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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Petty Officer Priscilla


If you have known me since I was 5 and still think of me in that manner....or if you have never seen me lose it a may want to read my post about Q-Tip instead of this one. If you do read on you have to promise to love me as I am, defects and all!


So I told you I would tell you more about, here I go. I'm all about keepin it real folks so I'm just gonna lay it out there. Sometimes....I cuss like a sailor. Petty Officer Priscilla to be exact...that's her name...the cusser that hides way down deep in my being. I know, I's terrible and foul and there is no excuse for it! But, it happens from time to time and I can't stop her...she forces her way up and out my mouth before I can say a word otherwise! I try, I try so hard but sometimes I feel a certain word fits a certain situation so much better than another word and then Priscilla gets her way and then it happens...I've cussed like a sailor...DANG IT!

In defense of my poor, poor mama and daddy...none of this is their fault! They tried to raise me better but their pleading I denied(Name that song!). They hate it...I know they do, but they still love me as I am...defects and all!


  1. Gotta love some Merle Haggard!! He's one of the most iconic country singers ever. That's the way parents are supposed to be though.

  2. Girrrl...I love me some Merle! I think we've got the same taste in music!!