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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Neighborly Thing To Do

We have new neighbors!  I am thoroughly excited about this y'all.   We saw them moving in but with the piles still everywhere I haven't been down to formally introduce myself. I know...I'm a bad neighbor.  Hopefully I made up for it today!

I ran in to our realtor in the grocery store a few days ago and she told me all about our new neighbors.  Apparently...they just moved back to the States from ROME!  Rome people...heavens above I can NOT WAIT to pick her brain about what Rome was like!  Ahhh....I can only imagine!  Anyway, so her hubby is in a moving around related job just like Farm Boy so we have THAT in common.  AND they have two kids...a little boy, not sure how old and a little girl that is 18 months.  That is only two months older than Q-Tip.  So we have THAT in common too! 

I have been planning all week to take something down there but specialty...until today.  I baked them some Oatmeal Crispies and took them down FRESH out of the oven.  I'm hoping that will make up for my un-neighborly behavior the past few weeks. 

What do you think?  Yea...I think so too. 

I know it would DEFINITELY make me forget all about not being welcomed to the neighborhood properly. 

I was trying to be all crafty and made a cutsie little note card and hand wrote...therein lies the mistake...a little note on one side.  Of course, I ran out of room and had to write our names up in a corner and our number across the bottom and it ended up looking like a busy mess of blah.  As if that wasn't enough...I decided to be clever and write the recipe on the other side.  And of course after I started writing realized that if I screwed it up I was going to have to pitch the whole thing and start over.  But...I wrote on and of course...RAN OUT OF ROOM.  I ended up writing all the ingredients down and the baking temperature and time and then writing.  For instructions go to:  Slightly tacky don't ya think? 

On the envelope I attempted to write Welcome...and instead it looks more like Weolome...because I was writing with the bold end of a scrapbooking pen and my C became an O.  Lordy.  I just hope she isn't an over the top perfectionist like myself and says...who in the world is this woman and how old is she...TEN?!  Although I shouldn't even say ten...most ten year olds probably have better penmanship than me. 

I guess I should give myself an A for effort.  Although I'm sure Mrs. King, my first grade teacher and Mrs. Caldwell, my second grade teacher would disagree and then my mother would be horrified as she was my teacher from third grade through the middle of the eleventh grade.  Sorry y'all!  I try! 

Unfortunately, the hubby was the only one home.  He said that she and the kiddos were visiting family up in New York.  I was a titch disappointed that I didn't get to meet her but I left my number and he said he'd have her give me a call so we can meet. 

I am optimistic!  I need friends here.  My one and only friend here RH is going back to work starting tomorrow...which means she will not be available for weekday outings or play dates (aka. Mommy Sanity Sessions).  I pray, pray, pray my new neighbor and I find lots in common and both of us can find a new friend in Maryland.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I'll keep you updated in my non-procrastinating kinda way! 

Friday, February 26, 2010

F is for Friends

What in the world would life be like without friends?  Well I know mine would be a dreadful, horrible place!

Who would help you hide the bodies?  Just kidding...but not really.

Who would hold your hair...if it should need holding?  Of course...I have NEVER needed mine held.  Absolutely not ever.   

Who could you blame the cigarettes on when mom finds them?  Another one I would know nothing about.

Who would be with you on some of the best days and worst days of your life?

I am a late bloomer when it comes to finding my really good friends.  You know the kind that know the names of all the skeletons in your closet and just might have a picture or two of them.  Of course I do have a few people that I have known since childhood or that I met during my younger years that I love dearly.  But some of the friends I made in my twenties...they are the ones that come to mind...when I hear I WANT A BIG RED NOSE, I WANT SOME FLOPPY SHOES...or when I think of Nashville, Tennessee Music City USA...or when I think of Conway...or just when I need to laugh, laugh, laugh!

They are the ones that will not allow me to stay in my funk for long...cause they will slap me upside the head and tell me to snap the heck out of it.  They are the ones that would tell me if I needed to re-think that outfit cause it's doing nothing for my "flawless" figure.  They are the ones that would say...honey you need to put down the hairspray it is big enough!  Or stick up for me even when I MAY be in the wrong...not that I ever am but I'm just sayin in case I were.  You know...just using that as an example of how loyal they really are!  And, we may not talk everyday but it doesn't matter...we may not talk for two weeks and yet, we can pick up the phone and it feels like we just hung out last night.

The greatest thing about these friends is that in one way or another...they unknowingly helped me to become a better person.  A better listener, better at putting out effort to keep in touch, better at being more compassionate and understanding, better at reaching for the know, things of that nature.  I love them for it...more than they know.  And I need them...more than they know...and more than I tell them sometimes.

And of course, I love my Farmer Boy and he is my bestest bestest friend cause when I need my friends the most...he knows it...and he flies them out for my birthday and surprises me or sends me off on a trip to Tennessee or lets me talk on the phone for hours and never says a word.  

Thank you Lord for my amazing friends and for strategically placing them in my life when I needed them the most and for helping them, help me become a better person!

Jenny Matlock

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Day Closer

I called my friend LP the other day to see if she would join me in celebrating this week's pity party. 

 Yes...I occasionally have pity parties...I'm sure it's difficult to imagine but true. 

This week's was the usual.  I'm in a funk, why don't I have a village, my house is a mess, I need some me time...blah, blah, blah. 

She's such a great friend.  Such a great listener.  Honestly...she is partly to blame for me being the semi-good friend that I am today.  I used to really suck at it.  Anyway, she was listening and feeling my pain and then offered up a nice little silver lining. 

She said...when things are hard and you don't feel like you can go on...remember, you are one day closer to things getting better. 

Take a moment and chew on that one awhile........

Isn't that great?  I thought so! 

I thought so much so that I now have a post-it note hanging on the bathroom mirror that says...One Day Closer.  And one on the computer monitor...and one on the refrigerator...and one in my panty drawer. 

Just kidding about the panty drawer.

But imagine all the "one day closer" possibilities!

One day closer to finding your one true love...if you haven't already...

One day closer to becoming a mommy or daddy...

One day closer to your desired weight...

One day closer to moving closer to home...

One day closer to spring...

I could go on and on which is what's so great about "one day closer".  It gives a little sense of calm doesn't it?  A calm in knowing that as long as you keep pushing toward your goal...even when it really are one day closer to getting there.

Thanks LP…love ya for listening and being such a great friend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where's My Village?

I know it's totally cheesy but sometimes I watch Dr. Phil. 

Go ahead...laugh and get it out of your system.  Can we move on?  Okie dokie.

No one knows more than I because Farm Boy loves to tell me how cheesy it is that I sometimes watch Dr. Phil.  But really, when there isn't anything else on...and my DVR doesn't have anything intriguing on it...and Q-Tip is playing by herself...and I allow myself some tv time...and Dr. Phil is on...Dr. Phil will do.  Interestingly enough...he's got some pretty insightful stuff to say on occasion.  When he's not busy with the Octomom and all. 

So one day awhile back was just such an occasion.  He was talking to a mom about raising kids and he told takes a village to raise a child.  

WHAT? takes a village to raise a child. 

No wonder I'm losin it...I don't have a freakin Village!  It was as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders...nah not really but it sounded good.  It was quite a moment though...for a moment. 

It sort of eases the June Cleaver syndrome sometimes when I'm feeling a little well...less than June Cleaver. 

So if you are like me and don't have a village...I feel ya.  And yes it sucks.  And yes sometimes you feel like you want to pull your hair out one strand at a time.  And yes it sends me to Crazyville on a regular basis.  But...there is only one person that can fix this situation and it is....damn I don't want to say it...ME.'s so freakin hard though!

I guess...bloom where you're planted...and all that crap. 

I think I need some fertilizer this time. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How It Came To Be...My Farmer Boy and Me

Once upon a time in a far, far away land there was a girl.  She had just gotten out of a really long and difficult relationship and was praying to the good Lord above to please, PLEASE keep all boys away from her.  She simply couldn't handle anymore heartbreak....

Sorry, I just realized my future in fairy tale writing is bleak....

Surprise, surprise...I'm the girl. 

I wasn't looking for anyone and just wanted to have fun with my friends.  I seriously prayed that God would keep all the boys away from me until He was ready for me to meet "The One".  I prayed it LONG and HARD y'all.  

Amazingly not to terribly long after I removed myself from my difficult relationship...and I had started praying and praying and friend CD invited me to Stillwater, Oklahoma to hang out with some old friends.  One she had known since high school.  I went very much looking forward to some FUN.  We planned on staying in Stillwater that night at her friend's house and getting up and going to the lake nearby the next day. 

We all met up at The Wormy Dog Saloon, on the strip in Stillwater.  I know, crazy name.  It was quite the dive.  Oh how we miss it!  Anyway, we met up at the Wormy Dog and had lots of fun.  Got up the next morning and went to the lake.

We were having a fabulous time at the lake, swimming...absolutely NOT drinking Coors Light...talking, joking around and listening to some great music.  All of a sudden CD's friend from high school starts pestering the daylights out of me! 

Did I mention these friends were guys?  Oh..okay well these friends were guys. 

So he starts pestering me and I'm like dude...if you are going to keep dunking me and taking my floatie can just carry me around on your back.  And so he did...for the rest of the day. 

After the lake we get back to the house...also known by many as The House On the Hill or HOH for short...and we are all getting ready to head home.  Well out of nowhere my tormentor comes up to me and kind of hem haws around and says, Well uh...let me give you my number. 

To which I said...WHOA not really.  I really said...(insert girlie giggle)...I don't want your number. 

And then he said...Oookay. 

Then I said...But you can have mine. 

Then he smiled. 

Then I said, sorry but I don't call boys. 

Part of my praying and praying and praying resulted in me growing up and realizing that the guy needs to put out effort to win you.  You shouldn't pave the way for him by making it to easy.  Some may not agree.  It's sort of old fashioned but it worked for me.

And call him I did NOT.  Honestly, I thought he was a really nice guy but I didn't think he was gonna call.  After all...I had done all that praying and trusted God that he was gonna keep them all away. 

Three days later...ring ring...guess who it was the guy...... 

To be continued....

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Favorite...For Today

Thoughts of my Oklahoma home are flooding over me today. It's funny though...after moving around from here to figure out that home isn't really a place, necessarily. It's the people you love. Even still, I feel that a place certainly can make you relive memories and feelings. That is what Oklahoma and the people there do for me. They help me to remember wonderful memories and wonderful feelings. Feelings of love, security, friendship, and familiarity.

Although, Farm Boy and Q-Tip are my home...wherever we may be. I will forever refer to Oklahoma as one of my homes. And although I am more secure and happy wherever Farm Boy and Q-Tip are...sometimes you need that familiarity of the place you grew up.

This is my favorite for today...once's a Miranda Lambert song off of her new album Revolution. I catch myself having a Revolution with Miranda quite often lately. She didn't write it but's a good one and it hits the nail on the head for me today.

The House That Built Me
Tom Douglas / Allen Shamblin

I know they say you can’t go home again
I just had to come back one last time
Ma’am I know you don’t know me from Adam
But these handprints on the front steps are mine

Up those stairs in that little back bedroom
Is where I did my homework and I learned to play guitar
I bet you didn’t know under that live oak
My favorite dog is buried in the yard

I thought if I could touch this place or feel it
This brokenness inside me might start healing
Out here it’s like I’m someone else
I thought that maybe I could find myself
If I could just come in I swear I’ll leave
Won’t take nothing but a memory
From the house that built me

Mama cut out pictures of houses for you
From Better Homes and Gardens magazine
Plans were drawn and concrete poured
Nail by nail and board by board
Daddy gave life to mama’s dream

I thought if I could touch this place or feel it
This brokenness inside me might start healing
Out here it’s like I’m someone else
I thought that maybe I could find myself
If I could just come in I swear I’ll leave
Won’t take nothing but a memory
From the house that built me

You leave home and you move on and you do the best you can
I got lost in this old world and forgot who I am

I thought if I could touch this place or feel it
This brokenness inside me might start healing
Out here it’s like I’m someone else
I thought that maybe I could find myself
If I could just come in I swear I’ll leave
Won’t take nothing but a memory
From the house that built me

Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Could Do It...But Could I Do It Effectively?

There is a reason why I go to On The Border and order a beef Chimichanga...ground beef only on the inside and covered in cheese sauce...every single time I go.  I don't like change y'all.  It scares me.  Did you get that?  It SCARES me.  I love On the Border; I don't get to eat there a lot...what if I don't like something new?  It will have been a wasted trip.  So I go with the safe beef Chimichanga.

What if....

What if....

What if....

There are a million what if's for...what if we have another baby?  I'll try to narrow it down to a few.

1. Q-Tip is so good...I told you I'm a Pansy Ass...what if I get a really hard baby with tons of problems and it sends me to Crazyville never to return?  For real y'all!  It scares me.

2. What if I go in to the hell that is PPD again?  I know, I haven't told my PPD story yet.  Actually it's more like a journey cause I'm not positive I'm even completely over it.  It was awful.  Emotionally, this has been the hardest year of my life.  I'm sure it didn't help matters that we moved to Maryland from Arkansas in the middle of it but still...I don't know what the major cause of it was but I do know it has been horrific for me emotionally and I am scared to live through it again.

3.  I'm in horrible shape!  I SERIOUSLY need to become the Biggest in a BIG way.  And I didn't really gain all that much from Q-Tip...I just wasn't in great a shape when I became her little incubator.  So what if I gain astronomical amounts with #2 because I STILL haven't gotten things under control?

4.  Q-Tip started dropping around 28 weeks.  Things started REALLY sucking at that point.  By 34 weeks I was hobbling around because she was on my sciatica nerve.  Oh the pain I was in y'all.  HORRIBLE.  Eventually my entire left thigh went numb and parts are still numb to this day.  I could hardly walk.  And it didn't go away for a LONG time.  I didn't even feel pain from my c-section.  The only pain I had was from my hip.  I hobbled for the longest time.  I REALLY don't want to live through that again. 

5.  What if I'm not as good a mommy to two as I am to one?  This is a BIG one.  Like what if I can't handle two effectively?  What if I start not caring about stuff that matters to me now?  Stuff that I feel is important.  You know what I mean? We've all seen the mom in the grocery store with 4 kids and their faces are all dirty and she looks like she needs an adult beverage...I know you know what I'm talking about.  I always say a prayer for her cause I can't imagine the stress.  But what if I turn in to her?

6.  What if we move again right after #2 comes?  I SERIOUSLY don't know if I could handle that one.  Even though a move closer to home (Oklahoma) would be better.  I would go into the Move Funk with TWO kids....Heaven help me.  That's all I know to say...Heaven help me.

7.  Farm Boy and I are so close.  We are best buddies.  We had a great relationship while we dated, we had a great marriage before Q-Tip, and we have a great marriage after...except now...we actually have to work at it.  We never had to work at it before.  It came so natural for us.  Although, we are doing a pretty good job at's harder.  Now I'm a pansy...I keep saying it...are you listening?  I'm a pansy and what if it gets even harder?

8.  I feel like there is a REALLY skinny balance beam you have to stay on after becoming a mommy.  If you fall off onto one side you lose all sense of self and become nothing but...a mom blob.  If you fall off onto the other are selfish and think about nothing but what makes you happy...leaving your baby to fend for itself.  I struggle to stay balanced on that beam.  I don't have problems with the "the other side" I have problems with the "mom blob" side.  The forgetting completely about myself and any shred of who I am and what makes me happy side.  I hear a lot of mommy's have problems with the "mom blob" side.  I'm sure it leads back to the June Freakin Cleaver thing.  But what if...what if having #2 throws me COMPLETELY onto the "mom blob" side?  

9. My support system in Maryland is...well...WHAT SUPPORT SYSTEM! Aside from my one dear friend RH who has enough on her plate without me calling and "needing" her all the time. I would absolutely hate to send her to Crazyville cause I myself am on the way…ya know? Anyway...all of our family is in Oklahoma. 99% of our friends are in Oklahoma. Aside from a few we have made along the way in North Carolina and Arkansas. I would not complain about moving to Arkansas...not one little smidgen. Sorry friends in North Carolina but I don't know if I could move there...still to far away from Oklahoma. I don't need to be IN Oklahoma...I just need to be within driving distance. But, we are here for a reason and unless a miracle happens...I DO BELIEVE IN MIRACLES BY THE WAY...we are going to be here for awhile. Don't think I'm not praying daily for one...cause Oh the praying I am doing!

So this is pretty much it.  And once again I have poured out my soul to you whether you liked it or not. 

If you didn't like sorry...feel free to complain in the comment section. 

If you did like it...SO GLAD...feel free to tell me so I won't feel guilty about it. 

If you feel the same way...PLEASE tell me!  Maybe we can both find some sanity through it together. 

And if you felt the same way and had #2 anyway...PLEASE...for the love of my future children...TELL ME! 

Tell me it's going okay and there is no need to worry...if that is a lie...then lie dad-gummit! 

Just kidding...but not really.  

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ponytails...a Girls Best Buddy

It's no secret I am one ponytail wearin mama.  When I consider cutting my hair off I think...are you crazy...then you can't wear a ponytail.  Nuff cutting the hair off for me. 

So a couple days ago...when I did this...

I wanted to dance a jig!

She has done it y'all...she has conquered the two ponytail mountain.  YEAH Q-Tip! 

Yes, they are short...and the back won't exactly go up...but hey, there are two and that's all the matters!  Right?  RIGHT! 

She's growing up...right before my very eyes.  It's so bittersweet. 

Sweet because I'm proud of her and what a good girl she is...most of the time

Bitter because she getting bigger and not so much a baby anymore.

Sweet because there are no more bottles to mix and dream feeds to give.

Bitter because she can no longer fit into the cute onsies on the baby aisle at Target...You know the cute Carter ones with all the matching stuff.  I LOVED that aisle!

Sweet because I love teaching her new things and watching her learn.

Bitter because...I know that every day that another day the pressure of having another baby and I am absolutely terrified of it! 

At this moment anyway. 

Yes I know these feelings could change...but right now...I am scared stiff...petrified I tell you! 

But I will tell you about it tomorrow because it's not fit for a Saturday night. 

In the meantime...enjoy some more ponytails!
Oh imagine that...she's digging a
book out of her church goody bag.
Hiding under the table.
HA...found you!
And a close-up of the lovely Q-Tip who is wearing a
beautiful Carters onesie today in chocolate brown.
Hearts in various colors adorn this onesie and she has paired
it with pale pink fleece pants.  She is also sporting
her brand new double ponytail hair style with
matching hot pink rubberbands.
Give her a round of applause folks!

Hope you have a great Saturday night!  I'm off to watch a little TV with Farm Boy!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I am in a funk.  And once again I have fallen FAR below the bar of June Freakin Cleaver.

Now...just to clarify...a funk and Crazyville are two different things.  A funk is...well it's a funk.  And's just Crazyville...make sense?  Great!

I am going to deviate from my plan...because it's my blog and I can do that...and blame this dreaded funk on the Snownami and the Aftershock.  I know I said I would never mention them again but I am certain that being stuck in the house and Q-Tip's illness that coincided with the aforementioned natural disasters have caused this funk.  And I must really pisses me off. 

I was doing so good!  I was cleaning out closets and keeping the house clean.  I was going places and doing thing.  Hells bells. 

Now, I'm in this freakin funk...the house is a mess...I have to DRAG myself to the grocery store...I haven't touched a closet this week...Q-Tip is in detox which is heaven on earth...and dammit...I'm just pissed.

On a good is Friday and Farm Boy will be home for two days.  

On sucky note...I need to clean house tomorrow and a closet will not be involved in this task. 

On a good note...I have my new little Kumquat to assist me and bring pleasure to my house cleaning experience.

On a good old friend LNJV suggested I try adding some liquid Vitamin B to my arsenal (remind me some day to tell you about my arsenal).  A trip to the Wal-Marts will be in order this weekend to do that very thing. 

Maybe some Liquid Vitamin B is just what I get out of this funk! 

Or maybe...I need some retail therapy. 

Or maybe...I need a vacation somewhere away from the house.

Or maybe...I need my BFF LPWH to come and visit soon...oh wait...she is coming to visit soon!  YEAH! 

Or maybe...I need all of the above...YESTERDAY! 

P.S.  I wonder if I can add one more link in here somewhere...good grief! 


Please tell me that I am not the only one that has to put their child through detox after an illness.  You know...where you have to... 
  • Break them of wanting to be rocked completely to sleep 
  • Break them of wanting to be rocked every time they wake up in the night 
  • They actually have to EAT what you give them the first time cause I ain't no short order cook sweet thang
So y'all know what I'm talking about right?  Even if you don't say yes so it will make me feel better...pretty please.

You may be thinking I am a Mommy Dearest and I need to rock my child completely to sleep every night but my thinking is this...I really want her to know how to fall asleep on her own before the crib is converted into a toddler bed and we have MAJOR issues!  The thing is...she does know how to fall asleep on her own but when she gets sick and needs the extra special attention and rocking...of course I give it to her...and then the battle ensues.  The not falling asleep and fussing for an hour an a half after she is put to bed.  The having a fit because you quit rocking and lay her in her bed.  The waking up five times in the night and fussing cause she wants to be rocked.  Etcetra, etcetra, etcetra....  (name that movie *'s an old the way...I LOVE old musicals)

I will always give her extra love and affection when she is sick...but I can't say I will ever enjoy the detox later.

Ahhh the joys of Motherhood!

Past Valentines From My Valentine

Back when we were courting Farm Boy had access to his family farm and with that...access to all his toys.  You know...the welder, and the saws, and the cutting torch...things farm boys like to play with.  With that access he used to make...yes I said with his own two hands...MAKE my Valentine's for me.  And YES...they were the best gifts I ever got. 

Our very first Valentine's Day together he made me this....

It is a rose made out of a metal rod.  And it was/is a symbol of our blooming love.  You can hardly see the stem...sorry my camera sucks...but the actual rose petals are made out of the same type rod that the stem is made of.  He heated up a rod and then hammered each petal out and then welded the rose petals together to make the rose.  Make sense?  If not I will make him explain it to me again and I'll try to do better typing it out.  It's been a few years since he explained the process to me.  Anyway...the BEST part about this lovely rose is...he couldn't find pink paint.  And pink my dear friends is my mostest favoritest color ever and Farm Boy knew this even then.  So...guess what he had to do y'all...he and his room mate had to mix red and white paint to make PINK!  Wouldn't THAT have been a sight to behold?!  The second best part about this lovely rose order to get the pink paint down into the rose petals he had to dip it in the paint.  And in order for the paint not to get all goopy and nasty down into the petals he had to fling it out of there. the midst of flinging...he flung it down the side of his room mate's truck!  His room mate named...Bubba.  Now I love Bubba and Bubba loves me...which is a good thing...cause my pink paint from my lovely rose got all over his truck.  His big manly farm truck.  And that my dear friends is rather comical considering Bubba likes (to this day) to tease the fire out of me at any possible moment!

I LOVE YOU BUBBA!  By the way...we are stuck in Maryland and need help!  *wink* 

Our second Valentine's Day together he made me this...

It is a picture frame made out of old horseshoes.  It is two horseshoes in the front screwed together with two sheets of glass in between and one horseshoe welded to the bottom in the back to make it stand up.  Then he glued the rope around it and made the heart that used to stand up a little better but over time has started to get a little droopy.  I need to break out the hot glue gun and give it a little pep talk I guess.  Anyway, he had to cut the glass and paint the horseshoes and go have a copy of the picture made.  And of course...I LOVED IT. 

Our third Valentine's Day together he made me this... 

It was a bare wood plaque that he found at a craft store.  Apparently he couldn't get his boards to work just right.  Anyway, he rounded off the edges and cut out the hole for the picture.  Then He heated up welding rod and formed my name with it.  Then he heated up the welding rod and "branded" my name into the frame.  Then he stained it.  I know...same picture.  Apparently he made a few copies of it the first time.  And's the only picture from those days that we are not visibly holding a Coors Light.  We've drank a "few" Coors Light here and there over the years...shhh don't tell. 

After our third Valentine's Day together he had moved to North Carolina and didn't have access to his toys anymore.  I miss my homemade Valentines.  NOT that I'm complaining!  I am THOROUGHLY enjoying my little Kumquat.  But truly...nothing can replace something that is made with your own two hands and given to the one you love.  One day Farm Boy will get his own toys once again and I will expect my homemade gifts to resume...hear that Farm Boy...are you reading this?  I need some more roses...k honey?  I love you sweetums! 

Oh yes...and THIS is a picture of me and Bubba back in the day.

He wasn't all to happy about the pink paint...but he loves me.  Thank heavens!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PLEASE...Say it Isn't So

Something very strange is happening in this house.  I'm not likin it...not one little bit.  Makes me want to pull my hair out one strand at a time.  Causes me to feel as though I will internally combust.  Basically, it sends me to Crazyville y'all.  The only way to effectively describe this situation is to show you.

is a picture of Q-Tip and Farm Boy last year on Ash Wednesday. 

is Q-Tip and me. 

Notice the sweetness.  Notice the little smile on Q-Tip's face?  Notice how she just sits there and poses for the picture? 

is from today, which is Ash Wednesday.

Are you noticing the differences in the pictures?  Are you noticing that the posing for the picture is uhhh...NON-EXISTENT?  Are you also noticing that Q-Tip's ashes are gone?  That would be because she kept pulling her stocking hat up and down as we were leaving church. 

I call this...

And this...

We did manage to get this...
out of the deal.  Guess it's  just gonna have to do for
Ash Wednesday 2010.

My sweet little compliant baby is turning into a semi-sweet non-compliant toddler.  Heaven help me! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dierks and I Go Way Back

The back story...

Two years after Farm Boy and I started dating he got a job that required him to move to North Carolina...which is the job he has today. We were apart for a year before we got married. Yes...I promise I will go more in to this another day.

Also, it is important for me to say that Farm Boy is consumed with absolute pride and joy when he can successfully convince me of something rather outrageous and then tease me to the death about being naive.  He gets pure pleasure from this y'all.  Case in point...he had to go to DC on business for a week while we were dating.  He calls and tells me that he and his friend/co-worker had just toured the White House and met the President.  Now I know that is crazy...and I told him it was crazy...but he worked and worked to convince me that it had happened.  So the moment comes when I FINALLY say...are you serious?  Did you really?  OMG...that is unbelievable.  To which he says...woman, you will believe anything!  And goes on and on and on.  At that very moment I could have reached through the phone and pinched his cheeks off. 

Rewind....Fall of 2004.

Late one evening as I sit folding the laundry...picture it...pj pants, pony make-up.  I get a little ring on my cell.  Farm Boy is on the other end.  He and his friend Hardy were at a Cross Canadian Ragweed/Dierks Bentley concert (yes I knew ahead of time) at Duke in North Carolina.  It was over.  He was hanging backstage with the band (Cross Canadian Ragweed).  He says...Hey Babe...someone wants to talk to you.  I say okay thinking it's some friend of ours that we haven't seen in awhile or something.  Maybe Cody Canada...which wouldn't be too outrageous.  This dude gets on and says...Hi Megan...this is Dierks Bentley.  What are you up to?  I start laughing.  HAHA...not funny Hardy.  I'm NEVER gonna believe this one so you might as well put Farm Boy back on the phone.  He's know, I sing country music.  Yea, I totally know Dierks sings country music and I totally know this ain't him.  I'm never gonna fall for this one y'all.  So he's really me.  I say, haha...good one!  He says, well okay...have a good night!  At this point I have begun to get a titch nervous...just a titch.  Farm Boy gets back on the phone and says were just totally rude to Dierks was him I swear to God.

PANIC STRIKES!!  I have a fall out right then and there!  I morph into PO Priscilla for about five seconds followed by...PUT HIM BACK ON THE PHONE!

So Dierks gets back on.  Then I say...Dierks oh my God, I am SO sorry.  He says, no biggie and laughs.  He says, I told you it was me...I say well maybe you should sing to me so I'll know for sure.  He laughs and's me, I swear.  So we chat it up for a sec and he hands the phone back off to Farm Boy. 

So yea...Dierks and I are buds now.  We go way back.  To 2004 I might add.

Dierks...if you reading this...Love ya a totally love your music kind of way.

I have to say though...I wanted to pinch Farm Boy's cheeks off because A) he teases me so much I don't believe a damn word he says and B) Deirks Bentley just called me and I didn't believe it was him cause he teases me so much I don't believe a damn word he says!

But I love him...what can I do about it? 

The Land of the Living

I ventured out today into the land of the living.  It was GLORIOUS! 

The wind was blowing ninety-to-nothin and it was freezing out...all of which took me to Oklahoma for a split second, causing a slight tearing effect in the eye area but I fought it and all is well. 

Did a little shoppin at the Tarjay...then over to Michael's...and then Q-Tip and I sashayed on over to On The Border for a little supper with Farm Boy.  At which point I had an epiphany.  I am now quite certain that I have developed a vitamin deficiancy that requires me to eat guacamole and Oatmeal Crispies. 

No....not together!  Good grief y'all...that's gross. 

Never the less...there HAS to be a reason and that HAS to be it!  Do you think Jillian will buy it?  Yea...I don't think so either. 

But that's my story and I'm stickin to it. 

She's totally gonna kick my ass though. 

I just know it. 

My Valentine From My Valentine

I got my Valentine from my Valentine today and I am SO excited!  Apparently, Farm Boy was growing tired of my five finger discount on his IPod or he just had pity on me.  Either for me!! 


is my little Kumquat.  Because it's small, orange, and SUHWEET!

Gone are the days of fumbling with CD's in the car.  Gone are the days of cleaning house while allowing my mind to wander into Crazyville.  And HELLO to the everlasting sweet sounds of music flowing into my soul! 

I simply could not wait to share my excitement.  Now if you will excuse me...I must go purchase the necessary accessories to enhance my experience with my new little Kumquat. 

I shall return!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Big Surprise

Rewind if you will...two year's ago...Valentine's Day. 

Farm Boy and I went to work like normal.  I was however excited because today was the day of LOVE and I LOVE Valentine's Day.  It has become one of my favorite holidays.  I like to get little Valentine's for my co-workers and friends and especially for my Valentine.  So when I left work that day I said...I gotta get home and get ready for my Valentine! 

Fast forward...four weeks later.

We were sitting in Zaxby's eating dinner before the dreaded trip to the Wal-Marts. I began to articulate my past week's discomfort to Farm Boy.  All I could really think to say was things were just "not right". I had already told him a day or so prior that my little "friend" was supposed to have come a couple days ago.  So as we are sitting there and I am discussing these things with him a little light bulb lit up for about a half a second...and only a half a second cause I threw a rock and busted it right then and there.  Now let me just take a break and splain something right here...when Farm Boy is presented with a mystery such as this...he's gonna get to the bottom of it right here and now whether you are ready for it or not.  So when his light bulb lit up he immediately blurts out...sounds like we need to get a pregnancy test while we are at Wal-Mart.  WHAT?!  HOLD THE PHONE!!  Nobody said nothin bout no pregnancy!

 So there we were, at the Wal-Marts trying to get our shopping done.  Farm Boy is calm, cool, and collected as usual and I'm having a panic attack on the bread aisle.  We make our way over to the area of unmentionables and begin looking at the VARIOUS types of pregnancy tests.  Now...when one discovers that one could possibly be pregnant and one doesn't know a thing about pregnancy tests and they go to "that" can become overcome with confusion.  Does there REALLY need to be 14,000 different kinds of pregnancy tests?  I mean really!  And why in the world are they so DARN expensive?!  It would be one thing if you just had to buy one and you could re-use it over and over forever but noooo...once is all you get.  We decide upon a three pack of EPT's.  It was actually a two pack with a bonus digital test.  HOT DIGGITY DOG...three for the price of two and one is DIGITAL! 

Of course, it was just like the movies, when we were checking out EVERYTHING scanned perfectly except the three pack of EPT's. So Sally Mae our checker has to call over Glenda the manager to get a price check, meanwhile the gentleman in line behind us was waiting patiently. Of course it seems like a freakin eternity for Glenda to come back with the price of our EPT's.  Which was $13.47 for all those that may need that information in four weeks.

Fast forward...thirty minutes.

Before I move forward I must mention that TODAY was the day that Oprah's big online book discussion was starting and I had every intention upon being a part of it.

Farm Boy and I get home.  I wanted to wait to take the test until after Oprah's online book discussion was over.  I knew that (heaven help me) if the test came back pregnant there would be no online book discussion for me.  But Farm Boy could not deal with such pressure. So there we were in the bathroom 7:55 PM reading the instructions which is of utmost importance. The instructions said we could possibly have to wait up to 3 minutes for results.  So I immediately get that pregnancy test commercial going in my mind.  You know...the one where the girl is pacing back and forth in the bathroom for forever before she finds out.  We opt for the digital test since it is digital and all...and about thirty seconds later, the word PREGNANT appears on the little blank screen.   Okay y'all...not to share too much...but GOOD GRIEF...I didn't even get a chance to stand up.  There was NO waiting and pacing in the bathroom.

After the initial shock, Farm Boy begins pacing the house.  And after about ten minutes of little talking, we come to the conclusion that we needed to take another test. After the same results but continued disbelief...we decide we are pregnant.  Needless to say there was no sleeping done at our house that night and there wasn't much sleeping done nine months later when we brought our little Q-Tip home. 

She's quite the little Valentine if I do say so myself.  As shocked as we were and as un-ready as we felt she makes us three...and we wouldn't change it for the world. 

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! 

And if you need a three pack of EPT's in four weeks and feel you aren't can call me and I'll understand!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Post That Wasn't

So do you remember when I was sick a week or so ago?  And did I mention that Farm Boy came down with my sickness last week?  Well....

Me Sick + Farm Boy Sick = Q-Tip Sick

Virus + L/Side Ear Infection + Up All Night =
Doctor Visit Today = Antibiotics

My poor, poor little Q-Tip.  She is such a little trooper.  She is so sick and stuffy and she is trying her best to go to sleep in her bed as we speak.  She slept for about an hour and woke up crying (stuffed up) and I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I end up in the guest room with her again tonight.  

That being said...and the fact that my poor brain can't take much more...this shall be called....

The Post That Wasn't

I pray, pray, pray that tomorrow will in fact be a better day.  After IS Valentine's Day!  And let me just say...I have never been more proud of myself for being prepared long in advance of Valentine's Day.  Snownami or Valentine's have Valentine's for tomorrow!  Yea...I know...I kick hiney!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Aftermath

 My mall excursion did not come to fruition today.  Q-Tip woke up at 4 this morning with a fever.  She doesn't have any other symptoms so I am playing the mommy guessing game.  Once again...Ahhh the Joys!

Needless to say...I have reached a state of delirium that is unparalleled in the history of Crazyville.  That being said...I can not be held accountable for my actions in any way, shape or form for the rest of the evening!

Now that we have THAT out of the way...on to greater things!


While Q-Tip was taking her marathon this afternoon I snuck out (yes...with the monitor) and took a few pictures around the outside of the house.  I am prepared to share them with you this evening and then I plan to never speak of the Snownami, the Aftermath, or the level of my delirium at this moment...ever...EVER...EVER, AGAIN.  At least that is the plan. 

This was the scene when the Aftermath began.

And then it snowed, and snowed, and snowed...ALL DAY LONG.  And then last night the heavy machinery showed up and caused quite a commotion in the neighborhood.  And then...I snuck out and took a few pictures.  The ones I took of the heavy machinery are a little fuzzy cause I was in night vision on the camera and it doesn't work worth a dang.  I gave up and decided to take more today...which I did.  The sun was shining so I may have at least come out of the negative on my Vitamin D level but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

Here is the heavy machinery at work.

And HERE are the piles!
and the piles that are as tall as the truck
and the piles that are taller than that car
and the road and the piles
and the piles
and the piles
and the piles that are taller than that truck
Can you see the remnants of the path we made when we
trudged through the Snownami last week to dig
out the front door?  Oh...and the piles!

Well that's all folks!  I pray with all my being that is the LAST of the Snownami's and Aftershock's for the rest of the year.  I hear we are supposed to get "flurries" on Monday.  We'll see what that brings.  Hopefully just flurries!  As long as it doesn't hold me captive in the house I will be elated!

Now excuse me while I go bang my
head against the nearest brick wall!!

Ta Ta...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It Has Happened

I have officially gone to Crazyville.  There is no use fighting it.  I suppose it is because I have been in the house for over a week.  Or because Farm Boy has been working his fingers to the nub...THE ENTIRE I haven't really had him to talk to.  Or because I haven't worn make-up and really fixed my hair in God knows how long.  Or because Farm Boy is leaving the house tomorrow and going in to work.  Leaving me HERE...IN THIS HOUSE!!  There are many, many reasons.  So...due to the fact that my mind is in Crazyville...I will give you everything I've got tonight but it ain't much.

I am praying that tomorrow will be a MUCH better day.  It will be a better post I assure you because I will have LOTS of pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Early this evening TWO front end loaders showed up in the neighborhood and OH THE EXCITEMENT!  You would have thought that Elvis himself was back and in the my front yard!  They were moving cars around and pushing all the snow in the parking lots up into everyone's yard.  My face was glued to the screen door causing it to fog up (give me a break y'all...I haven't been out of the house remember).  Farm Boy was out there helping to direct and getting the drivers and their boss drinks and offering them our dinner.  He's such a gem.  Neighbors were everywhere.  Farm Boy said the boss man told him that he had been up since 4:30 AM YESTERDAY morning!  CRAZY!  I took a few pictures but it was getting dark and Q-Tip was trying to eat her dinner and I couldn't leave her alone in the house.  There was quite the commotion going on out there.

SO...tune in tomorrow...same time, same station.  I am going to go out and take more pictures and try to capture the MASSIVENESS of the snow piles.  AND...I might...just might...go to the mall.  BUT SHHHH...don't tell!  Cause if I do...there could be SIGNIFICANT damage done!

So for tonight I will leave you with favorite song for the day.  It is on Miranda Lambert's new CD Revolution.  However, Miranda did not write this one.  Fred Eaglesmith wrote it.  Both versions are good but I tend to lean more in favor of Miranda.  Cause she kicks...hiney...and all.

Time to Get a Gun
Fred Eaglesmith

My neighbor’s car got stole last night right out of his driveway
We heard the dog ‘a barking, we never paid them any mind
And Mary says she’s gonna lock the door from now on when we go away
I’ve been walking around this farm wondering if it’s time

Time to get a gun, that’s what I been thinkin’
I could afford one if I did just a little less drinkin’
Time to put something between me and the sun
When the talking is over it’s time to get a gun

Last week a government man was there when I walked out of my back door
He said “I’m sorry to bother you ma’am” it don’t matter anymore
‘Cause even while we’re talking right here where we stand
They’re making plans for a four-lane highway and a big ole overpass

Time to get a gun, that’s what I been thinkin’
I could afford one if I did just a little less drinkin’
Time to put something between me and the sun
When the talking is over it’s time to get a gun

Mary says she’s worried about herself and her kids
She’s never known anybody had a gun and her daddy never did
Well I think it should be up to me ‘cause when it’s all said and done
Somebody’s gotta walk into the night and I’m gonna be that one

Time to get a gun, that’s what I been thinkin’
I could afford one if I did just a little less drinkin’
Time to put something between me and the sun
When the talking is over it’s time to get a gun

When the party is over it’s time to get a gun

And if you are worried about my mental state...don't...I should be back to normal tomorrow.  You may say a prayer though...if you have a moment.  But for now I'm going to go stuff myself with Oatmeal Crispies again and watch Thursday night TV with Farm Boy.  The Snownami and Aftershock are doing a number on my hiney size...but I don't really give a dookie at this moment! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Refuse To Say The "S" Word

I refuse to say the "S" word tonight.  REFUSE.  Well...I will whisper it one time just so you know for sure which one I am talking about....ready?  Okay...snow.  That's it...I'm not saying it again for the rest of the post!  Cause I'm SICK OF IT!!  SICK, SICK, SICK!!  And Mother Nature...well she can kiss my...restraining, restraining, restraining...booty.

Okay...on to better and brighter things!  Today kind of sucked.  Farm Boy is having to work a lot...remember when I told you it was a busy week for him...yea well the fact that he can't get into the office hasn't put a damper on his work load...he's been working from home.  AND, I have decided I do NOT like this.  When he works in the office he is home at 4:30 PM and is done working for the day.  When he works from home he works DAY & NIGHT.  Course, it is a busy week but STILL...COME ON.  And in between the work he has braved the Aftershock and gone out and shoveled.  You know so we won't have a full 20 inches to shovel again all at once.  Although I'm pretty sure there is going to be more than 20 inches this time...on top of the 32 from the other day...making it over 50 for those of you mathematically challenged like myself. 

Okay so I'm done complaining.  It's making me crazy...the whole thing. 


I'm going to dive a little deeper into the things I love to do.  I've never gotten this deep before I go.  I LOVE to do anything crafty.  Sew, knit, scrapbook, paint, jewelry making whatever...I LOVE IT.  Pretty much anything I can make myself I am all about at least trying.  Maybe I will post some pictures of some things I've made so you will believe me.  We'll see.  Someday...when I come up with my million dollar idea and we move again, I will have a BIG HUGE room full of my crafty things.  It is going to be so great!  And maybe...I'll actually have time to go in there and do things!  Wouldn't that be awesome?  *you can say yes here*  I KNOW!!  I have sewn quite a few things....little security blankets for babies, baby blankets, burp clothes, valances....things like that.  But what I would REALY love to do is learn to quilt. I love quilts...they remind me of days past.  They remind me of my great grandma Lola.  She quilted and someday I will learn how myself.  

Well kids...Farm Boy is waiting on me to finish watching our Tuesday night TV that we DVRed last night cause he was...guess...WORKING.

Y'all have a blessed evening and promise me one thing...promise...come one, PROMISE...promise me you will go to the mall tomorrow!  I'm not a HUGE shopper or anything (maybe a little) but if I could...I would SO go to the mall tomorrow!  Just to say I see some people aside from my neighbors that are shoveling!  Please...for the love of my sanity...GO TO THE MALL TOMORROW!!!

P.S. You’ll have to excuse me…I’ve been knocking on the gates at Crazyville today. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back home!  But don't bet the farm on it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can There Be a Snownami Aftershock?

We are SO totally having a Snownami Aftershock!  If there is such a thing.  And if there isn't...I'm makin one up dad gummit.  Cause I can do that...cause it's my blog and I say what goes.  I'm still praying that Mother Nature has pity on us but don't worry...I'm not bettin the farm on it y'all. 

I stole the IPod again today and went out and shoveled the deck so Farm Boy wouldn't have to.  I felt bad for him because yesterday Q-Tip decided her regular afternoon marathon (aka nap) wasn't necessary so it was my "Get Out of Shoveling Free Card".  I did make him go out and shake the Magnolia trees branch has broken and I can just see them all mangled and nasty looking on Thursday when the Aftershock has ended. 

So I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled on the deck this afternoon and jammed out.  I'm sure the neighbors thought I was crazy but gorgeous singing voice is NOTHING but an absolute blessing to those who are lucky enough to hear it!  You think if I tell myself that enough it will happen?  I mean the gorgeous singing voice part.  Anyway, back to my I was shoveling I began to feel all my sore muscles from the shoveling done in the past few days.  My arms, my sides, my stomach...BUT, I hung in and got it done.  I went in the house...proud of my hard work and the news was one.  As I listened to the news...I may have morphed into PO Priscilla for a few seconds.  Okay, maybe a minute.  The reason being...the news anchor was talking about how we shouldn't worry about our decks holding the snow from the Aftershock because they are built to withstand far more weight than what the Aftershock will bring on top of the original Snownami!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  ALL THAT SHOVELING FOR NOTHING! 

I'm over it now though...all the shoveling done in vain.  On to the SIGNIFICANT amount of anxiety that I am feeling about the looming Aftershock.  It's over the top people.  I'm losin it.  My main concern...losing power.  And you know what it all goes back to?  Ahhh the joys of MOTHERHOOD!  Now that Q-Tip is here...and power outages could be in the near future...I'm a freakin lunatic!  What if, what if, what if...if we had this...if our house was like know, the usual.  Here's the deal...our entire house is electric.  ALL OF IT.  No nothin.  So we are basically...up dookie creek without a paddle if we lose power.  And the crazy thing is...I know we won't freeze to death or anything...we'll will be okay...but, it's still sending me to Crazyville y'all.  It can't be avoided.

  So think of us, Farm Boy and Q-Tip.  We will be in our "little house" on the (not so) prairie in Maryland waiting out the Aftershock.  Praying we don't lose power. Praying we don't have to cut down the Magnolia trees when it's over.  Praying that we don't have to do much shoveling to get the trucks out again.  Speaking you know how heartbreaking it is to see your beautiful path being covered with snow again...cause it is HEARTBREAKING!  So really...I think I'll go stuff myself with Oatmeal Crispies and pretend it's all a dream!

Oh yea...I made Oatmeal Crispies today...I know, I know!  Jillian is going to KILL me!  I'm not throwing them away Jillian...I'm NOT doing it!  I NEED THEM!  It's snowing again!!  And I can't take it!