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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's In a Name? - Pt 2

Red Dirt and Crazy...why in the world would you pick such a name? I'm sure that is what you must be thinking. There is actually quite a bit in this one.

Farm Boy helped me pick it out and it really couldn't be more perfect for me. He knows me so well. So the Red Dirt part....well, Farm Boy and I are from Oklahoma. It is our beloved Homeland and it is known for its Red Dirt. We love it and we miss it. Red Dirt also refers to our favorite genre of music which is made by artists guessed it...Oklahoma!! Good gracious y'all are smart! It is also sometimes referred to as Red Dirt/Texas Music. I'll dive in to what that is all about another day. So the Red Dirt part refers to two of my favorite things...Oklahoma and Music. Both of which I miss dearly.

Okay, so that leaves the Crazy part. Must I explain it? I mean really...haven't you read enough to know by now that I am a raving lunatic? I guess I could just say…I am a stay at home mom with no babysitter! That pretty much sums it up too. Nah…not really. It’s that dang perfectionist b-word I got that won’t leave me alone and let me enjoy myself in my messy house! She really is a pain in my side sometimes. 

The danged ol’….b-word!


  1. I have an artist that you may or may not be familiar with...he's not from Oklahoma, he's from Texas, but he's pretty good. Several song's he's written or co-wrote have made it big, but he's just now hitting the charts around here (KY) on his own. Check out Kevin Fowler if you haven't heard of him.

  2. I'm very familiar with Kevin Fowler. We have most of his CD's. Being from Oklahoma we are pretty familiar with the Texas/Oklahoma music scene. There aren't many that we don't know about or at least heard of.

    Thanks for the heads up though. I'm gonna have to send you an email with a list of a few you might not know about yet. :-)