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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can There Be a Snownami Aftershock?

We are SO totally having a Snownami Aftershock!  If there is such a thing.  And if there isn't...I'm makin one up dad gummit.  Cause I can do that...cause it's my blog and I say what goes.  I'm still praying that Mother Nature has pity on us but don't worry...I'm not bettin the farm on it y'all. 

I stole the IPod again today and went out and shoveled the deck so Farm Boy wouldn't have to.  I felt bad for him because yesterday Q-Tip decided her regular afternoon marathon (aka nap) wasn't necessary so it was my "Get Out of Shoveling Free Card".  I did make him go out and shake the Magnolia trees branch has broken and I can just see them all mangled and nasty looking on Thursday when the Aftershock has ended. 

So I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled on the deck this afternoon and jammed out.  I'm sure the neighbors thought I was crazy but gorgeous singing voice is NOTHING but an absolute blessing to those who are lucky enough to hear it!  You think if I tell myself that enough it will happen?  I mean the gorgeous singing voice part.  Anyway, back to my I was shoveling I began to feel all my sore muscles from the shoveling done in the past few days.  My arms, my sides, my stomach...BUT, I hung in and got it done.  I went in the house...proud of my hard work and the news was one.  As I listened to the news...I may have morphed into PO Priscilla for a few seconds.  Okay, maybe a minute.  The reason being...the news anchor was talking about how we shouldn't worry about our decks holding the snow from the Aftershock because they are built to withstand far more weight than what the Aftershock will bring on top of the original Snownami!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  ALL THAT SHOVELING FOR NOTHING! 

I'm over it now though...all the shoveling done in vain.  On to the SIGNIFICANT amount of anxiety that I am feeling about the looming Aftershock.  It's over the top people.  I'm losin it.  My main concern...losing power.  And you know what it all goes back to?  Ahhh the joys of MOTHERHOOD!  Now that Q-Tip is here...and power outages could be in the near future...I'm a freakin lunatic!  What if, what if, what if...if we had this...if our house was like know, the usual.  Here's the deal...our entire house is electric.  ALL OF IT.  No nothin.  So we are basically...up dookie creek without a paddle if we lose power.  And the crazy thing is...I know we won't freeze to death or anything...we'll will be okay...but, it's still sending me to Crazyville y'all.  It can't be avoided.

  So think of us, Farm Boy and Q-Tip.  We will be in our "little house" on the (not so) prairie in Maryland waiting out the Aftershock.  Praying we don't lose power. Praying we don't have to cut down the Magnolia trees when it's over.  Praying that we don't have to do much shoveling to get the trucks out again.  Speaking you know how heartbreaking it is to see your beautiful path being covered with snow again...cause it is HEARTBREAKING!  So really...I think I'll go stuff myself with Oatmeal Crispies and pretend it's all a dream!

Oh yea...I made Oatmeal Crispies today...I know, I know!  Jillian is going to KILL me!  I'm not throwing them away Jillian...I'm NOT doing it!  I NEED THEM!  It's snowing again!!  And I can't take it!

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