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Friday, February 26, 2010

F is for Friends

What in the world would life be like without friends?  Well I know mine would be a dreadful, horrible place!

Who would help you hide the bodies?  Just kidding...but not really.

Who would hold your hair...if it should need holding?  Of course...I have NEVER needed mine held.  Absolutely not ever.   

Who could you blame the cigarettes on when mom finds them?  Another one I would know nothing about.

Who would be with you on some of the best days and worst days of your life?

I am a late bloomer when it comes to finding my really good friends.  You know the kind that know the names of all the skeletons in your closet and just might have a picture or two of them.  Of course I do have a few people that I have known since childhood or that I met during my younger years that I love dearly.  But some of the friends I made in my twenties...they are the ones that come to mind...when I hear I WANT A BIG RED NOSE, I WANT SOME FLOPPY SHOES...or when I think of Nashville, Tennessee Music City USA...or when I think of Conway...or just when I need to laugh, laugh, laugh!

They are the ones that will not allow me to stay in my funk for long...cause they will slap me upside the head and tell me to snap the heck out of it.  They are the ones that would tell me if I needed to re-think that outfit cause it's doing nothing for my "flawless" figure.  They are the ones that would say...honey you need to put down the hairspray it is big enough!  Or stick up for me even when I MAY be in the wrong...not that I ever am but I'm just sayin in case I were.  You know...just using that as an example of how loyal they really are!  And, we may not talk everyday but it doesn't matter...we may not talk for two weeks and yet, we can pick up the phone and it feels like we just hung out last night.

The greatest thing about these friends is that in one way or another...they unknowingly helped me to become a better person.  A better listener, better at putting out effort to keep in touch, better at being more compassionate and understanding, better at reaching for the know, things of that nature.  I love them for it...more than they know.  And I need them...more than they know...and more than I tell them sometimes.

And of course, I love my Farmer Boy and he is my bestest bestest friend cause when I need my friends the most...he knows it...and he flies them out for my birthday and surprises me or sends me off on a trip to Tennessee or lets me talk on the phone for hours and never says a word.  

Thank you Lord for my amazing friends and for strategically placing them in my life when I needed them the most and for helping them, help me become a better person!

Jenny Matlock


  1. "Who could you blame the cigarettes on when mom finds them?"

    ...or when your husband finds them - LOL!!!! (Yes, Pam I'm talking about YOU!!!)

  2. you sound like a really fun, good friend yourself!

  3. Now annamac...I was just using that as an :-) Plus, I can not reveal my sources.

    I was gonna say husband but it fit better with mom for me! LOL!! Love ya Pam! :-)

    myletterstoemily...I have been known to be a good friend and be fun on occasion...but I'm certain it is Farm Boy and my friends that bring those things out the most in me! :-) Thanks for the comment!

  4. AMEN for good friends. It's amazing how God knows who to put in your life and when.

    I'm a Nashville girl myself, so I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's had some great times with friends in the Music City! :)


  5. Oh girl...the fun we had in Nashville Tennessee Music City USA!! I met two of my friends...annamac and Pamtastic there for fan fair. We had LOTS of fun and I found myself wishing it was next week and I was going yesterday when everything sucked! LOL!

    And you are so right...apparently God knows what he's doin! Thanks heavens someone does! Just wish I could ask him sometimes why he's doin some things. Guess I will one day...not that I'll care at that point. :-)

  6. Love the post! Your life and mine are parallels. Unbelievably sad that there's another me out there. ;)