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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's In a Name? - Pt 1

So what is this Q-Tip name all about you ask? Well let me just tell ya. My little Q-Tip was born with a full head of white hair. This, according to all the nurses at the hospital is quite unusual. Most blonde babies are born with little to no hair at all, so I hear. Not Q-Tip...white as can be and quite a bit of it. As you can see here......

and here......
I wish I could say that I made this name up myself but alas....I did not. The doctor that helped her make her Grand Entrance gave it to her. We walked in and she said, well there's that little Q-Tip head...and now you know...what's in that name!
Stay tuned for more What's In A Name...but in the you or anyone in your family have a nickname and how did you/they get it?


  1. I was dubbed Lacey J. many many (like 29) years ago by my uncle. He was at that time a big Lacey J. Dalton fan...go figure.

  2. Lacey...Lacey J. isn't too bad. I'm not even going to go there with some of my family's names for me...some of them are darn right embarrassing! :-)