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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Dookie...that is what I feel like today...dookie. My head is pounding and my entire face hurts. But I'm not complaining...oh wait...yes I am.

I put up a good fight the last few days. However, I am sad to announce that I have succumbed to a nasty cold. Well who knows what it is really. A cold...sinus issues...who really knows. Honestly I don't care...I just want it to GO AWAY! I have closets to clean out and a 1 year old to chase, dad gummit...I don't have time for this nonsense!

I AM happy to announce that (thank the Lord) with the impending doom of 12-24 inches of snow on the horizon, Farm Boy is staying home tomorrow. As reluctant as I am to rejoice about this imminent snow fall I do have to admit it could not be coming at a better time. Considering the nasty little residents that have staked their claim in my sinus cavities and forced me to feel like dookie. And, if it means Farm Boy is staying home...let it snow, let is snow, let it snow!

Maybe, just maybe...I will wake up feeling like a new woman tomorrow...clean the house from top to bottom, organize 3 closets, and spend the afternoon scrapbooking!

So have you picked yourself up off the floor? May I continue? Just checking.

Yea, I don't see it happening either but there is ALWAYS a possibility...however slim it may be.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow...I'm too busy cleaning, organizing, and scrapbooking. OR, I'm curled up in bed with a warm rag over my face and several over the counter medications pumping through my veins. It definitely could go either way. But it will probably end up being the latter.

Even still...I may miss you too much and force myself out of bed to come and pour out my soul once more!

We shall see...we shall see.


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  1. You make my days, you do not even know that sometimes your post is all the laughter I get these days. FYI, lay your check or face on a heating pad and it will melt all the boogers in your head and help them drain. I know from experience all the Bell (maiden name) woman have terrible sinus's,another one is vicks in your nose then take a hot shower and breathe baby breathe. Love you girl, hope you feel better