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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The 25 Hour Tour

Before I begin I must say...I am not a good traveler.  My parents say I never have been.  I don't like riding in the car for more than 5 hours without stopping for a little shopping break.  I don't mind flying because it gets me where I want to go quicker but I hate the lines and the waiting and waiting and waiting that flying involves.  This little problem I have with traveling doesn't deter me from just drives everyone I'm with crazy until we get there.  At least that is what I'm told.

A few weeks before Christmas I was approached with a "brilliant" idea.  The idea involved me, Q-Tip, and our DOG Dolly DRIVING with my parents to Oklahoma from MARYLAND for Christmas and then flying back home with Farm Boy after Christmas. 

Now...I first need to tell you that the vehicle we would be driving on this 25 hour tour was my dad's work truck.  His work truck is a 4-door Ford F-150. Not the roomiest...and not the most comfortable...but it's a work truck for pete's sake.  AND...since it was his work truck I would not be able to drive.  Only my mom or dad could drive since it was his company vehicle.  This caused me great anxiety. 

My dad works in the oilfield and has been working two weeks in Pennsylvania and two weeks in Oklahoma...driving back and forth...since last Spring/Summer. Since then my mom has occasionally rode with him and they have come down to Maryland to visit us...which is what was planned for December. 

Against my better judgment I agreed to this "brilliant" idea.  Farm Boy said...we will save money on a plane parents will be great...we will get to visit...spend time together...we will help you with Q-Tip...It will be FINE! 

I thought and thought and stewed about this little trip for DAYS.  What if...what if...what know me.  I've got to plan and work it all out in my head and try to insure the best possible outcome LONG in advance.  Think about it people...

A 14 month old (at the time) strapped into a car seat for 25 hours! 

Riding 25 hours in a 4-door Ford F-150 with....
diaper bags
car seat 
dvd player
lap top
dad's work stuff
a 7 lb Maltese

AND above all...NOT BEING ABLE TO DRIVE at all.

I'm sorry...but not my idea of a good time!

So I talked to dad and Farm Boy and we devised a plan of attack.  We felt it would be best if we left in the early afternoon and attempted to drive straight through.  That way...we could drive through the night while Q-Tip is sleeping and we wouldn't be putting her through unnecessary torture.  At least for 12 of those hours she would be least we hoped.

So we struck out...Q-Tip didn't end up going to sleep until around 11 PM but for the most part up until that point things were okay.  We packed plenty of Baby Einstein so that kept her pretty happy.  Things were going okay until around was tired.  He transferred to the backseat and mom began driving.  Poor guy...he can't get comfortable in the backseat to save his soul. 

Who could blame him?  It's not exactly a suite at the Hilton back there. 

He manages to get a little ten minute snooze and says he feels better.  I'm reluctant to believe him.  I tell him we can stop for the night...he says no he's good and takes over driving.  Around 2:30 AM I get a little sleepy.  I trade places with mom during a fuel stop and she goes to the front.  I try to take a little nap.  The duty of the front seat passenger...TO KEEP DAD AWAKE.  I finally get to sleep but wake up to the ROAR of dad's tires hitting the side of the road...around 3:30 AM.  Mom had passed out and left poor dad to fend for himself.  Not that I blame her. 

I jump up like a bat out of hell and yell DAD!  He says yea its okay...everything's okay...I'm good.  WHATEVER!!  I'm in the back so I get right behind his head and start talking to him and patting his shoulders and his cheeks and doing whatever I need to do to keep him awake.  We were almost to Memphis at this point and wanted to get to the other side before we stopped.  We planned on stopping...found a hotel that took dogs...we're coming up on the exit...ready to pull says, nahhh let's keep going...I'm good, I feel better. 

Lordy help me. 

So we keep going and decide to stop and eat breakfast around 6:30 AM.  Wake little Q-Tip up.  She's been pretty much fast asleep the entire time.  After breakfast we hit the road again.  Dad says breakfast revived him and we take off.

At this point...I've got toothpicks in my eyelids and there ain't no way I'm falling asleep.  Mom slept most of the rest of the way.  I talked incessantly to keep dad awake.  If I stopped for more than a minute there was sometimes a swerve so I kept going and going and going. 

Ah...look at that bird flying in the sky. 

Do we need to go shopping for mom's Christmas present?

Do you need me to respond to any emails or Facebook messages for you?

Did you know I can burp the National Anthem...not really...just trying to make conversation.

And finally...we were pulling in to Oklahoma. 

OOOOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain...I couldn't resist it. 

And then Oklahoma City.  And then home to mom and dads.  At 4:30 PM....25 hours later.

Overall...Q-Tip did great.  We took books, toys, and above all Baby Einstein DVD's.  Dolly Dog did okay too.  As long as someone was holding her in just the right position all was right with the world for her.  Mom did did good...anxiety ridden and exhausted...I did okay too. is not a 25 hour tour that I would like to do ever again. 

No offense mom and dad!  LOVE YOU!!

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  1. Wow 25hours! I can't even imagine living in a country that big! Very brave of you to undertake that and I'm not surprised you don't want to do it again.

  2. Thanks Jade! I didn't feel brave...I felt anxiety, much anxiety! :-)

    Crazy thing...25 hours will only you get half way across our country. It would be a fun drive if you could stop and visit friends, family, and cool places along the way. But if you are in a hurry...not so much fun. For me anyways. :-)

  3. 25 hour ride?! I would never do that! But hey, if you can do it, maybe I can too? Haha. Cute post!

  4. I made that exact trip one Thanksgiving - MD to OK. My then husband was anxious to get home for Thanksgiving, so it didn't seem it took us that long to get there. And our baby was five months almost five months old at the time, he did well on the trip.

    Me? I remember being frantic at the state of the husband's driving, but he was undeterred in reaching our destination.

    I don't recall the return trip - I know we survived.

  5. Oh wow. 25 hours? Nope, nuh uh. You could not PAY me enough to do that without stopping. Props to you for making it!

  6. I love to travel and our kids were good travelers but there is no way I would ride for 25 hours anywhere, even to Oklahoma!!!

    I bet you don't again either!