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Friday, February 19, 2010

Past Valentines From My Valentine

Back when we were courting Farm Boy had access to his family farm and with that...access to all his toys.  You know...the welder, and the saws, and the cutting torch...things farm boys like to play with.  With that access he used to make...yes I said with his own two hands...MAKE my Valentine's for me.  And YES...they were the best gifts I ever got. 

Our very first Valentine's Day together he made me this....

It is a rose made out of a metal rod.  And it was/is a symbol of our blooming love.  You can hardly see the stem...sorry my camera sucks...but the actual rose petals are made out of the same type rod that the stem is made of.  He heated up a rod and then hammered each petal out and then welded the rose petals together to make the rose.  Make sense?  If not I will make him explain it to me again and I'll try to do better typing it out.  It's been a few years since he explained the process to me.  Anyway...the BEST part about this lovely rose is...he couldn't find pink paint.  And pink my dear friends is my mostest favoritest color ever and Farm Boy knew this even then.  So...guess what he had to do y'all...he and his room mate had to mix red and white paint to make PINK!  Wouldn't THAT have been a sight to behold?!  The second best part about this lovely rose order to get the pink paint down into the rose petals he had to dip it in the paint.  And in order for the paint not to get all goopy and nasty down into the petals he had to fling it out of there. the midst of flinging...he flung it down the side of his room mate's truck!  His room mate named...Bubba.  Now I love Bubba and Bubba loves me...which is a good thing...cause my pink paint from my lovely rose got all over his truck.  His big manly farm truck.  And that my dear friends is rather comical considering Bubba likes (to this day) to tease the fire out of me at any possible moment!

I LOVE YOU BUBBA!  By the way...we are stuck in Maryland and need help!  *wink* 

Our second Valentine's Day together he made me this...

It is a picture frame made out of old horseshoes.  It is two horseshoes in the front screwed together with two sheets of glass in between and one horseshoe welded to the bottom in the back to make it stand up.  Then he glued the rope around it and made the heart that used to stand up a little better but over time has started to get a little droopy.  I need to break out the hot glue gun and give it a little pep talk I guess.  Anyway, he had to cut the glass and paint the horseshoes and go have a copy of the picture made.  And of course...I LOVED IT. 

Our third Valentine's Day together he made me this... 

It was a bare wood plaque that he found at a craft store.  Apparently he couldn't get his boards to work just right.  Anyway, he rounded off the edges and cut out the hole for the picture.  Then He heated up welding rod and formed my name with it.  Then he heated up the welding rod and "branded" my name into the frame.  Then he stained it.  I know...same picture.  Apparently he made a few copies of it the first time.  And's the only picture from those days that we are not visibly holding a Coors Light.  We've drank a "few" Coors Light here and there over the years...shhh don't tell. 

After our third Valentine's Day together he had moved to North Carolina and didn't have access to his toys anymore.  I miss my homemade Valentines.  NOT that I'm complaining!  I am THOROUGHLY enjoying my little Kumquat.  But truly...nothing can replace something that is made with your own two hands and given to the one you love.  One day Farm Boy will get his own toys once again and I will expect my homemade gifts to resume...hear that Farm Boy...are you reading this?  I need some more roses...k honey?  I love you sweetums! 

Oh yes...and THIS is a picture of me and Bubba back in the day.

He wasn't all to happy about the pink paint...but he loves me.  Thank heavens!

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