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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yes the IT is me!  How'd you guess?  I'm so excited to be alive! 

I am upright today's a Christmas Miracle...oh yea, it's not Christmas anymore is it?  Oh's still a miracle!  I am feeling much better today.  Farm Boy let me take a super long nap yesterday...bless his little pea pickin heart! 

And thank heavens for over the counter medications!  I probably took enough yesterday to kill a horse but worked and I'm alive, feeling better! 

So if you haven't heard...we here in Maryland are getting pummeled with snow.  Pummeled you say...yes pummeled!  I have never seen so much snow in all my life!  A friend of mine stated that Mother Nature should be kicked out of the game with a technical for offensive behavior and I say she needs her hiney kicked!  She must really be pissed at Maryland because she is kickin our hineys!  And I have a mind to go out there and let PO Priscilla have a little chat with her!  Honestly, I'm kinda skeered though (shhh don't tell).  She might decide to freeze me in a block of ice or something and that would really suck.  So I guess I'll stay in here where it is warm and cozy. 

Since we are covered in snow and I am feeling so much better I am considering slappin on the ol headphones once again and getting lost in a closet.  But don't bet the farm on it y''s just a consideration at this point.  I might decide to use my sick card for the rest of the day and start fresh tomorrow.  Maybe Farm Boy will let me take another nap...hehee.   

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