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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Big Surprise

Rewind if you will...two year's ago...Valentine's Day. 

Farm Boy and I went to work like normal.  I was however excited because today was the day of LOVE and I LOVE Valentine's Day.  It has become one of my favorite holidays.  I like to get little Valentine's for my co-workers and friends and especially for my Valentine.  So when I left work that day I said...I gotta get home and get ready for my Valentine! 

Fast forward...four weeks later.

We were sitting in Zaxby's eating dinner before the dreaded trip to the Wal-Marts. I began to articulate my past week's discomfort to Farm Boy.  All I could really think to say was things were just "not right". I had already told him a day or so prior that my little "friend" was supposed to have come a couple days ago.  So as we are sitting there and I am discussing these things with him a little light bulb lit up for about a half a second...and only a half a second cause I threw a rock and busted it right then and there.  Now let me just take a break and splain something right here...when Farm Boy is presented with a mystery such as this...he's gonna get to the bottom of it right here and now whether you are ready for it or not.  So when his light bulb lit up he immediately blurts out...sounds like we need to get a pregnancy test while we are at Wal-Mart.  WHAT?!  HOLD THE PHONE!!  Nobody said nothin bout no pregnancy!

 So there we were, at the Wal-Marts trying to get our shopping done.  Farm Boy is calm, cool, and collected as usual and I'm having a panic attack on the bread aisle.  We make our way over to the area of unmentionables and begin looking at the VARIOUS types of pregnancy tests.  Now...when one discovers that one could possibly be pregnant and one doesn't know a thing about pregnancy tests and they go to "that" can become overcome with confusion.  Does there REALLY need to be 14,000 different kinds of pregnancy tests?  I mean really!  And why in the world are they so DARN expensive?!  It would be one thing if you just had to buy one and you could re-use it over and over forever but noooo...once is all you get.  We decide upon a three pack of EPT's.  It was actually a two pack with a bonus digital test.  HOT DIGGITY DOG...three for the price of two and one is DIGITAL! 

Of course, it was just like the movies, when we were checking out EVERYTHING scanned perfectly except the three pack of EPT's. So Sally Mae our checker has to call over Glenda the manager to get a price check, meanwhile the gentleman in line behind us was waiting patiently. Of course it seems like a freakin eternity for Glenda to come back with the price of our EPT's.  Which was $13.47 for all those that may need that information in four weeks.

Fast forward...thirty minutes.

Before I move forward I must mention that TODAY was the day that Oprah's big online book discussion was starting and I had every intention upon being a part of it.

Farm Boy and I get home.  I wanted to wait to take the test until after Oprah's online book discussion was over.  I knew that (heaven help me) if the test came back pregnant there would be no online book discussion for me.  But Farm Boy could not deal with such pressure. So there we were in the bathroom 7:55 PM reading the instructions which is of utmost importance. The instructions said we could possibly have to wait up to 3 minutes for results.  So I immediately get that pregnancy test commercial going in my mind.  You know...the one where the girl is pacing back and forth in the bathroom for forever before she finds out.  We opt for the digital test since it is digital and all...and about thirty seconds later, the word PREGNANT appears on the little blank screen.   Okay y'all...not to share too much...but GOOD GRIEF...I didn't even get a chance to stand up.  There was NO waiting and pacing in the bathroom.

After the initial shock, Farm Boy begins pacing the house.  And after about ten minutes of little talking, we come to the conclusion that we needed to take another test. After the same results but continued disbelief...we decide we are pregnant.  Needless to say there was no sleeping done at our house that night and there wasn't much sleeping done nine months later when we brought our little Q-Tip home. 

She's quite the little Valentine if I do say so myself.  As shocked as we were and as un-ready as we felt she makes us three...and we wouldn't change it for the world. 

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! 

And if you need a three pack of EPT's in four weeks and feel you aren't can call me and I'll understand!

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