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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How It Came To Be...My Farmer Boy and Me

Once upon a time in a far, far away land there was a girl.  She had just gotten out of a really long and difficult relationship and was praying to the good Lord above to please, PLEASE keep all boys away from her.  She simply couldn't handle anymore heartbreak....

Sorry, I just realized my future in fairy tale writing is bleak....

Surprise, surprise...I'm the girl. 

I wasn't looking for anyone and just wanted to have fun with my friends.  I seriously prayed that God would keep all the boys away from me until He was ready for me to meet "The One".  I prayed it LONG and HARD y'all.  

Amazingly not to terribly long after I removed myself from my difficult relationship...and I had started praying and praying and friend CD invited me to Stillwater, Oklahoma to hang out with some old friends.  One she had known since high school.  I went very much looking forward to some FUN.  We planned on staying in Stillwater that night at her friend's house and getting up and going to the lake nearby the next day. 

We all met up at The Wormy Dog Saloon, on the strip in Stillwater.  I know, crazy name.  It was quite the dive.  Oh how we miss it!  Anyway, we met up at the Wormy Dog and had lots of fun.  Got up the next morning and went to the lake.

We were having a fabulous time at the lake, swimming...absolutely NOT drinking Coors Light...talking, joking around and listening to some great music.  All of a sudden CD's friend from high school starts pestering the daylights out of me! 

Did I mention these friends were guys?  Oh..okay well these friends were guys. 

So he starts pestering me and I'm like dude...if you are going to keep dunking me and taking my floatie can just carry me around on your back.  And so he did...for the rest of the day. 

After the lake we get back to the house...also known by many as The House On the Hill or HOH for short...and we are all getting ready to head home.  Well out of nowhere my tormentor comes up to me and kind of hem haws around and says, Well uh...let me give you my number. 

To which I said...WHOA not really.  I really said...(insert girlie giggle)...I don't want your number. 

And then he said...Oookay. 

Then I said...But you can have mine. 

Then he smiled. 

Then I said, sorry but I don't call boys. 

Part of my praying and praying and praying resulted in me growing up and realizing that the guy needs to put out effort to win you.  You shouldn't pave the way for him by making it to easy.  Some may not agree.  It's sort of old fashioned but it worked for me.

And call him I did NOT.  Honestly, I thought he was a really nice guy but I didn't think he was gonna call.  After all...I had done all that praying and trusted God that he was gonna keep them all away. 

Three days later...ring ring...guess who it was the guy...... 

To be continued....

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  1. OOh - I'm so glad you linked back, I'm so excited to now read the next part!!!