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Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's a SNOWNAMI...Run for Your Lives!!

So much for my nap yesterday and the sick card didn't work either.  I was forced into manual labor y'all.  It was a tragedy.  I spent my naptime helping Farm Boy shovel snow.  Okay, okay...I guess I shouldn't say forced.  Guilted is more like it.  Okay, okay...he didn't put me on a guilt trip...I confess, I WANTED to help him.  I wanted to help him cause I knew I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself doing anything in the house knowing he was out there ALONE working his hiney off.  Besides...I am his Laura remember?  And she would have definitely helped her Farmer Boy.  So we bravely faced the Snownami and trudged through the (thigh deep at the time) snow around to the front of the house so we could dig out the front door. 

Here we are just after getting the back gate open to go around to the front of the house.

Farm Boy...lookin mighty fine
 holdin that shovel...if I do say so myself!

And me ready to shovel...sad thing feet
weren't completely touching the ground
and the snow is up to my thigh.

And this is our path out to the street. 
YES I got snow in my boots and NO I was not happy about it! 
I needed wader's people!  It was ridiculous!
Farm Boy had to kick his feet around a little so I could get through it.

So we made it around to the front of the house and dug out the front door.  Then we made a little path so we could get at least half way to the cars.  Not sure why cause there was NO getting them out of the snow.  But we did it anyway and it made today's work a little easier. 

This is me yesterday after part of
the path had been cleared from the front door.
This is one of our Magnolia trees yesterday.

And this is some of the cars in our neighborhood yesterday.
I promise...there are cars under there!

And this is Q-Tip playing in the tupperware drawer. 
I know it isn't snow related but this was her big
accomplishment for the day.

So that brings us to today.  No nap...once again.  I do have to admit that Farm Boy let me sleep in...bless his sweet soul.  The sun did show its lovely face which didn't really help matters because the temperature didn't make it above 29 degrees but I'm not complaining.  It was nice to see the sun and I can handle the frigid temps when I'm wearing my Carhartts.  However, no Carhartts = no Megan outside in the cold!  

We waited for Q-Tip to take her marathon nap and went out to face the music.  We had every intention of digging both trucks out but alas...our efforts went futile...partly.  We did get a nice little path out to the sidewalk and half of Farm Boy's truck out.  Y' took us two hours to do it!  TWO BLESSED HOURS!  And let me just tell ya, I was sweating bullets and was half way stripped out of my Carhartts by the time Q-Tip woke up.  We were shoveling our little hineys off. 

This is the front of Farm Boy's truck and the next one is the front of my truck.  You can see the tips of the windshield wipers sticking up through the snow.  We learned a nifty trick out here...if you flip them up they don't freeze to the windshield.  HA...who'd of thunk it! 

And here is the proof that we shoveled our hineys off today. 
Doesn't look like much I know.  But it was HARD y'all....HARD!

We still have more to go which means...we will be shoveling AGAIN tomorrow.  I threatened to not speak to Farm Boy until he bought a snow's really pointless to threaten that though cause it would never last.  I wouldn't be able to not talk to him for more than 30 minutes and he knows it.  So I guess I'm stuck with the dam...darn shovel.

Farm Boy doesn't have to go in to work tomorrow thank heavens.  He does have to work from home but I'm glad he is here.  Although, it is bittersweet.  This was a busy week for him so since he is staying home tomorrow (who knows how many more days) he will have to work late for the rest of the week and possibly the weekend which REALLY sucks.  But we'll make it through it.   

Here is one last picture of our darling Q-Tip. 
This one ought to give you a warm fuzzy feeling!

What will tomorrow bring...who the heck knows! 


NO I'm not kidding!  Would I kid about more SNOW?  I think NOT!

P.S.  Just to be clear...Farm Boy shovels WAY faster than I do so really he did most of the work.  But I did put my two cents in which I don't mind doing in any situation.  As I'm sure you have guessed by now.


  1. OMG! I cant believe all the snow!!! I am sooo glad I dont live up north!!! Cute pics of Q-tip...S loves to do the same thing! In fact its funny b/c I just posted a pic of her doing it! lol

  2. Ah, snow ... beautiful snow! You said you were shoveling your "hineys" off .. I didn't see any "hineys" laying around! I seriously loved the pics.

  3. The snow looks beautiful but the work that goes with it doesn't! How long did it take to clear that path? Q-Tip looks cute in the drawer.


  4. Courtney, I saw the pics of S in the drawer...too cute! It is so funny they are doing the same things and aren't even together! Oh the fun they would have these days! Miss you guys! :-)

    RobertsRoost, I definitely know where I got my you!! :-)

    GillLink, It took us about 2 hours to clear the path and get half of Farm Boy's truck out. He worked another 2 today and finished getting both our trucks out. Q-Tip decided her afternoon marathon wasn't necessary so that was my "get out of shoveling free card". :-)

  5. Hello Megan, The pics are amazing! Becky had that much snow when she returned to Nebraska City after Christmas! They still have snow and have not seen the ground since December 3! We have had snow but nothing like that. Thanks for sharing the fun of winter and the joys of your sweet little girl. Miss you and hope your electricity keeps working. Love you, Marvella

  6. And to think we are excited aout our 7 inches of snow in Conway.

  7. I'm in the D.C. area...I feel your pain! My roommates and I decided it was futile to attempt shoveling anything this time around :)

  8. Marvella, The electricity has stayed on thank the Lord! I think I'm done with snow for the year. DONE!! I want to see the ground and I want to walk out to my car without breaking a hip! Love you and miss you too!

    Amy, I'll trade you! :-)

    Kim, Aren't you just about to lose it? I AM! I can NOT believe all this nonsense. I want to go out to eat! AND I want to go to the mall! I guess we should be thankful we have power though...and internet...and cable!! Be safe!