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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caution...Egg Hunting Professional Here

Yesterday...Q-Tip overcame her lack of egg hunting
experience and took on the task like a seasoned professional.

Shocking you say??  Poppy cock I say!

She has never hunted Easter eggs a day in her life. 
She was too small last year to know
what an Easter egg was...let alone do anything with it. 
Aside from attempting to chew or drool on it of course.

But this year...
WATCH OUT egg hunting competitors! 
Q-Tip is a force to be reckoned with!

We started the hunt and the
poor thing wasn't quite sure what to do. 

She spotted her first egg...
and she went for it!

Then she picked up her basket and moved on.

She spotted her second egg...
and she went for it!

Then we were left with the task of figuring out
how to carry the basket with an egg in each hand. 

So mama showed her how to put the eggs in the basket...

And low and behold...
the transformation of novice to
expert took place before my very eyes.

She was on a mission ladies and gentleman.
She could not be stopped.

She was quick on her feet.

Ready to pounce on the next egg.

She had focus and determination!

She was so engulfed in the situation she
didn't even notice her bow was falling out!
(oh wait...that was me)

She looks like she's just in it for fun
but she's ain't foolin around people!

It's a clever disguise so competitors
will let down their guard.

Happy (almost) Easter everyone!


  1. How Beautiful she is!!!
    She looks so happy - most of the time!
    Love it!!!

  2. So sweet!! Don't you just love it! Coming over from Tasty Kitchen!
    Coming back to visit! Have a great day with that sweet baby girl!

  3. Thanks AB and Mama Holli!

    It was a lot of fun! We're going to have to do another one even if it's just the three of us!


  4. She's a sweet girl! I just love it!!

  5. Hi Sister, OMG that was adorable Q-Tip I mean I laughed out loud. She is so beautiful just like her mommy. I'm doing great a little tired tonight, worked hard all day and planted a mountain of onions that Gary bought, on his lunch break you know those Marshall's they don't do nothing little.(there's a little OKIE Jargen)yikes. Garys asleep in the recliner snoring so loud I can hardly spell the words right while I'm typing. OOps I just looked up and realized I'm only suppose to POST A COMMENT

  6. Love itOomgoodness! She is getting soooooo big! I can't believe it! Got
    ur card n mail today! Thanks sooooo much! I will send u some
    pics of kids too! We went to daffodil field at wye mtn. yesterday and it was so pretty! I miss u guys so much and hope all is well :) love ya! ~ val

  7. Hey Sister! Thanks for the compliment. Have fun eating those onions this summer. Cracks me up. Miss ya! HUGS TO YOU!

    Love you too Valerie! Miss you bunches! Can't wait to see those pics!

  8. Awwww...she is soooooo sweet. Put me on the list of babysitters. What a little doll baby!