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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's in a Name? - Part 3

Today I will dissect for you the name of my love, my one and Farmer Boy. Also referred to as, Farm Boy.

There are some general meanings behind the that he was raised on a farm and that it is in his blood regardless of is "desk job" now. Those are the obvious. But what you don't know about is my absolute love and fascination with all things Laura Ingalls Wilder.

This is a picture of Laura...wasn't she beautiful?

Aside from the fact that Laura and I share the same middle name…Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder is the magnificent author of The Little House on the Prairie books. I have owned this set of books since I was a little girl. I remember them being read to me by my second grade teacher and I fell deeply in LOVE with them. I still am today as a matter of fact. I absolutely can NOT wait to read them to Q-Tip. Laura's tails of growing up on the prairie and hearing the war cries of Indians in the dead of night STILL leave me on the edge of my seat today even after reading the stories countless times. And I never fail to feel the sense of sadness as Laura and her family stand in the doorway of their little house watching the trail of sad Indians leaving their homeland. Book after book, story after story I remained hooked until the end. But the part that lights me up the most is when Laura meets her Farmer Boy...Almonzo Wilder. Almonzo has an entire book in the series entitled nothing but..."Farmer Boy"...that talks about his childhood and how he grew up so that you have a little background on him before he shows up during "The Long Winter" and saves the entire town from hunger and starvation. But most importantly, saves Laura's family first. He was undoubtedly her knight in shining armor.

This is a picture of Almonzo...wasn't he something?

So this, my friends is the partial reason I refer to my love as my Farmer Boy. He is my knight...he is my friend...he is my love. He is my Almonzo and I am his Laura. And he has a farmer’s heart...which melts mine. And I guess we can throw in that he was raised on a farm and rode on tractors before he could walk. And if he didn't have a job that was directly involved with agriculture I would fear for his soul.

So as you can see...I am a total sucker for a love story...I guess it's because I am in love!

This is a picture of Laura and Almonzo
Don't you just love that hat?

And this is a picture of me and my Farmer Boy standing on the front porch of our first "little house" on the (not so much) prairie in North Carolina.


  1. Have you been to Laura and Almanzo's home near Mansfield, MO (east of Springfield), or the location of the "little house" near Independence, KS? Have you read about their move to MO where they lived the rest of their lives? He built the house and it reminds me of a child's playhouse because of the small scale (they were short people). I bought several books there - one contains newspaper articles she wrote. They were an admirable couple and worthy of emulation.


  2. Hi GillLink!

    I haven't had the fortune of visiting Laura and Almonzo's home or the "little house" in KS...YET! They are definitely on my list of things I want to do. I really hoped we would make it to the one in MO when we lived in Arkansas but we were only there a year and a half and part of that time I was pregnant, not wanting to travel anymore than necessary, and having a baby! LOL! They were Good People and I am so excited to tell Q-Tip all about them!

    Blessings to you GillLink and thanks for reading!