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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Orange Fog (aka Arbonne)

This post is dedicated to:
My Regional Vice Presidents
Jessie & Amanda

You two are the BEST upline anyone could have ever imagined! I'm so blessed to have you two in my life and I'm so thankful that we came out of the Orange Fog together! Love you guys!

I was once sucked into the Orange Fog that is Arbonne International. For those of you that don't know what it is...I'm not even going to waste the strength in my fingers to type it out. Google it...but be NOT under any circumstances give your personal information out to anyone...the Arbots may find it and start working their magic and suck you in!

My brief stint lasted a year. I started like most...full force...ready to ROCKET TO THE TOP! I had never EVER pictured myself to be the type of person to sell skin care and I HATED going to "parties" and was MORTIFIED at the thought of asking people to come to one. But I was the type of person who was VERY fond of the idea of working for myself. The thought of having my own business and not having to deal with the day to day in an office with all the office was an incredible thought! I was hooked and away I went!

I did very well in my first month and convinced myself that I needed to quit my job (which I HATED) to spend more time on my new Arbonne Career. Yes, I know...stupid!! I was so very miserable at my job and just KNEW that this was the answer to everything. I would be driving a Mercedes in NO time. By the way...their "Pink Cadillac" is a White Mercedes. Honestly though...all the while I was thinking...I've never wanted a Mercedes in my life. Never even thought of a Mercedes. The Mercedes in my mind was a loaded out 4-wheel drive Suburban. Looking back...I should have just continued to aspire to that and been done with it. But no...once again, I abandon my roots and go for a Mercedes that I have never wanted in my life. Anyway, so I worked my hiney off!! HINEY off! Ran from here to there...all over the state of North Carolina (that is where I lived at the time)...talked to everyone I came in contact with. Went to networking meetings...went and spoke at cosmetology schools...worked it OFF people! But to no gain was ZERO. Of course I met some really great people. I did have some really great clients and a few "business builders". But, ultimately it all pretty well stopped the minute I moved away from North Carolina. And honestly, I didn't have it in me to keep going. I was TIRED. Tired of being in the fog. There are some that would say I could have, should have done this or that...but it's over...I did the best I could do and that is all anyone can do.

Looking back I now know what I REALLY bought in to. I really bought in to the dreams that Arbonne gave me. The dreams of working from home. The dream of retiring my husband and living where we wanted to live. The dream of being over and abundantly financially secure. Of course when my Arbonne business fell apart I felt my dreams had all shattered. But now I know that I can still have those dreams but the vehicle I use to achieve them does NOT have to be Arbonne. Thank heavens!

Even after the heartache and failure I felt when things fell apart...I am thankful for Arbonne. Thankful because I did learn some very valuable lessons from it and read some really great self-help books that I otherwise would have never read. Overall I do feel the experience has made me a better person. But the thing I am the MOST thankful for...meeting my friends Jessie and Amanda. They too were in the Orange Fog at the time and have since found their way out as well. And if there are ANY two people on this earth that deserve to be Executive (x12) National Vice Presidents it is Jessie and Amanda! They are incredibly remarkable people and I will love them forever!

Now for a little Karma shall we...Arbonne just filed bankruptcy. Yea...imagine that! The big glorious "all natural", "debt free" company has filed bankruptcy. Could it be all their words are just a bunch of smoke in mirrors? And that Arbonne is just a facade. And all the big S-class Mercedes drivin $600 suit wearin "National Vice Presidents" (who aren't really National Vice Presidents anymore) who are your best buddy when you are working your hiney off are just a bunch of phonies?  Because the moment you say, I can't do this anymore they are gone quicker than greased lightening!

Who knows. All I DO know is...I've NEVER been more thankful that my dear friends and I are out of the Orange Fog! And that on the 30th and 31st of every month we aren't chewing our fingernails off and sweating bullets.

This is Jessie, Amanda and I (as well as the Orange Fog) with an author.

And this is me with my Mercedes...SO glad I didn't get there cause I would have been stuck with the payment when it all fell apart!

It is purely coincidental that I was wearing my ORANGE Oklahoma State jacket in this picture.  I will forever remain in THAT Orange Fog! 

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