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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dierks and I Go Way Back

The back story...

Two years after Farm Boy and I started dating he got a job that required him to move to North Carolina...which is the job he has today. We were apart for a year before we got married. Yes...I promise I will go more in to this another day.

Also, it is important for me to say that Farm Boy is consumed with absolute pride and joy when he can successfully convince me of something rather outrageous and then tease me to the death about being naive.  He gets pure pleasure from this y'all.  Case in point...he had to go to DC on business for a week while we were dating.  He calls and tells me that he and his friend/co-worker had just toured the White House and met the President.  Now I know that is crazy...and I told him it was crazy...but he worked and worked to convince me that it had happened.  So the moment comes when I FINALLY say...are you serious?  Did you really?  OMG...that is unbelievable.  To which he says...woman, you will believe anything!  And goes on and on and on.  At that very moment I could have reached through the phone and pinched his cheeks off. 

Rewind....Fall of 2004.

Late one evening as I sit folding the laundry...picture it...pj pants, pony make-up.  I get a little ring on my cell.  Farm Boy is on the other end.  He and his friend Hardy were at a Cross Canadian Ragweed/Dierks Bentley concert (yes I knew ahead of time) at Duke in North Carolina.  It was over.  He was hanging backstage with the band (Cross Canadian Ragweed).  He says...Hey Babe...someone wants to talk to you.  I say okay thinking it's some friend of ours that we haven't seen in awhile or something.  Maybe Cody Canada...which wouldn't be too outrageous.  This dude gets on and says...Hi Megan...this is Dierks Bentley.  What are you up to?  I start laughing.  HAHA...not funny Hardy.  I'm NEVER gonna believe this one so you might as well put Farm Boy back on the phone.  He's know, I sing country music.  Yea, I totally know Dierks sings country music and I totally know this ain't him.  I'm never gonna fall for this one y'all.  So he's really me.  I say, haha...good one!  He says, well okay...have a good night!  At this point I have begun to get a titch nervous...just a titch.  Farm Boy gets back on the phone and says were just totally rude to Dierks was him I swear to God.

PANIC STRIKES!!  I have a fall out right then and there!  I morph into PO Priscilla for about five seconds followed by...PUT HIM BACK ON THE PHONE!

So Dierks gets back on.  Then I say...Dierks oh my God, I am SO sorry.  He says, no biggie and laughs.  He says, I told you it was me...I say well maybe you should sing to me so I'll know for sure.  He laughs and's me, I swear.  So we chat it up for a sec and he hands the phone back off to Farm Boy. 

So yea...Dierks and I are buds now.  We go way back.  To 2004 I might add.

Dierks...if you reading this...Love ya a totally love your music kind of way.

I have to say though...I wanted to pinch Farm Boy's cheeks off because A) he teases me so much I don't believe a damn word he says and B) Deirks Bentley just called me and I didn't believe it was him cause he teases me so much I don't believe a damn word he says!

But I love him...what can I do about it? 


  1. OMG! I totally remember this...i believe when you retold the story you were able to say... "guess who I talked to last night? The 3rd best looking man in country music"...remember that? I totally love Dierks the "Come A Little Closer" and "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" kinda way....


  2. Totally....Dierks Bentley called could I forget?! :-)