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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Apparently I was too tired to think last night.  Or...the camera is over its moment of worthlessness and is working just fine today.  I think I'll go with the sounds much better!

I finally got our pictures from the Cherry Blossom Festival loaded on the computer.

We had such a great time.  Despite the chilly weather.

Would you like a little history lesson today?  No....too bad. 

I wouldn't really do that to you.

But if you would like to know more about the history of the beautiful cherry trees in Washington HERE.  It is brief and will give you the facts on who, what, why, when, and where. 

I expect 2 page book reports by Friday at 3.  Just kidding.

And now...for the main event....

Are you ready?

Are you sure you're ready?

Please keep all hands, arms, and legs inside the cart at all times....

Oops...I guess that isn't really necessary. here we go. 


As you can see...Q-Tip was being as
compliant as ever!  But...not really.

I've pretty much given up on trying to get a picture with a cooperative child in it.  It's just not going to happen for awhile.  One day I will be able to threaten her into submission.  Until then...this is the way it is I guess. 

It still drives me nuts though!

Farm Boy took this one.  Didn't he do a good job?

Some of the trees surrounding the tidal basin.

The 359 year old stone lantern that is
lit at the beginning of the festival each year.

And...last but not least.  Me and my Farmer Boy.

This concludes our tour of the 2010 National Cherry Blossom Festival.  Please step out of the cart to your right and have a blessed day.

Ta Ta

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Technology...It's a Pain In the You Know What...Sometimes

Technology is the most awesome thing ever!  When it works.

I had all these grand ideas in my mind about showing y'all my lovely pictures from the beautiful cherry blossoms in D.C.  However, my camera is having a moment of worthlessness and won't load them onto the computer.

So...I will tell you about another new love in my life.  My new Motorola Backflip.

Ain't it a bute?
Farm Boy and I both got one yesterday and I must admit...our lives will never be the same.

Now I should explain that I have had iPhone envy for quite some time now and I had every intention of purchasing myself one at the earliest possible moment.  Continue on...

Farm Boy went in to the cell phone store yesterday to browse while I looked in another store.  I caught up to him and the salesman was showing him the backflip.  He then tried to show me the backflip and I ever so politely said sir...I want an iPhone now dang it and there ain't nothin you can say to change my mind. 

Except can have Facebook, Twitter, and email all live stream on your home page.  That made me do the little head cock and listen more closely.  All the while clutching my dream of my very own iPhone.

And it has a mouse pad on the back of the screen.  Nifty....

And then he said you can open it and prop it up to watch a movie.  Reeallly....

I'm kinda startin to dig it a little.

He explained a few more things.  I'm still pondering the iPhone. 

And then he said....BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.

And then I said...SOLD! WHERE DO I SIGN?

So Farm Boy and I are in heaven seeing all the nifty things it can do.  We found an app tonight called Our Groceries.  Farm Boy and I can sync together and both add things to our grocery list from our phones and see the same list.  That alone is worth $100 bucks in my opinion.  Think of all the gas it's going to save us going back to the freakin grocery store for the one thing we forgot!!  

I mean really people...think of the time it will save! 

Not to has already gotten me out of a tiny bind this morning.  Q-Tip and I had a playdate at a friends house and I forgot to bring the address with me that she had EMAILED!  I got out to the car and got us all loaded and then got out and started to run back in...UPSTAIRS...and remember...I can look on my new handy dandy phone!  KICK ASS!! slipped out.

Anyway, I love it.  Farm Boy loves it.  It's totally awesome.  How did we live without it and we've just had them 24 hours.  I'm certain in one way or another it's going to brighten our days from here on out. 

Just kidding...but not really.

P.S.  Motorola doesn't even know I exist and could care less about my ramblings of craziness on this here blog.  Nor my phone company.  Just thought I should say that...although I'm not sure why.


The last two days have been pure craziness around here. 

I am sad that I don't have anything prepared in my mind to say.  And that I'm too tired to come up with something at this hour of the night...or should I say...MORNING?

SO...having said that...I will leave you with a tiny little baby picture of Q-Tip when she was just a  wee las. 

Look at that little cutie patootie!  Don't you just want to sqeeze her and love her and kiss her and hug her?  Okay...enough of the mush.

But how bout one more pic?

Howdy Folks

I have big plans for tomorrow...big plans! 

Ta Ta

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am oh so tired. 

We have walked, and walked, and walked.

I will tell you all about it at the earliest possible moment.

Until dear friends, enjoy this nice little poem.  About farming no less.

Lousy Pay, But Steady Work
By Johnny Hathcock

The world was in need of a special man
To feed the cattle and grow the wheat,
To fill the mouths of the hungry,
With nourishing bread and meat.

So the Lord created us farmers,
A peculiar breed of fools,
Who fight a losing battle
With few and pitiful tools.

He gave us energy and strength,
And a powerful stubborn streak.
The life of a farmer-rancher
Is not for the lazy or weak.

The devil gets into the picture
And throws us a lot of curves,
Drought and flood and failures,
To jangle the strongest nerves.

We play the hand that was dealt us,
And if we play it well,
The Lord looks down and says, "Well done,"
And the devil says, "Aw, hell!"

Hope you enjoyed it.

Remember my dear friends...where would you be without the farmer and his beloved agriculture?


P.S.  I was going to give you a nice little picture to go with the poem...but I'm even too tired to do that! 

Ta Ta

Friday, March 26, 2010

Apparently It's Hereditary

Do y'all remember when I told you that my little Q-Tip was having anxiety over not holding her pig during lunch a couple weeks ago?  If about it HERE

Well...since then I have learned that the pig fascination is apparently...a hereditary thing of some sort.  Lord help me.

my dear, dear friends is my lovely Aunt Jeannie.

It was taken just a couple years ago I think...right Aunt Jeannie? 

She is really my mom's cousin but I love her so much I think of her more as an Aunt.  She is wildly funny and takes credit for anything humorous or witty you may read here at Red Dirt & Crazy.  And apparently...has a thing for pigs...once upon a time anyway. 

I guess she has given Q-Tip her love for pigs and me her least a small dose of it...and love for horses.  

Hopefully I will pass down the horse thing to Q-Tip.  Farm Boy is working against me on this.  What with the new fangled technology of tractors and all he doesn't really see the need for the lovely creatures.  

He doesn't get it...I'm not giving up on him yet though! 

I just know the minute his little girl says the magic words...Daddy, I want a pony.  He'll say honey pie sugar lamb...your wish is my command. 

And then mommy will get horses too!!   

So Aunt Jeannie...if you should find yourself needing to pass down your prize winning Tennessee Walkers because they are becoming too know who to call! 

We'll be ready! 

Just as soon as we move back to the country where we belong. 

Oh...and I guess we'll have to get Q-Tip a pig too. 

We will name it Aunt Jeannie and love it forever!

Just like we love our Aunt Jeannie! 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Hybrid

I have decided that I want to be MADE.  You know...on that MTV show...MADE. 

If you don't's where these teenage kids say they want to be made into something different than the person they are.  Like a cheerleader, or a skateboarder, you know...something of that nature. 

So I want to be MADE y'all.  And here's what I'm thinking...a hybrid cross no particular order of course...

  • The Pioneer Woman
  • Jillian Michaels
  • Martha Stewart...only Martha and I don't really see eye to eye but I can't think of someone crafty right off the top of my head so she'll have to do.  Cause you know, I love crafts and all.
  • June Cleaver
  • Maybe a tiny bit of me. 
  • Oh and Jesus.  Cause you know...He is Jesus.  And perfect.  And He could perform miracles.  Like healing sick people.  I would totally love healing sick people!  Especially babies and kids.  That would be great!  And I would make someone super duper smart and totally rid the world of cancer as well as a few other diseases that are just stupid.  And I would put an end to all this war crap cause it really sucks.  And I would make people love another and stop seeing all of our differences and instead see the beauty that is in everyone of us. And I would...RAMBLING....sorry bout that!
So MTV...get to work on that will ya? 

Call me!

I'll be ready.

P.S.  I'm participating in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.  She brought up this very interesting point...Who or what would you want to be MADE into? being the OCD perfectionist weirdo that I am couldn't think of any one thing or person so here ya go. 

P.P.S Thank you for loving me in spite of my craziness! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Favorite Thing

I have a new favorite thing y'all! 

It's black
it's nice and quiet
it does its job well
you can put a lot of stuff in it
and I love it.

It's WAY better than my old one.

And when I old one...I mean OLD one. 

But here is the new bright and shiny one!

With some lovely little fingerprints on it
that I...OF COURSE...didn't notice
before I took the picture.

Cause you know me.

I would have totally obsessed over it
gone down to the basement
got my cleaning supplies
and cleaned the dang thing off.

As a matter of fact my eye is starting to twitch
knowing there are finger prints on it.

At this very moment...I'm beginning
to re-think my decision to publish this post.

I'm fighting the urge to go down and take another picture.

After it is cleaned of course.

HELP...send help NOW!

I'm LOSING IT because there are
fingerprints on my dishwasher!

Too late...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caution...Egg Hunting Professional Here

Yesterday...Q-Tip overcame her lack of egg hunting
experience and took on the task like a seasoned professional.

Shocking you say??  Poppy cock I say!

She has never hunted Easter eggs a day in her life. 
She was too small last year to know
what an Easter egg was...let alone do anything with it. 
Aside from attempting to chew or drool on it of course.

But this year...
WATCH OUT egg hunting competitors! 
Q-Tip is a force to be reckoned with!

We started the hunt and the
poor thing wasn't quite sure what to do. 

She spotted her first egg...
and she went for it!

Then she picked up her basket and moved on.

She spotted her second egg...
and she went for it!

Then we were left with the task of figuring out
how to carry the basket with an egg in each hand. 

So mama showed her how to put the eggs in the basket...

And low and behold...
the transformation of novice to
expert took place before my very eyes.

She was on a mission ladies and gentleman.
She could not be stopped.

She was quick on her feet.

Ready to pounce on the next egg.

She had focus and determination!

She was so engulfed in the situation she
didn't even notice her bow was falling out!
(oh wait...that was me)

She looks like she's just in it for fun
but she's ain't foolin around people!

It's a clever disguise so competitors
will let down their guard.

Happy (almost) Easter everyone!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Preventative Measures

It's official.  P.O. Priscilla is goin to the brig.  Strictly as a preventative measure.

Q-Tip and I were driving along in the car today letting Sacagawea...our handy dandy GPS...lead the way.  She was telling us to turn right and then left and right again.  On this street and that highway. 

Q-Tip joins in and starts saying, highway...left...right...highway. 

And I cute.  *smile*

So a little while later we're driving along and I find myself stuck behind a guy going 35 a 45 mph zone I might add.  Needless to say...I became a titch...hmmm...agitated.  BUT...I kept my cool...most of it anyway...and said...C'MON MAN LET'S GO! 

And then my sweet white headed little angel...sent straight to me from the heavens above says...COME ON...*sigh*!


She has repeated things I have said to the dog in passing...such as...HUSH DOLLY.  She has repeated things I have said to her...bless you, thank you, love you, good morning...etc.  But she has NEVER repeated something I have said like this. 

And never...have I ever been more thankful that P.O. Priscilla didn't rise up out of me therefore causing my child to utter her first...not nice...word. 

I'm sure it will happen one day.  It is bound to.  I know this.  I'm not in complete denial. 

But Lord I hope it's a LONG, LONG, LONG time from now! 

I fear it may send me to Crazyville never to return.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Okay so y'all know that I don't live near my friends and family right?  Right.

So when something bad happens to one of my friends or family...I'm not there to hug them or do something nice for them. 

I'm over 1,000 miles away. 

All I really have are words.

And sometimes words just aren't enough.

Sure, I could send a card...but what do you put in a card?  WORDS.

I can't hug them or make them dinner.  And I can't pick up their child for the day.  I can't go over and clean their house to relieve some stress.  Or help take care of them while their sick.

So what the heck do I do when...

a dear friend finds out they are having a miscarriage? 

a friend loses their only child to cancer?

a friend goes through infertility issues when all they want in life is to be a mommy?

a friend almost dies on the operating table and has a tough road to recovery?

a friend battles one illness and surgery after the other and has no one close to help?

There have been countless situations...especially in the last year.

To me...words just aren't enough for these things.  And every thing I can think of to say...sounds so cliche and typical. 

"I'm praying for you."

"God will get you through it"...He will but sometimes I think that just isn't the best thing to say at certain times.

"I love you."

"I understand."

"I can't understand but I am praying for you."

"I'm thinking about you."

None of them are enough.

None of them are sufficient. 

Nothing that is said can say what a hug says.

Nothing that is said can replace the feeling of knowing someone cares by cooking them dinner to relieve some stress.  Or watching their child so they can rest and recover.  Or cleaning their house because they are to sick. 

I'm just left with words.

So I find that most of the time...I say nothing.  I think about them a lot.  And I pray for them a lot.  And I listen to them when we talk on the phone.  

But I feel as though I'm being a terrible friend because I can't do anything for them.

Or I feel like a terrible friend because I know there is nothing I can say that is sufficient so I say nothing.  I don't call, I don't send a card...cause it just feels like it's not enough.  And it won't help them in the slightest.  AND...I worry that whatever I do say in a card is just going to make them feel worse.  SO...I don't send one.  It makes me feel worse though.  UGH.

All I have are WORDS...and I just don't feel like that is enough.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Serious Conversation

We had some serious and not so serious conversation while LP was here.  I loved every minute of it.

The not so serious parts were about old times and old friends that we miss and love.  The crazy things we've done and are yet...still alive!  And...we think we all turned out pretty good in spite of those crazy things.  Congrats to us! 

Some of the serious stuff was about parenting and figuring it all out.  Like methods of discipline and things of that nature.

And about June Cleaver Syndrome and feeling like a failure when things aren't perfect. 

And about how I take parenting so seriously.  Not that it isn't serious.  I think...and others think...I may go a titch overboard with it.  Maybe.  Kinda.  Sorta.

I can't help myself.  I can't help but analyze every decision I make.  Every...teeny...tiny...itty...bitty decision I make. 

I can't help but think things like...

will this cause a future problem...will she feel like I abandoned her...will she be scared...will she be emotionally scarred forever...will she grow up and do drugs when she's 16 because of this...will she start misbehaving...will this cause a pattern...will she get sick from this...

You know...just ordinary stuff.  Right? 

I can't help but feel that I want to be able to look back on my mothering and feel beyond a shadow of doubt that I did the best I could do.  So if she grows up and makes bad decisions...God help me...I will be able to say...I did the best I could do and nothing I did caused this.  Because if there were something...I'm not sure I could ever forgive myself.

And it's not just about the decisions she makes in the future.  It's also about having a well behaved child now.  One that feels secure, loved, and stable. 

I even think about decisions that involve me. Because I feel that even a decision that doesn't directly affect her because it's more about me...will affect her in some way eventually. This is why I worry about keeping a clean house. Eating right. Becoming more active. Keeping my marriage in a good place. Making it a point to be affectionate to one another. And really just in general being a good example in every aspect of the word.

Those are the things that make me over analyze and over think and over-do and have serious anxiety...and go to Crazyville!

And, I can't help but be overly prepared for every scenario imaginable. 

If there is anything in this world that I can not is not being prepared for something. sends me into orbit in a spit second. 

So...I over think, over pack, over do, over, over, over.

It's the whole Perfectionist thing...I know it is.  I just can't quite figure out how to shut the damn thing off.  Or at least take it down a notch or two.

I'm working on it...but it's really freakin hard!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Will Survive

I learned a lesson this past week.

One that I have needed to learn for awhile.

The lesson is....

Do not let the fear of meltdowns keep you from trying new things!

Anyone else have this problem?

I do...I mean did.  I mean...I hope I can remember this next time I want to try something new.

I was so bad.  I kept from trying lots of things in the past because the logistics of it scared the crap out of me.

See...Q-Tip is a pretty laid back baby.  She is pretty happy as long as she eats when she is hungry...sleeps when she is tired...and gets her diaper changed when it needs it.  New things don't really freak her out much. is the hungry, sleepy, and diaper change part that I'm talking about. 

When she is hungry...she was hungry 10 minutes ago.  But she didn't say anything therefore she needs to eat 10 minutes ago.  No one can have food ready 10 minutes ago.  Have you tried?  It's impossible!  Therefore she goes into a crying, flailing mess of a meltdown if she doesn't get to eat 10 minutes ago.

When she is sleepy...same drill.

When she needs her diaper changed it isn't quite as much a fuss but if she is hungry or sleepy and you try to change the diaper...LOOK OUT!

I feel I do a pretty darn good job of reading the EXTREMELY subtle cues of these needs.  But most of the time...we just stick to a routine and we have zero problems. 

BUT...if you want to do something have to be prepared for these things because the routine and doing something different don't really jive.  After all...routine and different are totally opposite of one another. 

So this week it was all something new and different. 

1. We rode the Metro in to DC with Q-Tip twice so we could go to museums.  I was worried about riding the Metro with her.  But, she did great. 

2. We went to museums.  Again, not sure how this was going to go.  They are somewhat quiet places and all.  We started out at the National Museum of the American Indian.  We ended up having to stop in the middle of it and go eat lunch because the minute I heard...


I said...


Not really...but kinda.

We went downstairs and had lunch.  Then contemplated going back up but decided to move on. 

3.  I let Q-Tip out of the stroller to walk down the side walk in DC.  I was a titch apprehensive about it.  She is coming into the stage of not wanting to hold your hand anymore.  It causes me anxiety because I picture her darting out into the DC street.  BUT, I broke out the baby leash that I got at one of my baby showers.  She LOVED it.  However, she got a glimpse of the seahorse in the bottom of the stroller...remind me to tell you about the seahorse someday...and she said...

Night night....

Then she stopped in the middle of the side walk and started saying...

night night, night night, night night, night night...


Meanwhile I'm scrambling trying to get the leash off and get her blanket, paci, and her into the stroller...arms and legs flailing...and let the child go to sleep.  And she did in 3.2 seconds.

Crisis averted.

4. We were out a titch past bedtime one night.  She was sleepy on the way home and a little fussy during supper but we made it home and all was okay.

All in all...the week went really smoothly.  We did some new things.  We didn't have any major meltdowns.  It was fun and now I'm not so nervous about doing some of these things I had anxiety about before. 

And another thing I learned...that even if she does have a meltdown...I will survive it.  Sure...I might slip into a Crazyville coma when it's over but we will all survive it.  Sure it might be embarrassing...but we will live through it and come out on the other side victorious. 

Well...victorious might be a stretch. 

How about...we will still be living and breathing...embarrassed but living and breathing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

I can't keep living life trying to avoid a meltdown.  It's bound to happen and when it does...we'll all live.  I've just got to put on my big girl panties and tackle the mountain of anxiety.

Even if it causes me to slip into a Crazyville coma...I WILL SURVIVE!

Oh no not I, I will survive

Oh as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live
And I've got all my love to give
I'll survive
I will survive
Hey hey....


Got a little carried away!

Ta Ta

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Things First

At the very tip top of my long list of things I MUST share with you is the fact that I learned a new word this week.

It's not a word that I would expect and I'm sure you would expect for me to feel so compelled to share.  Although I must say...after LP and I learned the word...we felt the need to say it incessantly.  AND...we have found that it can be used in a variety of ways.  AND...we have had great fun finding all the ways to use the word.

As a matter of can be used to describe something good or bad. 

You can teach it to your children to describe a part of the body.

You can call someone this when they aren't being very nice.  For example: Don't be such a *new word*!

You can just say it if you need a little chuckle.

And you can say it just to irritate someone...not that I would EVER do that! may already know the word.  I did not.  Neither did LP or Farm Boy.  So...surely we weren't ALL that far out of the loop.

Do you want me to tell you the word yet? 

Okay, okay...the word is....



Are sure you're ready?

It may appall some of you and you may never want to come here and read a post again.

Of course if you are appalled over this you probably haven't gone back and read some of my other posts.



You have time to turn back...



If you appall easily and just want a giggle read this....

I'm just giving you an out if you want one...

... goes...


The word is...


Neener, neener, neener!!

I freakin love this word!

I can't stop saying it...neener...neener...neener.

Last night I had an overwhelming urge to text LP and say...


I hadn't said it all day and I needed to say it!  And only she would understand that need.


So...if you are ever at a loss for words...just say...


I don't know what it just makes you feel better when you say...


I'm really sorry for this but it is what it is and I can't help myself.


P.S.  The context in which I learned the word is not fit for a Thursday night.  A Saturday night on the back porch with adult beverages...maybe.  But not on a Thursday night.  Maybe someday...with a disclaimer and a few ritas. 

Until then...

Ta Ta


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm overwhelmed!

I've become a titch obsessed with reading blogs.  I mean in the world do you just read one or two?  Especially when almost every single one you come across makes you laugh until you are falling out of your chair.  How do you choose which ones to read?  It's killin me!

Having said that...I didn't read hardly any while LP was here. 

So yea...I'm like a week behind! 

On about twenty blogs! 

Well maybe not twenty...but it may be twenty...I've never really counted.  I think purposely.  I didn't want to know.  I just read them. 

Anyway, now I'm overwhelmed on all the catching up I need to do.  As well as all the things I need to tell YOU but don't really have a moment to sit and write it all out. 

I think I add to many details. 

Do you think I add to many details?  Cause sometimes I think maybe I do and I cut some of it out. 

Anyway, so lots of stuff is goin on round here.  Hopefully...amidst the cleaning and laundry that is on the agenda tomorrow I will have time to sit down and let my little fingers fly and tell you all the things I have written down that I feel I MUST share!

P.S.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Consider yourself pinched if you didn't wear green! 

P.P.S. I found this on my desk calendar this morning.  LP put it there.  It caused me to mourn another day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My best good friend LP has left. 

We had a great time. 

We saw lots of cool stuff. 

We stayed up way to late talking.

We were exhausted all week.

But it was worth it.

Now she's gone. 

I think it's going to be August before I see her again.

Now I'm in mourning.

I'll be better tomorrow.

I hope.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Can't Get Enough!

I can't get enough....

of having my best good friend here!  To laugh with, and cry with, and to give it to me straight. To remember old times and friends with.  And love them and miss them together.   

of seeing all there is to see in our Nation's capital, Washington D.C. 

of going to the wonderful Smithsonian Museums.

of gazing upon the one and only United States flag that prompted the writing of the Star Spangled Banner.  It was truly amazing.

of seeing the struggles and victories that this great nation has endured and experienced.

of seeing the great state of Oklahoma mentioned in every museum we have visited.  Did you know the electric guitar, the aerosol can, the shopping cart, and the parking meter were invented in Oklahoma?  

So far it has been a grand week and we still have 3 days to go! 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's HARD! I have come to realize that blogging while having guests and a 1 year old is near impossible.  I guess unless you think to plan ahead. 

Let me rephrase that...I guess unless you think about writing up a few things the week before they come instead of the day before they come. 

I've mostly been a blog by the seat of my pants kinda girl.  This totally surprises me because I'm such a planner.  I guess I need to be more that way when it comes to my blogging. 

Anyway...due to the fact that I did NOT plan new posts may be a little...not so much there for a few days. 

I will at least sit down and see what comes out...but I can't make any promises on the content. 

Now...having said that...after LP leaves I will probably have LOADS to say! 

So...check back with me who knows what you may find! 

I guess that's pretty normal though huh? 

Oh the suspense...I know it's killing you!

The Plan

So I had this plan...and it was a good one! 

See...the plan was to sit down at the end of the day and tell you all about the wonderful day I have had runnin around DC, Maryland, or wherever in the vicinity with best good friend. 

BUT...LP and I got to talkin tonight and time got away from me and now...well now I'm SO dang tired I can't even think straight! 

We've been runnin all over DC today going from this museum to that after getting up at 6:30...yes...6:30 in the AM mind you...6:30 before I ever get up ever, ever, ever 6:30 AM.  And we've just been runnin, runnin, runnin.  And talkin, talkin, talkin.

And now...I'm tired, tired, tired.

Hopefully tomorrow...I'll have a little more to tell ya.  But tonight...I gots to go to dreamland ASAP. 

Like 5 minutes ago.

Cause 6:30 in the AM comes awful dang early!

Ta Ta

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For the Perfectionists...And the Ones That Need More Happiness

Are you a perfectionist that feels like you are going crazy? 

HELLO...welcome to my world!

My dear friend Pam told me about this book called...The Pursuit of Perfect by Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D. 

And here it is....

I have to just is PERFECT for perfectionists.  After simply reading the Introduction I had more "Aha Moments" than I have had in my ENTIRE life! 

Reading line after line I though...Lord Above that is SO me!  Me, me, me, me, me!  All of it! 

I checked this one out at my local library but I'm going to buy it at the bookstore ASAP.  As a matter of fact...I went to the bookstore yesterday to buy it.  They were out...but as luck would have it or divine intervention...I did find something else I thought was interesting.

I found THIS....

 It is by the same author and it looks like it's gonna be life changing!  For me anyway.

It is actually a week by week...for 52 weeks...workbook that gives you all sorts of exercises meditations and things to do to help you achieve a happier life.  And hey...lets just face it...there ain't nothing wrong with being happier even if you are happy.  You can never have too much right?  RIGHT! 

So...that being said...I am going to start this week by week journal book thingy and give you a weekly run down of how things are going.  I will probably be starting this little journey after my friend LP leaves.  I plan on being totally focused on her, her dad, having fun, drinking adult beverages, and forgetting all my troubles until she leaves.  At which point I will pick up the book and get happier.  Cause I'll inevitably be sad that she left. 

Ta Ta

Monday, March 8, 2010

"Situational Stressors"

I have GREAT news!!  Turns out I'm NOT crazy!  Well...not entirely...and not clinically.  At least I think. 

Turns out I'm just in Crazyville more often than I thought!  Or maybe my life and Crazyville are morphing into one big weird crazy place?!  Anyway....

I talked with my doctor from Conway, good ol' Dr. J.  She is the one that delivered Q-Tip.  God love her...she's great! 

I expressed my fears of craziness to her and she confirmed them...ha...just kiddin.  She said that clinically speaking...using her terms...I have ALOT (all caps ALOT) of "situational stressors".  She said that is the medical term for "you're not crazy but you feel crazy because your life is crazy". 

DING, DING, DING...and the prize goes to...Dr. J!  For FINALLY helping me see that I'm NOT FREAKIN CRAZY!

Cause seriously...I was beginning to wonder!  Now...the best cure for the craziness that is "situational stressors" I'm

1. Putting on your big girl panties and dealing with it.

2. Spending time with friends or in my case since they are all far away...finding some new ones in MD.

3. Exercise...bought me the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred the other day.  I'm really, really, really, really scared of it but I'm gonna do it...I swear...I'm gonna. 

4. Sunshine...we reached 60 here yesterday so hopefully more of that is just around the corner!

5. Mommies day out...I'm going to look in to that one and try to find some mommy groups in my area.  I know our church has one I still have not gone to.  I do go to a group once a month but apparently once a month ain't gonna cut if for me. 

You remember I said my best good friend LP is coming to visit tomorrow and she leaves on the 16th.  Then we have a friend coming in that next weekend and then more friends that next Wednesday.  So after they are all gone I will be able to start The Shred and the mommy groups around town. 

As always...I'll keep you posted...ha...get it...posted? 

Heaven help me.

P.S.  Does anyone else out there feel that after have a special bond with the people that delivered your baby and took care of you during and after?  Cause I loved Dr. J before I had Q-Tip but after...I feel more comfortable talking with her than any doctor I have ever had.  After all...the woman has seen my uterus in it's entirety.  And so lovingly took a Hoover to it and gave it a good scrubbin.  How could I not feel comfortable telling her anything...right?  I think so too!!

The same thing with my delivery nurse.  I just love her to pieces!  Is it just me or is this a common occurrence? 

Just curious.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Queen...In All Her Glory

As entire post on the Queen Bee.


is the self-proclaimed Queen of our home...Dolly.

She is a 6-7 lb...depending on the day...Maltese.
She is demanding and she drives me crazy.

I swear the dog feels that she is entitled to her every whim and hearts desire. 

During the day...she naps on my pillow. 
Not in her doggy bed just for her...but MY pillow. 


She can't just sit on your lap or lay beside you on the couch...
she has to be RIGHT on TOP of you!

(this is my PaPa Bear(dad)& Dolly takin a snooze)

I used to keep her hair a little longer and brush it every day...because you have to with a Maltese...and put it up in little bows. got to be a bit much and I felt sorry for her when she got tangles.  Now we keep it short.  But she was SO cute with the bows!

This was just a couple of months before I became a people grower.

She's rotten I tell you...she even has her own stocking!

Find the doggy...where is the doggy?

She's spoiled rotten to the core,
she thinks she's the Queen of Sheba,
she barks like a ninny, 
she drives us all crazy...but we love her. 

What can I say?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Most Random Post Ever

This is going to be the most random post the history of me.  But I have several things I feel I need to address.

1.  The Pioneer Woman and my friend Leslie prompted my post yesterday.  If you would like to read The Pioneer Woman's post you can here.  The pictures she included gave me a little tinge of homesickness and then my friend Leslie said she was going to a bullriding event at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma with her husband which threw me over the edge into full on homesickness.  It seems like it's been happening at least every other hour lately.  Not sure what's up with that.

2. The author of the poem I posted is Joe Kreger.  He is a cowboy poet and has a few books and things.  I may post more poetry in the future.  I really enjoyed finding pictures to go with it.  Farm Boy has found a few reading the High Plains Journal and forwards them to me on occasion.  If you would like to read more you will find them here.

3.  We went to Sam's yesterday and stocked up on everything under the sun.  It was nice being out with Farm Boy and Q-Tip.  While we were there I saw a guy shopping with his little boy.  He looked like he was the exact age as Q-Tip and he could have totally been Q-Tip's long lost twin.  Although I know she doesn't have a twin cause I birthed her...but he was completely white-headed.  I noticed he had downs syndrome and I wanted nothing more than to go up and tell that man what a beautiful little boy he had.  He was so happy and enjoying riding up in the cart as much as Q-Tip was.  I was really hoping that our paths would cross closer so Q-Tip would start making a fuss to say hi just so that I could say how gorgeous he was.  But it didn't happen.  We left and I didn't get to tell him.  And I can't help but wonder...should I have walked straight up and said it...or would that have been weird?  I sort of regret not getting to tell him what a cutie his little man was. 

4. My best good friend LP and her dad are coming to visit in T-51 hours and 35 minutes.  Not that I am excited or anything.  We are going to have SO much fun and I may talk her ever lovin head off and we may go get pedi's and we may drink much adult beverages one night after Q-Tip and the men go to sleep.  But I'm not confirming anything at this point except that I am SO excited to see my dear, dear friend.

5. I've been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning today.  I'm not done yet but I am pleasantly tired this evening.  I'm tired because I've been at it all day but I got quite a lot done and am happy with my progress.  It's been a deep clean that has needed to happen for quite some time.  Although not as bad as the last time.  However I didn't scrub the floors last time and I did today.  They were DIRRRRTY.  Now you could eat Oatmeal Crispies off of them...if you wanted to. 

6. I am completely and utterly addicted to Oatmeal Crispies.  I made another batch y'all.  And one batch makes 24 cookies.  Well 22 or so after I get done eating some of the dough.  I had the intention of mixing up the dough and freezing all of it to bake while LP is here.  So I split the batch in half...and ate one whole half.  Just kidding.  Not the whole half.  It's THAT bad y'all...I don't even bake the dang things anymore...I just eat the freakin dough!  I may need to do the 12 step program for this one!

That is all.

Ta Ta

Friday, March 5, 2010

Homesick For Oklahoma

Homesick for Oklahoma,
I'm wonderin' how that fate
has carried this ol' Okie boy (& Girl)
far from his native state.

The other side looked greener,
and I ventured forth to roam,
but now the green is fadin',
and I want to go back home.

I'm growing weary of this place
and the grub that these folks make.
I'm thinkin' biscuits, gravy and a bait of panfried steak.

I miss that muddy river
just a flowin' around the bend
and the sight of windmills spinnin'
in that never-ending wind.

I long for the smell of horses
and the sound of cows a bawlin'
and alfalfa blooms of purple
with the bees out spreadin' pollen.

And the wavin' wheat and prairie grass
and a little country town
and a thunderstorm in April
with a torrent beatin' down.

I can hear the one-lung engines,
that far off driftin' sound,
and the way they pop and falter,
pullin' oil up from the ground.

And I think of those wild sunsets,
splattered clear across the sky.
No other place can match 'em,
though I've often wondered why.

Those evenin's in the front yard,
out beneath a million stars,
we could see clear to the highway,
and we'd count the passin' cars.

Good Lord, I miss the homefolks,
the best I ever knew.
I wonder how many still are left.
There's bound to be a few.

I shouldn't sit here thinkin',
just making myself sad,
but those days in Oklahoma
were the best I ever had.

From my land of birth and childhood,
I've moved away so far,
and folks should be contented
just right where they are.

But, I'm battlin' with homesickness,
and it's shore a terrible fight,
'cause back in Oklahoma's
where I wish I was tonight.

~ Joe Kreger

Joe Kreger writes from his home in Tonkawa, Oklahoma.  His books and CDs are available from the High Plains Journal by calling 1-800-954-5263. For personal appearance information, call 1-816-452-3513.