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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PLEASE...Say it Isn't So

Something very strange is happening in this house.  I'm not likin it...not one little bit.  Makes me want to pull my hair out one strand at a time.  Causes me to feel as though I will internally combust.  Basically, it sends me to Crazyville y'all.  The only way to effectively describe this situation is to show you.

is a picture of Q-Tip and Farm Boy last year on Ash Wednesday. 

is Q-Tip and me. 

Notice the sweetness.  Notice the little smile on Q-Tip's face?  Notice how she just sits there and poses for the picture? 

is from today, which is Ash Wednesday.

Are you noticing the differences in the pictures?  Are you noticing that the posing for the picture is uhhh...NON-EXISTENT?  Are you also noticing that Q-Tip's ashes are gone?  That would be because she kept pulling her stocking hat up and down as we were leaving church. 

I call this...

And this...

We did manage to get this...
out of the deal.  Guess it's  just gonna have to do for
Ash Wednesday 2010.

My sweet little compliant baby is turning into a semi-sweet non-compliant toddler.  Heaven help me! 


  1. Really adorable baby. Q-tip! Funny name! Your post was so cute. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Jenny! Her nickname fits her well don't ya think? :-)

    Thanks for reading!

    I wrote a post on how she got her name if you would like to read it.

    Blessing to you!

  3. Oh the things I have to look forward to! Crawling is testing my ability to blind my daughter with the camera as it is, I can only imagine how much harder it is once they are truly walking and 'independent'.

    Too-cute little blondie you have there :)

  4. I'm blog hopping today and ended up here. It's a good place to be! What beautiful pictures of your family!

  5. What did u give up for Lent? Remember when I gave up elevators? Holy guacamole (hee hee) that was tough! This year I've given up doing job related "work" at home and doing home related things at work. I know this may sound silly...but I am constantly trying to multi-task and it's exhausting. For example, this past Monday I had to have the kids at school by 730 but my first work appt wasn't until 9am so I decided to go to grocery store that morning, take the groceries home so the frozen foods wouldn't melt and then be at my first stop by 9. Isn't that just nutso? Of course after this little venture I was stressed and felt guilty the rest of the day and then felt compelled to work at home that evening. No more I say! No more! I'm hoping that after 40 days of this, it will be a wonderful new habit. Whatcha think???

  6. Deborah Ann, Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed your stay and y'all come back now ya hear? :-)

    Pamtastic, I know it's you cause I don't know anyone else that for pity's sake would give up elevators for Lent. :-) Farm Boy and I have "added in" the last couple of years for Lent. Basically, instead of taking something away we have added in a daily devotional that we do together. We have really enjoyed it and have found it is harder and more thought provoking than the "taking away". I like the way you think usual...that is a really great way to rid yourself of some stress. And oh the stress we have that we need to GET RID OF!! More power to you...stick with it!! :-)

  7. Thanks Jennie! Yes...with the added mobility there is definitely an added stress factor. It's fun, fun, fun though!! And I love it, love it, love it!! :-)

    Do you think if I keep smiling and telling myself that it will help?

    lol...I'm thinkin no.

  8. Indeed, she is growing up right before my eyes!
    I like the idea of giving up elevators for lent. I think I'll do that also. Of course, there are no elevators in my little bitty town! Kisses to "Q".