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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ponytails...a Girls Best Buddy

It's no secret I am one ponytail wearin mama.  When I consider cutting my hair off I think...are you crazy...then you can't wear a ponytail.  Nuff cutting the hair off for me. 

So a couple days ago...when I did this...

I wanted to dance a jig!

She has done it y'all...she has conquered the two ponytail mountain.  YEAH Q-Tip! 

Yes, they are short...and the back won't exactly go up...but hey, there are two and that's all the matters!  Right?  RIGHT! 

She's growing up...right before my very eyes.  It's so bittersweet. 

Sweet because I'm proud of her and what a good girl she is...most of the time

Bitter because she getting bigger and not so much a baby anymore.

Sweet because there are no more bottles to mix and dream feeds to give.

Bitter because she can no longer fit into the cute onsies on the baby aisle at Target...You know the cute Carter ones with all the matching stuff.  I LOVED that aisle!

Sweet because I love teaching her new things and watching her learn.

Bitter because...I know that every day that another day the pressure of having another baby and I am absolutely terrified of it! 

At this moment anyway. 

Yes I know these feelings could change...but right now...I am scared stiff...petrified I tell you! 

But I will tell you about it tomorrow because it's not fit for a Saturday night. 

In the meantime...enjoy some more ponytails!
Oh imagine that...she's digging a
book out of her church goody bag.
Hiding under the table.
HA...found you!
And a close-up of the lovely Q-Tip who is wearing a
beautiful Carters onesie today in chocolate brown.
Hearts in various colors adorn this onesie and she has paired
it with pale pink fleece pants.  She is also sporting
her brand new double ponytail hair style with
matching hot pink rubberbands.
Give her a round of applause folks!

Hope you have a great Saturday night!  I'm off to watch a little TV with Farm Boy!