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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

But I Want To Use It

Highlight of the week...we went to Lowes and bought a new dishwasher! 

I am very excited about this purchase considering our dishwasher is as old as the hills.  It's in poor shape y'all.  I worry sometimes that it's not gonna do its duty and due to my perfectionism obsessive complusive weirdness...I absolutely HAVE to run my dishes through the dishwasher so they will be sanitized!  Anything short of sanitized just doesn't cut it in this house.

Q-Tip is still not feeling quite up to par.  The snot is reaching epic proportions.  And the middle of the Lowes store...without Kleenex (and by Kleenex you know I mean Puffs Plus with lotion), burp cloth, blanket or the like...I wiped her nose with my sleeve.  Now...under normal circumstances this wouldn't have been a problem...but due to the epic proportions...I got a little more than I bargained for.  That posed a bit of a problem.  So...I ran to the bathroom, tried to pick her up out of the cart without transferring any of the loveliness and grab some TP.  Some people would have gagged or even lost their lunch over it...did I?  HEAVENS NO!  Which leads me to gross-out factor is non-existent anymore.  Which is another lovely side effect of motherhood I do believe. 

Back to my original topic.  So we purchased the new dishwasher which I am thoroughly excited about.  But you know what kinda pisses me off?  We make this huge purchase...cause anything over $50 is a huge purchase in my book...and we don't even get to take it home.  Matter of fact...the delivery/install people have 72 hours to call to set up a time to deliver and install.  Well hells bells...that's all I got to say about that...hells bells.  I want it tonight people!  I have dishes in the sink. 

I don't think they care.  They've got their money...they will get around to delivery when they are good and ready I suppose. 

Until then.....

Hells Bells.

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  1. So funny!!! Yes, motherhood brings many changes!

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