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Friday, February 19, 2010


I am in a funk.  And once again I have fallen FAR below the bar of June Freakin Cleaver.

Now...just to clarify...a funk and Crazyville are two different things.  A funk is...well it's a funk.  And's just Crazyville...make sense?  Great!

I am going to deviate from my plan...because it's my blog and I can do that...and blame this dreaded funk on the Snownami and the Aftershock.  I know I said I would never mention them again but I am certain that being stuck in the house and Q-Tip's illness that coincided with the aforementioned natural disasters have caused this funk.  And I must really pisses me off. 

I was doing so good!  I was cleaning out closets and keeping the house clean.  I was going places and doing thing.  Hells bells. 

Now, I'm in this freakin funk...the house is a mess...I have to DRAG myself to the grocery store...I haven't touched a closet this week...Q-Tip is in detox which is heaven on earth...and dammit...I'm just pissed.

On a good is Friday and Farm Boy will be home for two days.  

On sucky note...I need to clean house tomorrow and a closet will not be involved in this task. 

On a good note...I have my new little Kumquat to assist me and bring pleasure to my house cleaning experience.

On a good old friend LNJV suggested I try adding some liquid Vitamin B to my arsenal (remind me some day to tell you about my arsenal).  A trip to the Wal-Marts will be in order this weekend to do that very thing. 

Maybe some Liquid Vitamin B is just what I get out of this funk! 

Or maybe...I need some retail therapy. 

Or maybe...I need a vacation somewhere away from the house.

Or maybe...I need my BFF LPWH to come and visit soon...oh wait...she is coming to visit soon!  YEAH! 

Or maybe...I need all of the above...YESTERDAY! 

P.S.  I wonder if I can add one more link in here somewhere...good grief! 

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