?  When she woke up she immediately started playing with her plastic farm animals we keep in a basket on the changing table.  She had a particular interest in her pig.  She talked to it...and she patted it...and she chewed on its loving and gentle.  Then she insisted on carrying the pig down stairs with her. 

I let her play with her pig in her high chair until I had her lunch ready.  Now, in this house...playing with toys while eating is not allowed.  I KNOW...I'm SUCH a Mommy Dearest.  But, I really don't want to clean the toys up after she has slobbered on them and gotten mashed up bananas on them and half chewed up and soggy grilled cheese sandwich on them.  So sue me. 

I sat her pig down on the table next to her high chair and she was fine with that.  No problem...grilled cheese and bananas...mmm, mmm, good!  Until half way through her lunch.  She decided she wanted the pig.  And then I got this....

PIG...PIG, PIG, PIG!  Ughhh....PIG...*waving arms*, *puckered up face*...PIG

To which I said....I'm sorry you are upset my love but you can't play with Pig while you eat your lunch.  And then proceeded to move the pig across the room out of view. 

And then I got...


It was an awful, pitiful sight.  The HUGE tears streaming down her face and her quivering little chin.  The outstretched arms...aching for them to be filled with Pig.  My poor, poor child had been separated from her of today...Pig. 

*hand on the forehead* OHHHH the TRAGEDY.

After about a minute of the crying and wailing for Pig I distracted her with more bananas and everything was roses once again.  Until I got her out of her high chair and she spotted Pig.  And then I got....


To which I said....okay, is your pig. 

And once again...through tragedy, triumph was achieved.  Girl was reunited with Pig and all was right with the world. 

And then we carried Pig to the Post Office and to the grocery store and back home again. 

I wonder what animal my child will need to help her survive in this cruel, cruel world tomorrow.  We shall see...we shall see.

P.S.  The level of drama that was achieved after taking the pig away was unprecedented.  And....her being 16 months scares the dookie outta me!  What the heck is it gonna be like at 14?  God help me...that's all I can say!


  1. How about buying her a REAL one! Over my 63 years of experience, I have known a few (real ones)& they make wonderful pets .. that is until they grow big. They can be house trained, come to a whistle, do tricks, great with kids, clean, really, really smart. Actually, just never mind. I'll get Q-Tip one this spring.

  2. Oh Lord....I don't know how a pig would do in this 3 level house! And I'm not sure what Farm Boy would think about a pig in the house. Considering he is a Farm Boy...I had to work on him to get him to realize that dogs can come in the house. You might want to hang on to it for us until Q-Tip has a house of her own. You are welcome to send her a stuffed one until then. LOL...

    I do have a friend that had a pot belly pig for a was kinda her house! :-)

  3. Did you just use the word 'dookie'?


  4. Totally. What can I say? It's how we roll here. lol...

    Dookie is my replacement term when I have PO Priscilla in the brig. :-)