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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Refuse To Say The "S" Word

I refuse to say the "S" word tonight.  REFUSE.  Well...I will whisper it one time just so you know for sure which one I am talking about....ready?  Okay...snow.  That's it...I'm not saying it again for the rest of the post!  Cause I'm SICK OF IT!!  SICK, SICK, SICK!!  And Mother Nature...well she can kiss my...restraining, restraining, restraining...booty.

Okay...on to better and brighter things!  Today kind of sucked.  Farm Boy is having to work a lot...remember when I told you it was a busy week for him...yea well the fact that he can't get into the office hasn't put a damper on his work load...he's been working from home.  AND, I have decided I do NOT like this.  When he works in the office he is home at 4:30 PM and is done working for the day.  When he works from home he works DAY & NIGHT.  Course, it is a busy week but STILL...COME ON.  And in between the work he has braved the Aftershock and gone out and shoveled.  You know so we won't have a full 20 inches to shovel again all at once.  Although I'm pretty sure there is going to be more than 20 inches this time...on top of the 32 from the other day...making it over 50 for those of you mathematically challenged like myself. 

Okay so I'm done complaining.  It's making me crazy...the whole thing. 


I'm going to dive a little deeper into the things I love to do.  I've never gotten this deep before I go.  I LOVE to do anything crafty.  Sew, knit, scrapbook, paint, jewelry making whatever...I LOVE IT.  Pretty much anything I can make myself I am all about at least trying.  Maybe I will post some pictures of some things I've made so you will believe me.  We'll see.  Someday...when I come up with my million dollar idea and we move again, I will have a BIG HUGE room full of my crafty things.  It is going to be so great!  And maybe...I'll actually have time to go in there and do things!  Wouldn't that be awesome?  *you can say yes here*  I KNOW!!  I have sewn quite a few things....little security blankets for babies, baby blankets, burp clothes, valances....things like that.  But what I would REALY love to do is learn to quilt. I love quilts...they remind me of days past.  They remind me of my great grandma Lola.  She quilted and someday I will learn how myself.  

Well kids...Farm Boy is waiting on me to finish watching our Tuesday night TV that we DVRed last night cause he was...guess...WORKING.

Y'all have a blessed evening and promise me one thing...promise...come one, PROMISE...promise me you will go to the mall tomorrow!  I'm not a HUGE shopper or anything (maybe a little) but if I could...I would SO go to the mall tomorrow!  Just to say I see some people aside from my neighbors that are shoveling!  Please...for the love of my sanity...GO TO THE MALL TOMORROW!!!

P.S. You’ll have to excuse me…I’ve been knocking on the gates at Crazyville today. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back home!  But don't bet the farm on it.


  1. Ok...I seriously, SERIOUSLY cannot believe all that white stuff! (Trying also to not use the s-word in hopes of keeping you from not only riding that bus straight to Crazyville...but at this point, i'm afraid you may highjack the bus and drive it yourself!) GEEZ! We've had a few days her in OK where they have closed closed the schools due to bad weather and we've been home with 4 kids...I canNOT imagine being stuck at home in all of that! per your request, I will throw myself upon the sword here...only for you...and I, yes, I will go to the mall...ONLY for you though...yes.... me = giver. :-) AND...just because I'm such a good friend, tomorrow I will take the day off of work and go to Affair of the's going to be cold and windy, but I'll think you and yours home in Maryland and I will put on my cutest coat and matching scarf and brave the elements in search of crafty things that you would love! Just for you!

    When I was reading your post about quilting, I remembered the time I made a quilt (the "time", as in in two days, remember that? The "queeeel" (that's how mackenzie pronounced it) for my mom for Mother's Day. OMG! A quilter, I am not...that poor, poor quilt... Well, it's the thought that counts, right? Oh jiminy.... I think you will be MUCH better at that than I was.

    I will let you know the outcome of the mall excursion as well as the follow up at Affair of the Heart :-)

    LYMI :-)

    ps...I won't tell Jillian about the oatmeal crispies...she doesn't have to know EVERYTHING!

  2. Whew....thanks for not ratting me out to Jillian...I was worried.

    This morning I was lying in wait to hijack the bus but after seeing the sun was shining decided not to. I was SO...VERY...close!

    Oh yes PLEASE report back to be about the Affair of the Heart. I want to know EVERYTHING you see so I can try and make it! Thank you very much!