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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Favorite...For Today

Have I mentioned lately that IPods totally rock?  Cause they do.  I stole the IPod once again today and had a little jam out session as I shoveled the deck (more on that later) and came across my favorite song for today.  Once's a Miranda Lambert song.  I'm kinda, sorta stuck on Miranda songs these days.  I had to share it cause I LOVE IT and it's my FAVORITE...for today. 

Makin' Plans
Miranda Lambert

If I ever left this town
I’d never settle down
I’d just be wandering around
If I ever left this town

If I wasn’t by your side
I'd never be satisfied
Nothin’ would feel just right
If I wasn’t by your side

‘Cause I’m not easy to understand
But you know me like the back of your hand
I’m your girl and you’re my man
And we’re makin’ plans

We can go on and on
Won’t ever feel too long
I’ll always call you home
And we’ll go on and on

‘Cause I know you like the back of my hand
Got a heart of gold and a piece of land
I’m your girl and you’re my man
And we’re makin’ plans

Aww....isn't that just the sweetest thing?  I love the "I'll always call you home" line...cause Lord knows where our home is from one day to the next!

Anyway, there you have favorite song for today! 

You feel all warm and fuzzy inside now don't you?  I KNEW IT!! 

My work here is done...  Ta Ta.

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