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Friday, February 19, 2010


Please tell me that I am not the only one that has to put their child through detox after an illness.  You know...where you have to... 
  • Break them of wanting to be rocked completely to sleep 
  • Break them of wanting to be rocked every time they wake up in the night 
  • They actually have to EAT what you give them the first time cause I ain't no short order cook sweet thang
So y'all know what I'm talking about right?  Even if you don't say yes so it will make me feel better...pretty please.

You may be thinking I am a Mommy Dearest and I need to rock my child completely to sleep every night but my thinking is this...I really want her to know how to fall asleep on her own before the crib is converted into a toddler bed and we have MAJOR issues!  The thing is...she does know how to fall asleep on her own but when she gets sick and needs the extra special attention and rocking...of course I give it to her...and then the battle ensues.  The not falling asleep and fussing for an hour an a half after she is put to bed.  The having a fit because you quit rocking and lay her in her bed.  The waking up five times in the night and fussing cause she wants to be rocked.  Etcetra, etcetra, etcetra....  (name that movie *'s an old the way...I LOVE old musicals)

I will always give her extra love and affection when she is sick...but I can't say I will ever enjoy the detox later.

Ahhh the joys of Motherhood!


  1. I deffinately agree our babies need extra Love when they are sick, but Yes you should deffinately Detox them. Or is will be a never ending battle. Let me just tell you I never detoxed Mykah until 1 month ago. For 5 years every night at bedtime I would have to lay with her in her bed until she fell asleep....sometimes for hours upon hours and what felt like more hours as I heard the TV go off in the living room, Chris going to bed and there went my whole evening! My time! Our time! MY TIME!...was spent pretending I was asleep as my 4 year old controled it all. So many nights I sat in there pissed - well for a month now she goes to bed on her own and WOW it is awesome to have that time in the evening to spend with Chris and have my time to read this Great Blog!
    DETOX her NOW!
    And go get some vitamin B ASAP. If you need take a double dose to get you up and going! ;)

  2. You go girl!! It has to be done but it sure does suck! Better late that never though. She will thank you for it one least that is what I tell myself when I'm in the throws of it. LOL!

    Thanks for the is def part of my weekend plans!