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Monday, February 8, 2010

Dearest Most Wonderful Mother Nature

Dearest Most Wonderful Mother Nature,

Greetings you're Majesty!  I pray my letter finds you in wonderful spirits this fine February day.  I would just like to express my sincere gratitude for the lovely snow you so willingly shared with us over the weekend.  It has created a beautiful landscape that we have thoroughly enjoyed the past few days.  And it gave Farm Boy and I some MUCH needed exercise as we shoveled the lovely snow away from our trucks yesterday (AND TODAY).  Although, we may end up in the chiropractor's office...we enjoyed every blessed minute we were able to spend outdoors in the frigid temperatures!

However...I have recently been told that you will be gracing us with 10-20 more inches of the lovely snow tomorrow and your Majesty...I must implore you to restrain yourself if possible your Highness, Beautiful One, Master of all nature.  The piles are so high your Loveliness that I fear the digging will be futile after said snow arrives.  We would simply purchase a snow blower to remove this snow but your Majesty...all stores are sold out, there are none to buy.  In addition to these valid points Majestic One, Farm Boy is beginning to experience anxiety about his duties at work.  He has much work to be done this week and although I want him home...I can not be selfish.  To work he must go.  But with more snow your Magnificence he would surely not arrive safely.

If you could so graciously find it in your heart to have mercy on us dear Noble One...we would forever call you the THE most Beautiful of Mothers EVER and forever sing your praises!

Forever Your Beloved....
Do you think that will work y'all? 
We are in utter desperation here!!

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