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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Success! Well, sort of.

So today was a pretty productive day at my house. Despite the fact that Farm Boy got home 3 hours later than normal. I cleaned my entire kitchen. I cleaned it like moved everything off the counters cleaned it! And I swept the floor in the kitchen and the entry way! Hot diggity dog I was on FIRE today!

Meanwhile...Q-Tip is runnin around...havin a good ol time. Carryin things from here to there bein 1...remember what that was like? Me neither. Anyway, so I finished up the kitchen and said to myself, Self, you should go in the living room now and take a little break, read a few books to Q-Tip, do the shape sorter a couples times...and so I did. When I walked into the living room Q-Tip followed and I said baby go get your shape sorter. And she squealed and made a b-line for it. She was so darn excited I thought she was going to fall all over herself getting back to me. I was quite surprised at her level of excitement. Then I she excited because I've been cleaning on the kitchen and sweeping the floors for the past hour and half and have hardly paid her any mind?

ENTER: Mommy guilt.

I finally get somewhat productive and then that happens!

Hells bells.


  1. oh ure not ignoring her. u hadto make sure she had a clean floor to crawl all over:)

  2. I LOVE the way you think MIRA!!