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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Neighborly Thing To Do

We have new neighbors!  I am thoroughly excited about this y'all.   We saw them moving in but with the piles still everywhere I haven't been down to formally introduce myself. I know...I'm a bad neighbor.  Hopefully I made up for it today!

I ran in to our realtor in the grocery store a few days ago and she told me all about our new neighbors.  Apparently...they just moved back to the States from ROME!  Rome people...heavens above I can NOT WAIT to pick her brain about what Rome was like!  Ahhh....I can only imagine!  Anyway, so her hubby is in a moving around related job just like Farm Boy so we have THAT in common.  AND they have two kids...a little boy, not sure how old and a little girl that is 18 months.  That is only two months older than Q-Tip.  So we have THAT in common too! 

I have been planning all week to take something down there but specialty...until today.  I baked them some Oatmeal Crispies and took them down FRESH out of the oven.  I'm hoping that will make up for my un-neighborly behavior the past few weeks. 

What do you think?  Yea...I think so too. 

I know it would DEFINITELY make me forget all about not being welcomed to the neighborhood properly. 

I was trying to be all crafty and made a cutsie little note card and hand wrote...therein lies the mistake...a little note on one side.  Of course, I ran out of room and had to write our names up in a corner and our number across the bottom and it ended up looking like a busy mess of blah.  As if that wasn't enough...I decided to be clever and write the recipe on the other side.  And of course after I started writing realized that if I screwed it up I was going to have to pitch the whole thing and start over.  But...I wrote on and of course...RAN OUT OF ROOM.  I ended up writing all the ingredients down and the baking temperature and time and then writing.  For instructions go to:  Slightly tacky don't ya think? 

On the envelope I attempted to write Welcome...and instead it looks more like Weolome...because I was writing with the bold end of a scrapbooking pen and my C became an O.  Lordy.  I just hope she isn't an over the top perfectionist like myself and says...who in the world is this woman and how old is she...TEN?!  Although I shouldn't even say ten...most ten year olds probably have better penmanship than me. 

I guess I should give myself an A for effort.  Although I'm sure Mrs. King, my first grade teacher and Mrs. Caldwell, my second grade teacher would disagree and then my mother would be horrified as she was my teacher from third grade through the middle of the eleventh grade.  Sorry y'all!  I try! 

Unfortunately, the hubby was the only one home.  He said that she and the kiddos were visiting family up in New York.  I was a titch disappointed that I didn't get to meet her but I left my number and he said he'd have her give me a call so we can meet. 

I am optimistic!  I need friends here.  My one and only friend here RH is going back to work starting tomorrow...which means she will not be available for weekday outings or play dates (aka. Mommy Sanity Sessions).  I pray, pray, pray my new neighbor and I find lots in common and both of us can find a new friend in Maryland.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I'll keep you updated in my non-procrastinating kinda way! 

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