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Friday, March 26, 2010

Apparently It's Hereditary

Do y'all remember when I told you that my little Q-Tip was having anxiety over not holding her pig during lunch a couple weeks ago?  If about it HERE

Well...since then I have learned that the pig fascination is apparently...a hereditary thing of some sort.  Lord help me.

my dear, dear friends is my lovely Aunt Jeannie.

It was taken just a couple years ago I think...right Aunt Jeannie? 

She is really my mom's cousin but I love her so much I think of her more as an Aunt.  She is wildly funny and takes credit for anything humorous or witty you may read here at Red Dirt & Crazy.  And apparently...has a thing for pigs...once upon a time anyway. 

I guess she has given Q-Tip her love for pigs and me her least a small dose of it...and love for horses.  

Hopefully I will pass down the horse thing to Q-Tip.  Farm Boy is working against me on this.  What with the new fangled technology of tractors and all he doesn't really see the need for the lovely creatures.  

He doesn't get it...I'm not giving up on him yet though! 

I just know the minute his little girl says the magic words...Daddy, I want a pony.  He'll say honey pie sugar lamb...your wish is my command. 

And then mommy will get horses too!!   

So Aunt Jeannie...if you should find yourself needing to pass down your prize winning Tennessee Walkers because they are becoming too know who to call! 

We'll be ready! 

Just as soon as we move back to the country where we belong. 

Oh...and I guess we'll have to get Q-Tip a pig too. 

We will name it Aunt Jeannie and love it forever!

Just like we love our Aunt Jeannie! 

1 comment:

  1. Awwwww....Q-tip has such hi-aspirations. She may have to become a vet!

    Aunt Jeannie looks like fun!

    Hopefully that's not where you got the tired out gene from.