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Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Day Closer

I called my friend LP the other day to see if she would join me in celebrating this week's pity party. 

 Yes...I occasionally have pity parties...I'm sure it's difficult to imagine but true. 

This week's was the usual.  I'm in a funk, why don't I have a village, my house is a mess, I need some me time...blah, blah, blah. 

She's such a great friend.  Such a great listener.  Honestly...she is partly to blame for me being the semi-good friend that I am today.  I used to really suck at it.  Anyway, she was listening and feeling my pain and then offered up a nice little silver lining. 

She said...when things are hard and you don't feel like you can go on...remember, you are one day closer to things getting better. 

Take a moment and chew on that one awhile........

Isn't that great?  I thought so! 

I thought so much so that I now have a post-it note hanging on the bathroom mirror that says...One Day Closer.  And one on the computer monitor...and one on the refrigerator...and one in my panty drawer. 

Just kidding about the panty drawer.

But imagine all the "one day closer" possibilities!

One day closer to finding your one true love...if you haven't already...

One day closer to becoming a mommy or daddy...

One day closer to your desired weight...

One day closer to moving closer to home...

One day closer to spring...

I could go on and on which is what's so great about "one day closer".  It gives a little sense of calm doesn't it?  A calm in knowing that as long as you keep pushing toward your goal...even when it really are one day closer to getting there.

Thanks LP…love ya for listening and being such a great friend!


  1. I'm one day closer to seeing y'all!!! I can't wait. Dad and I can be your little village. :) See you soon. I think I see a nice pedi in your future! Good bye mom heels!!!

  2. Whoo hooo! Can't wait! I was thinking that YOU had a pedi in your future. Guess great minds things alike! :-)

    And I may just let you help me clean out my closet! I will be such an honor! :-)

    Love you!